So what's been happening????

This 'NEWS' page is one of the oldest in the website. There is also a lot of bygone history here, and I've just added a few upgrades. Click Instructions (or the ? mark on the navigation tool) for help. If this page does not work on your device you can still visit the Old News page, but unfortunately it won't be updated anymore.

--- 11/05/20 ---

SO!... First major update in 6 years! Why now? Well here comes a Long Story, because first I had to ask "why ever!" . Don't misunderstand. It continues to amaze me how much good these pages are still doing, right up to the present day. I'm humbled by continued email, telling how the site provided folks with encouragement at critical times, and fun just about all the time. So sure, that did inspire me to consider making updates, but realistically the time had come where I had to back off a bit and think some, before doing anything.

Consider that I originally created this website to work on all browsers and computers back in 2001. That meant the pages were at least readable on just about every machine anywhere. So theoretically I could still add pages or 'news' updates occasionally. But over time that universal readability just wasn't so true anymore. With the advent of devices with much bigger desktop screens and many more pixels, along with little tiny screens with hardly any pixels (or space!), there came to be an important new "buzzword" in the field of web design, which not a single one of my pages qualified for. That word was "RESPONSIVE!"

So what does "responsive" mean? A LOT!. It means that whether you have a huge, medium or tiny screen, and whether you turn that screen upwards or sideways, everything should adjust. Text should always be readable. Photos should always scale properly, and that's just a start! Small photos must be allowed to zoom bigger. All media (music, video, etc.) should work on any device. And beside functionality, modern browsers have many new capabilities for visual presentations and effects, which ought be used. And even the slowest internet connections today is worlds faster than 20 years ago.

And here's another item even modern web designers often skip: While you're addressing all these items, shouldn't you still try to be compatible with as many older devices as you can? And here's the absolute hardest question, especially when renovating an existing website: do you REDUCE content on smaller screens? It you are reading this on a small I-phone, you're probably feeling like you're reading a novel here, and I'm not half done!

So there has been a lot to consider even before writing or modifying a single line of code, on a single page. And all this is doable, but the only way to get there was to consider rebuilding the entire site. With over 100 pages, that was (and still is) a daunting task. It meant a lot of preparation, planing, learning new techniques, and more than anything time. LOTS and LOTS of TIME! And as I'm sure most of you know, I've other things to do besides write web code.

Finally, there is a more somber consideration. The story book Peter Pan will live for ever. But as a wise writer said in a popular kids song ('Puff'), "a dragon lives forever, but not so little boys". As I pen this update, this "little boy" is coming up on age "7" (remember, I don't care to count second digits). And as tomorrow is promised to no-one, I think I'd like to try to bring the site a bit more up to date, while my fingers can still operate a keyboard.

As you've no doubt landed on the new Home Page, seen some of the effects and (hopefully) read the "old-scroll" intro, you already have an idea where I' going. But just so we're all on the same page ('scuse the pun'), and for those interested, here is the plan. Or, just check back once in a while and see what's new!

Planed changes

  • The new main "Peter Pan's Home Page" will be as magical and responsive as possible, without any loss of content For example, the number of text columns you see (1, 2, or 3) will vary depending on your screen size. As to the "content" issue, to me its like writing a book (or at least short stories). If its too much to read, scroll on.

  • A convenient new navigation system will be available on every new page. This includes a set of quick links that always remains fixed at the bottom of the screen, and a main pop-up menu. The pop up menu (and its sub menus) will take you to any place on the website, or in some cases to the first page of a "multi-page" adventure ( or even to other websites I've done. )

  • Wherever possible, photos you click on (or tap) will enlarge (zoom!) to your current screen size. On a desktop/laptop machine, click (or tap) again to dismiss the photo. On a smaller mobile screen, if you tap the enlarged image within two seconds, it will open the image on a new page, so that you can pinch-zoom to the limits of your device. This feature allows pictures to be more easily viewed on small screens, and SOMETIMES it actually switches to a higher resolution photo during the 'zoom'!

  • All music and video is HTML-5 ready (which is a web-guy's way of saying it will play on any device. If you have an older browser like Internet Explorer-8 that doesn't support music or video, it will still work if you install Adobe's "Flash" player.

  • Responsive text scaling is always a headache. Text should be readable on any screen size, but please let me know if its an issue on a particular browser or device. (Emailing me from any new page is one of the convenient items on the new navigation menu).

  • My Music page was one of the first finished projects. There you can hear samples of all my original music, as well as full versions of older jazz tunes and jams. If you've ever contributed any funds to this website (or plan to), you can easily register on that page, and you'll soon be able to stream full versions of all my music. Sorry, but for now I've removed the free access to full song versions from the reverbnation.com website. Simple explanation, the "paying it forward" didn't really work out. I do intend to make my music available on the more typical music streaming services eventually.

  • I have tried to be as backward compatible as possible with all re-coded pages. But I have run into some limits there. My intention is to try to detect browsers that definitely don't have the features needed, and redirect visitors to the old pages. However, I have seen to it that IOS devices back to about I-phone 4 (IOS 7) and related Apple computers, the last Chrome, Firefox, and IE-8 browser versions available for Windows-XP, as well as most android devices, will work with the new pages. Thats pretty good backward compatibility I think! Working with older browsers and computers is difficult, because I don't have any working machines older than Windows-XP. therefore testing alternate code is almost impossible.

  • So far, the main "Home page", the music page, all pages featuring Dorothy and I together, and now this "News" page are finished.

Things NOT planned to change

  • Despite the much more responsive composition, the colorful pages jam packed with content is NOT going away. If you're one of those that don't like "Old School" or pages that look "HTML-ly", you won't enjoy Peter Pan's web site. many have commented that it is a breath of fresh air to see an old fashioned home brewed website. That's what it is and always will be, though with a splash of magic and imagination.

  • I really have no completely "New" pages planned right now. There's already plenty of work ahead just to re-code and enhance what's already there, and remember most of my pages were designed to expand as needed. The Pixie Friends photos and Fan Art pages for example.

  • I don't have a plan yet about what to do for the "Guest Book". It still works, and it has always been managed by an outside web service called VOY forums. I will keep it active until and unless I decide to code my own. For now, I prefer people join my FACEBOOK group, since it not only allows people to post what they would in a guest-book, but also permits interaction with other friends of PIXYLAND. Trust me, they are a friendly group.

  • While I will offer small banner ads again to advertisers (or any supporter that want one), I will do my best to avoid allowing this website to ever be filled with annoying and distracting advertisements. This is why your visitor support will always be both helpful and appreciated!

This update will likely be revised, but that's all for now

--- 06/04/14 ---

New Businesses, Guitar Lessons, and Where I've been.     Well folks, I've been a busy boy and will likely continue to keep in touch with fans and friends via my Facebook group page. As always, there are impostors, so make sure you use a link from my own website to get there.

