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Well it's seems certain that we'll always be attending Renaissance Fairs. For several years in a row I was posting photos here, so I hope you'll look at those too. But like many things on this website, things eventually expand beyond what a single page ought to hold. And with Dorothy and me being inseparable pixies, it's time to start fresh! The fair in Tampa is just minutes away from where we live and usually goes on for 8 weeks in a row, so unless the weather is terrible its pretty unusual for us NOT to be there. Plus, in addition to Tampa, we also attended the Renaissance Pleasure Fair in Irwindale California this year, and we hope to be able to attend others too!

I know I really should use more slide shows instead of hand arranging photos like this, as I did that in one of my Labyrinth pages. It certainly would be able to share more photos faster, and time for website updates is often a real challenge lately. But it's still nice to give the personal touch of cropping and arranging selected photos on a plain web page. Enjoy!

~~~~~ Tampa, 2008~~~~~

For the Tampa section, you'll notice groupings of different outfits
which often include themes from whatever Holiday is nearest to that weekend

Ah The Ren Fair! Medieval Games, Jousting and all manner of Royalty Abound

Now for those that havn't been, the Ren Fair Village in Tampa is called FiddleWorth, which was formerly transplanted from another village called Puddleton (Famous for its many puddles, no doubt) in a nether region of Largo.

Well Royalty there may be, but certainly these fairs are also a safe haven for fairies! And fairies of all sizes and ages we should add! Not that fairies actually age, mind you, but they do come in a sufficient number of sizes to give that impression. Here, some of the smaller fairies reluctantly led some of us taller ones, to the rest of the wee folk!

Here, below, are some of these smaller fairies we found flittering about the realm. As is often the case on this website, we have to give the usual 'Cuteness Overload' warning, as much of the content is often sweet enough to cause cavities in those with sensitive teeth.

This was still early in the Spring, and cool enough for Velvet. These outfits have just a bit of a pirate look to them, if not in a formidable cut-throat pirate sense, at least a fashionable pirate look sufficient to be a welcome sight at the Pirates Pub!. And we should mention on that note that there was a bit of crisis this year with regard to the supply of 'Mead'. Mead is a wonderful 'honey wine' beverage which has become a tradition for us at Ren Fairs, and the best brand by far (in the opinion of us humble pixies) is Chaucer's. This year, well it was not impossible, but lets say it took quite a bit of scuttlebutt to obtain any. But 'obtain' we did, and in the end all was well! That's the Pirate's Pub in the bottom left photo, and on the bottom right, Katy and a friend stopped us for a photo.


Purple is becoming almost more of a favorite than green, and we have found ourselves experimenting with several different variations. Lavender is, of course, very complementary.
Here's a few more, with both of us in the darker Purple Velvet. Mine is a kind of a Space-Fairy outfit, and Tink also has a bit of a space fairy dress, which you'll see on another page soon!

Here's a few more photo stops. That's our friend Wilma on the left. My apologies to the lady above and especially the gent on the right, who told me his name at least twice and yet I've forgotten. Please remind me and I'll update the page!
Of course, worriers and knights are needed to keep the realm safe for fairies, and protect against attack by vicious goblins and trolls. Here below and to the left, a newly trained swordsman is knighted, and will soon take his place among the King's army.

Here to the right, is Loony Lucy, a member of a well known troupe of musicians in this realm called Empty Hats. I dare say that she could aid the King's army is staving away some of those trolls and goblins, if only by way of scaring them half to death! But don't let her appearance fool you, as she is quite the musician.

Here we're brown pixies, or perhaps just 'brownies'. Tink's wings are really something special though you can't see them well, as they are truly fitting of a nature spirit fairy. And here, to the left, we had the honor of the queen's permission on this day, to capture a photo with her highness in our 'magic box' !
And of course on the weekend of Easter celebrations, it's always fitting to be bunnies for a change instead of fairies. One of the fun things about the whole winter to spring transition is all the Holidays that come with their own special dress-up themes. And many people at the fair do get into that seasonal fantasy spirit. I'm sorry I didn't get more shots of this as it's really a cute combination, and it always causes ear to ear smiles. That's also an advantage at the many 'pub's at the fair. If you make everyone jolly, there's always the chance that a good natured soul or two will 'buy the bunnies a beer'! (Or a Mead!). But anyway, if any of those of you who took photos of us at the fair have any more shots, not only of us but of the other many 'wabbits' that attended, please email them to me! There actually were goodly lot of bunnies at the fair this year, and I wish I could show you all of them.
Oops... and while we're on the subject of theme Holidays, I just realized I put Easter outfits ahead of St. Patrick's day! Well come to think of it, Easter was so early in 2008 that I'm not too far off, and of course we don't need St. Patrick's day to be green pixies! But still, the shamrocks in these photos at the 'Seahorse Pub' at the fair, are a dead giveaway of what this weekend's theme was about!
I should point out here that aside from the usual imbibments that take place on St. Patrick's day, there is a reason why we seem to be looking everywhere but the camera! It was a case of multiple people taking photos of us at the same time, without anyone waiting to see which way we were looking.

Speaking of looking elsewhere from the camera, here's a silly one that takes the cake...

And a few more photo shoots with fans...

Here are just a few miscellaneous shots, with minor outfit variations. In the far right, Tink is dancing to the music of Cantiga. (see photo to the left). Cantiga is one of the most wonderful Renaissance music band I've ever heard! You'll hear some of thir playing in the Video clip below. These are musicians trained in both classical and jazz, and they have the most amazing way of taking a song from the Baroque period, kicking it up to being very danceable, and then improvising to it. If you buy no other CD of Renaissance music, check this group's website, and get 'Martha's Dragon!'
Ren Fair Video Clips, Tampa, 2008
Here's a few clips from the above Ren fair, with some music by Cantiga and other faire musicians, and some Pixie dancing.

Ren Fair Tampa 2008

~~~~~ Coming Soon: Irwindale, California, 2008!~~~~~

Come on!... send in your Ren Faire pictures!

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