Why so busy? Well I turned " 6 " last year (I don't count second digits anymore), and as it turns out my "day job" as an engineer came to an end just a month afterward. Well you know, on the Chinese calendar our "year" comes up every 12. The last time it came up for ME was in 2001, which is the year this web site started and went viral, and really marked the start of a whole new life for me. So this time around, my "year" was marked by a major birthday and the loss of a job. But just as before, this was a major blessing. Its possible I just may "retire"!!! Not from being PETER.... but from working on things I have little interest in, and spending more time on things I actually WANT to do.

So, along those lines, any "engineering" I do will now be focused on products that *I* want to make, many of which will be for musicians, since music is very important to me. And while my actual products are still in the works, you can follow my progress on my Elfin Technologies Website. . And by the way, that 'Elfin' Graphic is one of a few that my father drew many decades ago, with ME in mind, when I started a business selling ATARI software (yeah, I go back a few years! . ). Currently I'm planning an amazing self amplified guitar, a remote control for musicians called 'SOUND MAN', and I may eventually make electric wings!

Also, if you havn't checked out my music lately, I still do write songs, and I hope you'll enjoy my latest song called Go Out and PLAY on my Music page. I've decided to put FULL versions of this and all my songs on Reverb Nation, as a way to "pay it forward", even though I still do appreciate your donations and CD purchases. If you like the music, please purchase a copy. If you don't believe in paying for music, there's nothing more I can say. At least forward the link to any tunes you like, so that others can both enjoy it and consider supporting it.

Along with my own Pixie themed Rock music, I've also decided to perform more "cover" music too, with other local musicians. I really enjoy classic (60s and 70s) rock, and I can play it so much better now than I could back then! So there's another thing I'm spending my time on. Along those lines, I've also started offering guitar lessons, on a page called Peter Pan's Guitar Lessons for "Grownups". This is mainly for local friends and players, though I will consider offering some lessons via SKYPE (don't take lessons just to see me modelling outfits, because I won't be, and you'll be disappointed ).

As far as my own costuming, it turns out I did a pretty good job making some durable costumes, because I haven't had to make anything new lately. Princess Dorothy and I still go out dancing in our pixie outfits, though a little less often to conserve on finances.

ANYHOW..... That's a short summary of whats been going on in my life. If I'm "retired", its not because I'm not working, but because I'm working on things I find more valuable. I could go back to work another "day job", and I have no doubt I'd find work with my technical background (even if I am a FAIRY ). But here's the thing folks, and I HOPE you really think about this. I've known too many people who got to a point where they COULD retire, but didn't. They wanted a more comfortable retirement, and so elected to work a few more years. What they didn't know, what nobody could know, is that in those few years their health went down hill, and they really didn't get to have that more comfortable retirement. So this is just my take on life.... your milage may vary and I'm not advising what anyone should do. I just think that every day is precious, and I'm thankful for each one I wake up to see. But I have no clue how many more years I'll have. I may live to 100, I may be on my last decade. But as for me, I'd rather live more humbly and be able to spend my days as I choose, then to work until I drop. If you listen to my latest song, you'll hear some of that philosophy there too.

On another note, I'll also be adding an email "form" to the website soon, to block SPAM. As you can imagine, having a public email address for over a dozen years means a lot of SPAM is filtered, and that unfortunately results in some legitimate mail being lost. But until I do, please continue to keep in touch with me on Facebook! Have a great day, and continue to live your dreams!

--- 4/23/12 ---

12 years old, 12 million hits strong ... Today, on April 23, 2012, Peter Pan's Home Page crossed 12 million visitor hits. Coincidentally the website is just about 12 years old now too. 12, 12, and 12 million. Though my site is pretty simple HTML code and certainly doesn't have the interactive capability of Facebook, it has already provided a lifetime of smiles, encouragement, and touched more lives in a decade than I ever thought possible in my whole life. Through the internet, this website has allowed me to share my life, visions, music, dreams and a whole lot of silliness, literally with the entire world. It has brought so many wonderful contacts, acquaintances and life long friendships my way, it just staggers me to think of it all. I first thank God for all the good it has brought, hope it continues to touch others, and certainly want to thank all of you who have followed for so long. :-)

Other than new songs and a few of these news items, I have not updated the site content in a long time. But this too is testimony of success. Like a good song, continued changes and new versions aren't always as important as the songs reach. The enhancements to my life all this online activity has brought are indeed wonderful, and I know from my email it continues to be an encouragement to new visitors every day. But as life is enhanced, it naturally gets more full, and it simply gets harder to find time to document it all. One thing is for certain, when I do move forward with new updates, I will have to find a web development tool to make it a little easier and faster. The site really is 100% hand coded HTML, which it part of the reason why its format is so simple. Simple like, well, like an old fashioned internet "Home Page" .

Anyway, the main thing is this... Thanks Everyone... Thanks for making this site such a wonderful success, and a 'must see' stopping point in a sea of a billion islands.

--- 12/13/11 ---


Raised for Kids Charities This year!.... Financial statement for the year is posted in the donations area, under 2011 . For this year, the donations raised will be evenly split between the well known international Save The Children fund, and a local branch of Metropolitan Ministries, who always do a great job bringing smiles to a lot of needy kids during the Holidays.

2011 will likely be the last year I will officially solicit donations! The promos will still be offered while they last, and photos indefinitely (though I'll likely reduce the prices). Back when the site began around the turn of the century (wow... it's been over a decade!), running a high traffic website was very expensive, and so it only seemed sensible to ask for help. Since I never wanted the site to be about money, all residuals from donations after paying site expenses went to kids charities at the end of each year, in keeping with the desires of J.M. Barrie, the original author of the Peter Pan story. Those "residuals" sometimes exceeded thousands, so it turned out to be a real joy! But site expenses have been more moderate in recent times, and combining that fact with all the costume companies that regularly offer donations in exchange for links, the website expenses are usually covered. But anyway, a hearty thanks to all who have donated so much. Perhaps without all the time spent on bookkeeping and promotional items, maybe I'll finally have some time to add a few photos now and then!

In other news, a lot of my free time that might have gone into web updates does go into music these days. If you've checked my Music page recently, you'll see I'm keeping a lot of my music accessible to everyone on my new Reverb Nation page. The idea is that as a musician, I'd rather have as many people hear and enjoy my music as possible, which means allowing people to listen without first having to buy the song. But unlike the website, making music is still a costly hobby. So there, your music purchases are very welcome and helpful. And since the music is available to everyone, please consider sending links and mention of any songs you like, to local radio stations (both on air and on-line) that play music by independent artists!

So thats all for now. But please keep in touch. In fact if you're on facebook, definitely join my Group Page, because I'm usually able to respond to everyone there pretty quickly. Plus, all us pixies and pixie pals can jabber there more easily. So here's wishing everyone all the joy Christmas and the Holidays offer, and now more than ever hope for a better new year for all!

--- 4/1/11 ---

More performances, Music, and 'Official' Facebook Link! Well last subject first. For quite a while now I've maintained a couple of pages on facebook, and the 'official' one is Randy Constan: The real Peter Pan. I still have every intention of keeping most of the photos and music content right here at pixyland.org, but obviously I've had a major challenge finding time for site maintenance. Facebook to the rescue! Now I have an easy way to keep in direct touch with fans and friends of the pixyland site, where others can share photos long before I've had time to post them myself! (In fact, there are already quite a few of Princess Dorothy and me from this years Renaissance fair!). So please go to the Official Facebook Link, and just click "LIKE". I'll need to approve your request, and thats usually done by the end of the day. Of course the regular Guestbook and email are still available, but you have to admit... with mobil access and virtually everyone everywhere joining FB, that's the easiest way to quickly interact! Remember that the FB link will only take you to a sign up page if you've never been there, but once you've jumped those hoops the link will work.

A short note about the title, Randy Constan: The real Peter Pan. It should come as no surprise that at any given time there will be at least 1/2 dozen other FB pages that might appear to be something I put up. It is true that I do maintain one other page for local friends I actually know! ('friend' is a pretty loose term in 'social network lingo' ). But most of the others are just fans who decided to honor me with a page of their own. In some cases, of course, there are also the usual impostors, or pages placed by those who are so insanely jealous and upset that I live my life unaffected by their negativity, that they feel the need to try and 'cyber bully' me. FB takes a dim view of both copyright infringement and harassment, so I usually can get such pages removed overnight once I see it. But for YOU, make sure you're visiting my official Randy Constan: The real Peter Pan link, and let me know if you find any other pages on facebook I'd likely disapprove of.

About the music! I've been writing tunes again, and am planning an entire collection of music that will be called something like "Songs from the year 4 AD", the AD meaning 'After Dorothy' . Of course the digit '4' might shrink or grow, depending on how much time I can muster for writing and arranging, but unlike my first album, I intend to make individual MP3s available fairly soon after each is ready. I'd like to also attempt to get some air-play from online streamed radio stations too, so if any of you who are musicians have any experience to share with venues like ReverbNation (or similar online musicians services), please email me! In the mean time, check my Music page in the months ahead, since I'll be posting samples of the new music as it's available. The first will be a very kewl rock and roll song about Peter Pan meeting Dorothy from OZ!, and another hopelessly romantic tune called "Through My Eyes", is in the works and ought to be available by Summer.

Finally, I'm happy to tell you that I am performing again with my friend ken Spivey, at The Castle in Y-bor City, Tampa, this coming April 29th at around 10:30PM. This will be our fourth show there, and it turning into quite an event! We call it our Castle of Dreams Affair, and this year we have dancers, artists, drink specials (Magic Pixie Juice!), a costume contest, and a night of original music! In fact, both the new tunes I just mentioned will be performed there, along with other originals from my album as well as Kens, along with some good time Celtic tunes, and other surprises. A night of smiles, for sure, so please come out if you're in town. The event will not have any special cover fee, beyond the normal door charge for the Castle (about $5 or $6 I think). For more information, or updates, we have a special Facebook link set up just for the event, at This Link.

All for now! And don't forget to join the official Pixyland Facebook group!

--- 12/15/10 ---


Raised for Kids Charities This year!.... As usual, this years financial history is posted within the donations area, under 2010 . Considering the difficult economic times, I think that's a pretty darn respectable figure, and a wonderful and timely blessing for a lot of kids right now! Natural and man made disasters often have the worst impact on children and Haiti, as we all know, was devastated by such a disaster just under a year ago, when a magnitude 7 earthquake turned their world upside down. At least one dear friend of ours has been doing volunteer work in that region this past year, and she is preparing for another trip to the area even as I write this. She has set up a website called Snow Mercy, on behalf of The New Voice House of Life, a small organization that doesn't even have a website yet. Well a website can come later. Right now they are struggling to even find mattresses for kids to sleep on! Even after all this time aid to this region is still a dire emergency. So this year a portion of the funds will be directed there, and some will also go to Save The Children, also doing work in this region. In addition, some funds will go to a local charity called Metropolitan Ministries, and some to a long time favorite of Pixyland, the Make a Wish Foundation Thanks again to everyone for your contributions, and your continued support of the Pixyland website!

OK, now for some short "Pixyland State of the Union" business. Long time visitors have surely noticed that the last news/blog update was literally a year ago, when the 2009 charity drive results were posted. I apologize for that. I have plenty of fun photos and adventures to share, but lately have not had plenty of time! It has been difficult to even find time for the music, but I'm happy to report I've written a few new tunes and at least one has been recorded and is undergoing final 'tweaking' and mixing. I will be sharing that sometime soon. I've also been directing some creative efforts to performing locally with Ken Spivey a friend from the Renaissance fair. If you missed it, you can see a 10 minute edit of one of our performances at this link. But as usual, I digress!

The point is, even though website updates have temporarily slowed, Princess Dorothy and I are still out and about making fun outfits, putting together silly 'ensembles', and enjoying ourselves painting the town GREEN!. And while we're spreading the good cheer, we're also raising awareness and encouraging people to live their dreams and be who their creator made them to be. As I explained on a recent talk radio interview on the 'Don and Mike' show (on the UMaine Radio Network), we are living in a world where we hear of children committing suicide because of society's pressure on them to choose between conformity or seemingly endless torment. So it is more important than ever for each of us with something encouraging to share to do so! As I believe a lot of the self justification for such torment are rooted in misguided religion, I continue to maintain a companion website called Through the Cracks's Ministries, as both a source of encouragement to those feeling ostracized by religion, as well as a challenge to those who use their faith as a means to judge others.

Anyway, despite the less frequent updates, we're certainly not going away! More updates will come and in the mean time Email never goes unread, and Facebook Fan Page has been setup where everyone can stay in touch with me more easily. Definitely join the Facebook Page, especially if you're local to the Tampa Bay area, as it is the most timely way to let everyone know of coming events or performances.

All for now, here's wishing everyone all the good cheer the season has to offer, a better year ahead for everyone!

--- 12/15/09 ---


Raised for Kids Charities This year!... Once again, a hearty thanks for all your kind and generous gifts, from your favorite neighborhood pixies! All the donation history for the year is posted on the 2009 Financial history page, but this year I've made some changes both to simplify and to keep things more anonymous. The full explanation is on the page itself, but the jist is that up until now I've included details of each individual donor, in the spirit of full disclosure. In this age of internet fraud and identity theft, however, it's just smarter not to list individual donations by name, and most donors would rather be anonymous anyway.

This year, I'm reserving $100 for the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in England (former owners of the Peter Pan copyright, which expired two years back), another $200 for the Make a Wish Foundation, and the remaining funds (approx $1160) will be evenly divided between Metropolitan Ministries, (who do a lot of wonderful things to get Holiday gifts to kids that otherwise wouldn't have very much) and Save The Children, the highest rated international kids charities I know of. As all these organizations have been described in posts from previous years, so I won't further elaborate on them here. Needless to say, in these very hard economic times, every dime given is appreciated. As I've said in my "Who is Peter pan song" (listen on Peter Pan's Music Page), when it comes to needy kids...

...Together we can take a chance, Join in the dance, Create some joy today...
and while we're on our way, we'll try and lend a hand
to so many lost girls and boys, just buy them some toys,
you know it's so easy, to make a better day!"

Oh and speaking of the CD, you can now order individual high quality MP3 files, as well as the actual CD. Again, see Peter Pan's Music Page)for more details.

Now!!!..., before I close this post, I would be remiss If I didn't at least briefly address something about the frequency of updates (or lack of updates, perhaps) on the Pixyland website lately. Of course we all know that without updates people lose interest. But please bear with me and understand! I'm sure every visitor has taken note of the fact that over the past couple of years, I've not only met my Tinkerbell, but married her this past spring! (If you missed this, please see the link to Our Fairy Wedding!. It has been a very blessed year, and the wedding pages did take a long time to put together. But it has been a very busy time too, and my "day job" work (no, I'm still not a "professional" pixie!) has simultaneously become more demanding of my time. Then too, a bit of the free time I've had left over has gone into my music! I'm writing some new tunes (look for the new "Dorothy's song", debuting here, probably in the coming year), and I'm also working hard with another local musician, Ken Spivey, on a live act which will include several songs from my own CD, some fun and boisterous Celtic songs, and a few kicked up versions of silly children's songs (from such artists as kermit the Frog!) Indeed we're trying to make our act as silly (silly? who me???) as possible! But as any musicians among you know preparing a good performance, especially working with backing tracks, is a lot of work. So please bear with me as there is only a limited amount of time available. The site will not be without updates, but likely not as often as several years back. Oh, and in addition to the guestbook and myspace, I also now have a facebook 'fan' page. It's still petty new, but as I build my musical act I'll start using that page to announce performances and interact with fans. Please feel free to join, but remember that email is still the best way to contact me!

In the meantime, thanks again to everyone for a great year. And don't ever stop believing!

--- 4/29/09 ---

We're Married! We've finally tied the knot! We even "Pinky Swore" before King Henry VIII!!! Hopefully you all remember when I shared all about the day Dorothy said YES! to my proposal! Well it all happened on March 29 th, 2009, at the Bay Area Renaissance Fair, and now we're very pleased to be able to share all of it with you! In fact we've created the most fun and awesome pages in the entire history of Pixyland, so you can all be a part of Our Fairy Wonderful Wedding day.

This wasn't meant to be a secret wedding or anything, but the plans did have to be made quickly, as we couldn't confirm the availability of certain people, actors and musicians we wanted to attend, until the fair actually began. As the fair only runs for 7 weeks, and some musicians were only available for the first 6 weeks, well you can imagine what a mad rush it was to make everything happen in such little time. Still though, because of the notoriety of this web site and our growing popularity, we did have to keep our plans from being broadcast to the world. In a publicly accessible place such as a Renaissance fair, it could have been pretty chaotic if a ton of uninvited "paparazzi " crashed the event. Instead, we quietly sent out invitations to as many of our close friends as we were able, and it worked out perfectly!

Notice that this is all coming out a full month after the fact! Sorry for the long delay, but there was literal giga-bytes of video and thousands of photos to accumulate from friends and guests, and of course all of it had to be extensively edited, color corrected, cropped, processed, and organized for the web site. I still hand code all my pages, and as you can likely imagine it is a long process, even for a veteran web builder!

SO... there are four pages ready! An 'Intro' page, another for 'Thee Arrival', another of course the Ceremony, and finally a page for the grand Celebration. You can get to all these starting at the Introduction page, which will serve as a guide and provide links to the rest. Each of the latter three pages have a story to tell with a selection of photos. Each also includes increasingly bigger slide shows, with many more pictures. And for the most fun, videos! As we've experimented with hosting our own videos for a while now, each of those pages also includes a pretty large and high quality 10 minute video segment!!! You'll need Flash and a high speed connection to see those. (I'll likely make some smaller "youtube" versions eventually, if too many of you are having trouble with the larger versions, or if my server has a hard time keeping up). Enjoy!!!

In other news, I've been working with a young musician named, Ken Spivey, whom I met at the Renaissance fair. He's an excellent musician and a lot of fun to watch, and we've been working on the side to put together an act, which includes original music from both of us, Celtic tunes (mostly funny drinking stories), and quite a bit of mayhem and silliness! Expect to hear about us performing in the Tampa Bay area in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned!

--- 12/22/08 ---


Raised for Kids Charities This year!... A little less actually, but Tink and I added some to the 'PIXYLAND kitty too, in the spirit of sharing of our own blessings. As you know, each year PIXYLAND.ORG gathers donations in exchange for promotional gifts, both to help with website expenses and to raise money for various charities benefitting children (click here for 2008 financial history). This year's gifts were evenly split between the Make a Wish Foundation, and a local branch of Metropolitan Ministries, who do a lot of wonderful things to get Holiday gifts to kids that otherwise wouldn't have very much. A hearty thanks to everyone who donated.

It has been a very difficult year for many, and every little bit helps. I realize that I've not been able to update the website anywhere near as often as I'd like lately, and so I was bit sad for a moment there. After all, less updates does mean less visitors, so naturally that means less donations too. But Tink reminded me that it was, indeed, a rough year for everyone financially, and whatever was raised was much more than would have been available if there was no charity drive. It is so true. Times are difficult and it's really easy to slip into thinking our efforts can hardly change anything. But as a recent election here in the USA has proven, all things are possible when the efforts of many are gathered. It DOES make a difference!

Time taken for work related business has been a challenge this year for me, which is the main reason site updates have been less frequent. Considering the economy I realize how fortunate any of us with a decent job are, and in that sense I'm not complaining at all. But it is never wrong to hope and believe for better! Unlike a great many people, I do not think "better" means making more money. Rather, it means being able to do more of what you believe in and enjoy for your livelihood. And even when such does not seem possible, all good things start by believing they CAN happen. A wish, a prayer, a hope... These are the beginnings of the creative process,that moves 'things that are not' on to the path of 'things that could be'. For those that have watched and followed this website for sometime, you know what I say there has been proven true. So I ask that you believe and hope along with me. And in this Joyous season, May all of You be Blessed with the gift of Belief, that all YOUR dreams can come true! May God Bless us, Everyone!

--- 05/29/08 ---

Moving on in 2008, coming show on WE TV, and general happenings.! My friends, I know that every year the updates seem to get slower, and I thank all those loyal fans that keep returning to see if anything new is on the site. All your continued emails are much appreciated and very encouraging. There are good reasons for the delays, and plenty going on at Pixyland. So I thought I'd at least write some, even though I don't have a ton of new photos or outfit photos to share today.

There are three things that have made to updates few and far between, and it's all been simply about less free time. First, as you all know I'm not 'Peter Pan' for a living... at least not yet! . My 'day job' situation is not horrendous, but it does take up a great deal of time, making less available for composing web pages. Indeed, I may have to switch from hand coding HTML to using some kind of interactive tool eventually, but learning new tools takes time too! Second, with Tink (Dorothy) in my life and her having to work horrendous hours, there was more for me to do home at Pixyland. So finally, with both Tink and myself having so much work to keep up with, most of our remaining time has been spent in PLAY!!!!. I'm sure even my most dedicated fans will appreciate that someone who won't grow up has to make play time a priority!

But all that said, good things have been happening and there is also light at the end of the tunnel. Tink was able to quit her day job recently, freeing up a lot more time for both of us. Why, with a little coaxing from you fans, she may even write a page or two on the Pixyland site! And now that finances and work situations have improved, we're finally beginning to seriously think about where, when and how, we're going to have our wedding. We're not expecting this to be a huge affair, unless some media giant wants to help finance a huge Pixie Wedding Party. But it will be fun and magical, however we do it!

The extra time is starting to pay off for the website too. This is the first time this year I've even had time to write an update like this. Also, in addition to the words, both the Pixie Friends and the Pixie Fan Art pages have been updated over the past month, with new images and artwork from fans all over the world. ( My apologies to those who have waited a long time to have your images displayed). In addition, I'm happy to report that the first major media attention this year has been focused on Dorothy! KAOS Entertainment Company, producers of Secret Lives of Women on the Women's Entertainment Network contacted us about an upcoming presentation of unusual love stories (the exact title will be "Forbidden Love"). They wanted to do a show about us, but of course featuring Dorothy (because after all it's the 'Women's' network, and she's a grrl!) Anyway: Mark Your Calenders! As of now the show is slated to air on July 29th at 10PM (Eastern time), and probably again at 1AM the following morning, and of course re-runs afterward. Check their website for any updates, and we'll revise this post if we hear of any change..

During the production of the show, we were able to describe a lot of the positive purpose and vision of the PIXYLAND.ORG website, tell a fun story of our meeting and time together, and hopefully convey a lot of encouragement to people to be themselves, and know that their creator loves them. We were also able to film at both a local club called The Castle (The one I wrote about on track 2 of my Music CD), and a magical place called The Blueberry Patch. The Castle is a mostly 'goth' club which has evolved into a place where all manner of people are welcome to come and express themselves and their inner fantasies, in an atmosphere of mutual friendship and respect. The only people not welcome at the Castle are people who take issue with everyone being welcome! The Blueberry patch is the vision of a local artist, Dallas Bohrer, who has taken his enormous property and turned it into a haven for artists and musicians of all kinds (and now Pixies too!).
Click Here
to see
the actual
We also visited Sherry's Yesterdaze, a wonderful local vintage clothing store in Tampa, with plenty of unique outfits and accessories. Though the filming will surely have to be edited down to very short clips, we're hopeful that the presentation will be both fun and inspirational. And of course, KAOS Entertainment made a wonderful and surprisingly large donation to Pixyland, all of which is passed to kids charities at years end. So no matter how the presentation turns out, it's always worth it when there is such a greater benefit. Once again, check the WE network website for possible air time changes.

And now some Upcoming plans and needs. I'm planning on starting to have some videos here of our adventures, some improvements to the music page, the ability to sell individual tunes instead of making everyone purchase the entire Music CD. As a side item I'm hoping to improve the way MIDI tunes are played, and possible do more with slide shows. That is a hint of things to come, but I need some help. Since that help involves technical expertise, the following is a bit technical. I invite your suggestions, helpful hints, and certainly volunteers. Or if you know people who are experts in these areas and are supportive of the website, perhaps you can put them in touch with me. Just drop me an email if you feel you can help.

  • The music page needs to be re-done using FLASH technology. Currently, with some browsers, the whole page will freeze while waiting for a music clip to finish downloading, and the download takes forever just to get started. With the IE browser or older Mozilla/Netscape, it's not such an issue. But I still need a way to make these clips work for everyone.

  • On a related note, I've had many requests to allow people to purchase individual tunes. I've considered outside digital music sales distributors, but most of them want a hefty fee % per song. Since a portion of the proceeds from the music also benefits kid's charities, I'm reluctant to give over such fees to these services if I can avoid it. If there is no alternative I will, but if a programmer familiar with flash and multimedia is willing to help me set up a mechanism so the tunes could be sold independently, that's something I'd both welcome and pay for out of my own pocket.

  • I need help creating or locating a flash video player for use with my own videos, independent of systems like youtube. Though you havn't seen lots of new photos this year, I have been taking both photos and video clips, and I'd like to begin showing videos on the site!. My camera is only a simple Sony Cybershot which generates MPG video/audio files, and my only tool to edit them is Windows Movie Maker, which spits out WMV files. I'd love to start putting some videos like this on the website, but I don't think I want to use Youtube unless there is no alternative. If you've been a fan for a while, you understand that I like to tell stories on the web pages I compose with embedded photos. And just like I usually object to people displaying my photos without permission on other websites ( out of the context they were intended for), I'd rather people have to visit my website to see the videos in context. SO..., if anyone has the expertise to help with this, again please contact me via email.

  • I once used a program called 'Jalbum' to help me create the embedded slide show in my Labyrinth of Jarreth page. Unfortunately, since I wanted the page to work without the HTML 'IFRAME tag, I had to do so much hand editing that what should have been an hours work became an all day job. Anyone with practical ideas or willingness to help in the creation of such pages would be very helpful. Having many more photos to share than time to format, I need some shortcuts that still preserve the 'flavor' of the pixyland site

  • I HATE 'Quicktime'. And yet for those that use the FireFox browser, it seems there is no way to play MIDI files in a web page without it. I use MIDI when I want the page to play a simple background tune, without wasting time on a long download. But as a programmer for some time, I feel that Quicktime is a terribly invasive product and wish to both warn visitors about using it, and offer some alternative. I understand a program called 'Cresendo' is supposed to work with Firefox, but I've yet to get it to do so. Perhaps, once again, someone can demonstrate a way I can use an inexpensive (or free) FLASH program, to either pass MIDI files to whatever 'system' midi player a visitor has, or allow me to play low quality MPG files as background music in the few pages I wish to use it.

That's about all for now. At least you know I've not dropped off the face of the earth, and that good things are happening here.

--- 12/17/07 ---


Raised for Kids Charities This year!... Another all time record!!. This is by far the highest amount ever raised in a single year, and remember, that's after all costs of website maintenance and promotional gifts were paid for!! There were many generous contributors, many that did not even ask for any of the usual promotional gifts in return. And as often the case, at least a handful of "performance" donations whenever an interview, documentary, or filming project took place. There were several of those which I never mentioned on-line, but the Web-Drifter Video was one example along with a recent Swedish TV 'Reality Show' a few months back, and I always require charitable donations for these. (Click here for full 2007 financial history). But despite all this, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a fan named Robin (right photo) in California, who made several donations totalling over $1000, that really turned this year's fund drive around! Frankly, this would have been a lack lustre year for the fund drive otherwise.

This was, after all, a difficult year economically. A lot fewer people can afford donations when gasoline prices double, their house mortgage payments soar, and more jobs than ever are lost. My own inability to maintain a reasonable number of website updates lately didn't help either. My grown up 'day-job' activities were very time consuming this past year, and a website that doesn't get updated is simply not visited as frequently, no matter how positive or entertaining the content. Then, there were a number of surprise increased website expenses, including the need to seek new high bandwidth hosting, when the former company (digitalspace.net) changed ownership became impossible to work with. But in the midst of all the difficulties, that is when angels (or sometimes fairies) come along to help, only proving that when times get tough, that's the time to really Believe!. So once again a big thanks to Robin and her family!

This years charity donations will once again be split several ways. Some, once again, will go to the Make a Wish Foundation, another portion to a local Tampa, Florida charity called Metropolitan Ministries, and their Christmas campaign to gather toys for kids that otherwise might have nothing fort Christmas. And finally, some will go to the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in England, former owners of the Peter Pan copyright ( before it expired two years ago). All wonderful organizations, real Angels on Earth, bringing both joy and practical help to children in need.

And speaking of angels, as you all know by now, a wonderful lady (Dorothy) has entered my life, and we are now engaged! Sorry I still have no news on the wedding plans, but I'll surely let everyone know when we pick a date. In the mean time, despite my failing to get some new web pages up, Dorothy and I have been collecting more and more photos of ourselves in some very colorful and creative pixie-wear outfits, so there certainly will be some new pages in the works soon. And also, as I write this, the website has just crossed the 10 million hit mark! There are some bragging rights there folks! That's pretty impressive for a non commercial home page, featuring silly people dressing silly, with pretty much zero 'adult' content at all. :-)

So once again, thanks to everyone for another successful year. Not just for donations, but for helping to spread the wonderful message of accepting ourselves the way our creator made us, and likewise accepting others. What a wonderful fairy-land the world could be if everyone shared the dream, and what better time than Christmas, to stop and ponder the prospect of such Peace on earth!

--- 10/17/07 ---

A new 'Web Cast', with Martin Sergent
Recently, I had a visit from Martin Sergent, who originally had me on his 'Tech TV' show, Unscrewed!. Now he's doing web-Casting, with a new show called Web Drifter. We had a lot of fun making this silly video, and webcasting is much more accessible than trying to get your show on every local cable network. But you need a high speed connection for a good picture, and I think a newer version of FLASH for 'full screen options. Here's a somewhat low resolution version in 'Flash 9' format. If you don't have Flash Player, you'll need to get it to see. But better yet, if you have a high speed connection and just about any player (like Windows Media Player or Quicktime), just go to the Web Drifter site and download it a better version.

Warning... Martin sometimes uses not so pixie-like language... Parents cautioned!

webcast stuff... obsolete

--- 10/7/07 ---

    ... and She Said Yes!!!

(If you didn't read the Last update, GO READ THAT FIRST! )
On Saturday Oct. 7, 2007, At our favorite club "The Castle", I proposed to my wonderful Princess Dorothy/Tink. With much emotion and excitement for both of us, well, the title says it all... She Said Yes!. Some of my friends I see more often have known for a week or longer I'd been planning this. And I suppose I could have planned this better, to have pictures taken that night and such. But I guess I had only a few thoughts on my mind that evening, and the fanfare and cameras simply were not among them. . The night was wonderful, with Tom, the DJ taking the time to make a big "official" announcement over the sound system, and Tia, our favorite bartender, making sure we had 'toasting' material at hand. Many friends congratulated us, and I'm surely in big trouble with the boi-friends of a lot of grrls we know at the club

For my out of town friends, I first introduced Dorothy in the 2007 Ren fair photos, and then more formerly in our new Collision of Fairy tales. page. Closer to home, we've been around town at all kinds of parties, clubs, and events together, and I've received a ton of wonderful email and kind wishes from so many people. I probably should apologize to those close friends and acquaintances that I did not warn of this but truthfully, though I was 'armed' with a ring and a happy heart for some time, I had no real plan about where and when I'd 'pop the question'! Sunday, Oct 7, just about 7 minutes after midnight (I didn't plan that either), The moment was just right.

Well, we have no plans at all yet about when, where or how we will have our wedding, but we'll definitely let everyone know about that WAY in advance. For now, it is enough now to have this wonderful affirmation of our committment to a future together and, there is one thing we both know for sure... Whether it is a big event or a small one, it will most definitely be a...

Fairy Tale Wedding!

--- 8/31/07 ---

Dorothy/Tink!   That's really the long and short of my news update this time! Just over a year ago now, I met this wonderful lady at an outdoor dance party and we've been spending just about all our free time together. If you saw my last update, which included a link to the latest Renaissance fair photos, you've already seen a few photos of her. But Now there is an entire page dedicated to her and I together, called 'Dorothy.... a Collision of Fairy tales. I hope you can see the irony of that! When you think of the name, you can't help think first of the Wizard of Oz, and Dorothy's escapades with Glenda and the witch, along with the tin man, scarecrow, and cowardly lion. So what a kewl combination, Peter from Never land (well, 'Pixyland' in my case), and Dorothy from Oz.

Well in any case, the name 'Dorothy' also literally means 'Gift from God, and we've been an item for some time now. It's not the only reason I've not updated the web site a lot, because my grown up 'day job' work has been super busy lately too. But there's no denying that when you meet someone special and start spending time, other endeavors get put on hold for a while. And while we do take occasional pictures, it's only more recently we've taken the time to really set up a few. So please wander over and check out the page I started for us. You can't email Dorothy / Tink right now, because she has no email, and her work leaves even less time for on-line time than mine. But I'm sure that will change, and in the meantime you can always forward anything you'd like to tell her through my email.

In other news, some short articles/interviews were recently done on me in the Free Information Society, an Internet based publication, and another more recently in the Carrolwood News section of the Tampa Tribune. The later has no photos unless you get the paper copy, and the author was a little upset that his editor chopped and shortened his text to the point where some of it made no sense. But all publicity is good. I also should report that the company that for many years hosted my website, digitalspace.net, has gone through a change of ownership. The new owners were completely unresponsive to resolving serious issues, and so I've just moved the PIXYLAND website to another company. Hopefully this won't incur too much cost, but just in case things seem out of place for a while, don't panic! But I also do have to stress that the pixyland site 'bandwidth' usage is over 2 gigabytes/day, and if you don't know what that means just understand that such usage does incur a cost. So more than ever, Donations will be needed to keep Pixyland completely commercial free, with no annoying advertising. Free systems like Myspace are kewl, but nothing beats the unrestricted freedom of a real personal 'home grown' websites. So please visit the donations link and consider ordering a T-shirt, mouse pad or photo, or a music CD. I also wish to send out a special thanks to Robin Ceballos, a pixie pal I met at in California. She and her family made a very generous donation in appreciation for the positivity this web site conveys, and it certainly was very encouraging to me.

Finally, despite my recent pre-occupation with Dorothy  , don't think for a minute that the web site will go away. There has just been a long ongoing season of busy-ness and work, so that free time has mostly been relegated to PLAY TIME! But there's light at the end of the tunnel, and the fun will continue. In fact, maybe its all just beginning!

--- 4/1/07 ---

Happy Spring, and where do I Go from here? That's what's in my mind as I write this update. But before I get into that, I should point out that I've made a few new additions to the Pixie Friends page, and also have just added several pictures from the 2007 Renaissance fair. The fair has been absolutely wonderful so far this year, and I'll probably add a few more photos as they come in. There's also a new friendly face on both of these pages, a new Pixie friend named Dorothy, who has become very dear to me over the past several months. She is a wonderful and gentle fairy spirit, and I'm sure you'll see more of her here at Pixyland.

But back to my opening theme, I have been super busy friends. Some of you know that in addition to being a full time Eternal Child, I also have to do some unfortunately grown-up sounding engineering work to pay my pixy bills, and at least for the time being that stuff has become really demanding. Between that and being the social butterfly I've become, especially on weekends, I barely have time to even catch up on music practice, let alone make new outfits. Now I know everyone want's to see a new outfit every month, but over time I've gotten to where my closet is already pretty packed! With all the variations I can piece together by mixing outfits, most of my time behind the sewing machine is to either to keep things maintained, or make replacement pieces as needed. Sure, when I see some really magical fabric, I'm going to buy it and make something. (There has been a new Woodsy Green Pixie addition on the Fashion page!) But for now, I do have quite a wardrobe already, and I simply don't have the time I used to have for making new things all the time. In fact, as you've all patiently witnessed, I've only been able to update the website itself a handful of times each year, and some things are falling way behind! For example, even though I've kept some pages like my Pixie Friends and Renaissance Fair pages up to date, my Guavaween page hasn't been updated in 6 years, even though I do have tons of pictures from each in-between year. I actually wish I had someone to edit photos and build pages for me sometimes. Putting batches of unnamed and unformatted picture directories on-line is just not my way.

So all this time crunching has got me a little unsure where to go from here. I've actually turned down a few of those typical "Peter pan Out and About" Documentary projects already this year (one by the BBC !), because what they wanted to do was just the "same old same old" to me (It would have been a different story if they'd invited me to England!) Of course it's early in the year, and I'm sure new opportunities will arise. But I am honestly a little unsure as to what new things to do next, or where to go from here. Sites like Myspace and YouTube have made personal websites available to everyone, and I sense that the years of big Donations may be over. But then my own song "Hold On" reminds me its better to have faith in the future when it can't be foreseen, and that's what I will endeavor to do until the future unfolds. The website is slowly approaching the 10 million hit mark, quite a milestone by any standard, and I still get tons of wonderful email telling me how many lives the site is touching. All you wonderful fans have never stopped reminding me how many smiles the site is creating, and the encouragement to keep doing what I'm doing has not ceased. The music CD has sold about 300 copies so far, which is very encouraging too. So don't worry, I do intend to keep being my Pixie self! But please bear with me as I try to keep my ears to the tracks of life to sense what lies ahead, and hope for a future with more time to myself. Happy Spring everyone!

--- 12/16/06 ---


Raised for Kids Charities This year!... Totally over the top! All I can say is...

My friends, I just don't know how to begin to express just how awesome this is. You know, with the passing of each year things normally settle down a lot with the website. Traffic slows for a season and I often think to myself, surely the web community has grown bored with the whole thing, and it's most successful years have passed. And yet in 2006, in a year ravaged by war and in very uncertain economic times, the donation totals have soared to a new all time high. My CDs have sold well, many local papers and on-line articles have done feature articles, the web site crossed 9 million visitors and I was able to participate in some really fun adventures, like doing the We Are The Web video. Payments for this and several other outside sources did help a lot, but the lions share of donations came from ordinary supporters like YOU! So I'll say it once more... you guys are totally awesome!

All the donations for the year are posted on the Financial history page. This year I'm approximately repeating last year's percentages for distribution. About 50% will go to Save The Children. This is one of the highest rated kids charities, when comparing the percentage of donations that actually goes to the work they are doing (90%!!). But I also chose this organization because of their concentration on international disaster relief efforts for kids.

Of course some of the funds (approx 35%) will go to the Make A Wish foundation<, and the remaining 15% will be a special gift to the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in England. They are a donation funded children's hospital, and the owner's of the Peter Pan story copyright. That copyright now expires as 100 years have passed since it was granted them by the original author, J.M. Barrie. Surely we can't count on the big companies that have profited from the Peter Pan tale to pay another dime, and even though the Hospital has commissioned an official sequel (Peter Pan in Scarlet), every bit of support surely helps!

Thanks again everyone for a great year. Don't ever stop believing!

--- 11/13/06 ---

Donations update, and Another Birthday on the way! My my, how the time speeds by! It almost seems I over slept last New Year's only to wake and find myself almost at next year! In fact my birthday is coming up on the 18th of November, and I certainly don't feel a year older. But then, why should I? I *AM*, after all, still on strike against whole 'growing up' idea. Besides, as far as I'm concerned, I'm still 5, a long way from 6, and still a ways from 5-1/5. So it's really one of those insignificant birthday numbers anyway. One significant number was the PIXYLAND website crossing 9 million hits a few weeks back. Very Kewl!

But now what's with mentioning my own birthday anyway? Is this PIXIE fishing for gifts? Well sure, if you happen to be a local friend and wish to pop by my favorite 'haunt' Saturday (you know where!) and buy me a glass of good cheer, I won't object! But really, I'm totally excited about something else, namely, this years Children's Charity drive! If you look at this years Financial history for this year, you'll see that Thanks to your generous donations along with some outside help, the total raised this year is already $1159.89, only about $130 short of a new all time record set back in 2004. And now things really take off because we're very close to the point where all PIXYLAND expenses for the year are paid. Once that happens, 100% of all addition receipts get added to the total! So if you ever considered donating, perhaps for a Christmas gift for someone or just because you'd like, please take a moment to visit the Donations section, where you can order a 'Be A Pixie' T shirt, mouse pad, or signed photo. Also, 100% of sales from all CD's purchased between now and the end of this years Charity drive (About Dec. 16) will be added.

Oh yeah... I was talking about my birthday wasn't I? Well OK... that's the reason! Want to make my birthday a really special day? Nothing would make this pixie happier than to see the 2006 charity totals leave all other years in the dust. You know, few things are more heart wrenching than the horrors young children are victimized by in this often dark world. If you haven't heard the full version of my song "Who Is Peter Pan", please go to my MYSPACE page and give a listen, and you'll understand my personal concern here. But as they say, instead of cursing the darkness light a candle instead! Thanks in advance for any light you can add, whether through my own website or elsewhere. Don't stop Believing!

--- 10/04/06 ---

Fan Submission Updates. OK, so I have not taken time to do "photo shoots" of new outfits lately, and a lot of that is because I've just had less free time during the day, when the light is best. When I do have 'day' time, it's usually on the weekends and I'm usually off playing somewhere! But don't think for a minute that I've not been sewing new things, or in some cases buying kewl new things from thrift stores or e-bay dealers that sell ballet outfits! It's just that I've not really had time to do serious photo shoots. But during this time of extra busy-ness, you can still catch new outfit variations 'tacked on' to existing pages, or on my Out and About page. This little dance costume to the left is a good example. As I was adding it today, I realized it wasn't anywhere else on the site.

Also, while I may have been a slacker-pixie lately about photos, that does not mean fans of the website have been. So do check out the Pixie Friends page too! Here to the right for example is a pretty hysterical shot, sent in by a fan, as a Tinkerbell that might be better off not flying for a little while, and there's actually quite a bit of other new stuff on that page! So if you've not checked in a while (or have been waiting for your photos to be put up there), do take a peek. And if anyone sent anything that was not included, please drop me a line because sometimes emails get lost.

Another page to watch is the recently added Pixie Fan Art page. There is a lot of great work on that page, some very funny and some very beautiful. This 'Elf Swing' picture, for example, was recently sent me by someone I only know as 'Cat', of Le Chat Designs. I was amazed at the textures and use of light, and this computer artist's amazing talent and proficiency at her craft! So please make sure to look at all the wonderful submissions there.

In other news, I recently completed an interview for Music Newspaper called REAX, and expect to see a favorable review of my CD there soon, in the Oct 15th edition, online at www.reaxmusic.com. Beyond that it has been a pretty quiet year at pixyland (Gee I'm starting to sound like Garrison Keeler now!) My 'day' job work (Engineering, Programming, and other assorted geek work) has been exceptionally busy, as has my social life . I haven't figured out how to be 'Peter' for a living yet. But I'm happy to say that even with the whole internet community spending a good deal of time on myspace (Yes, I have a myspace too), Pixyland is still a popular place to visit, and continues to be a source of lighthearted fun and positivity in a pretty dark world. And if you watch with me, you'll soon see my visitor counter cross 9 million hits, probably sometime in the next few days!

Oh and you know what?... I believe this years donation totals for kids charities is going to be way off the charts! Last year, we did great with NO business donations at all. This year, all the fans who purchases T-shirts, photos and CDs, combined with significant donations from businesses (like the folks who invited me to participate in that Save The Internet video), have already put us over the top for an all time record, and it's only October! I'm very happy about that.

Well That's all for now. Don't forget to check out the mother of all pixie parties on myLabyrinth of Jarreth page. Plus it's October, so its time to look forward to both Halloween and our very amazing 'Guavaween' festival coming at the end of the month. Stay tuned!

--- 08/08/06 ---

New Photos From Labyrinth, and 'Save the Internet' Video. On July 15, I got to attend what I can only refer to as the 'Mother of All Pixie Parties'. It was the annual Labyrinth of Jarreth Party, at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre in Hollywood CA. You may recall my mentioning this party back in 2005, putting only a small blurb about it on my Pixie Parties page. A small blurb indeed... I had mistakenly left my camera home on that trip, and only had a few photos sent to me by other guests, so I didn't have much of a story to tell. But that definitely was NOT the case this year! In addition to photos I took, people have sent me so may photos, that at the end of the page I had to resort to a crude gallery. I literally have over 100 photos there, and that's after eliminating lots. I'm going to have to get better at embedding galleries too, because this website has gotten so photo-centric. There are also some links to other people's galleries too. Faeries are VERY vain creatures, and they take LOTS and LOTS of pictures. Anyway, check it out.

In other news, I mentioned in the last update that I'd participated in a "Save The Internet" web based video. It's been completed for a week or so now, and the production company keeps 'tweaking' and arranging the clips. But you can see them all at www.wearetheweb.org. You have to 'poke' around a little to find all the clips I participated in, I'm in the clips called 'The Video', 'The Celebrities', and if you watch that last one, another for me, 'Peter Pan' will finally appear. That last one is the most informative, so I hope you'll get to see that. It was a fun project, and the production company made a sizable donation to the Pixyland Kids Charity drive for my participation. But it is also a serious issue. You can learn much more about it at their main site, SaveTheInternet.com. The way the internet is now, small non-profit organization (like this web site) get the same priority as a big business site. We're about to lose all that, because the big Internet carrier companies are pushing laws through congress that our representatives don't even understand!

OK... well it's important, but that's about as much grown up stuff as I can report on for the day. Go enjoy the Labyrinth of Jarreth photos. Oh and one more item, a local newspaper, the Bradenton Herald, did an article about a new book called 'Rejuveniles', about adults who continue to keep a childlike side. Both my friend Kim Korbin of ISKIP.COM and I were featured in the article, and at the time of this writing the link was still available here.

All for now... and don't worry... I'll get to your Pixie Friends and Pixie Fan Art page submissions as soon as I can. Keep Flying Everyone!

--- 6/30/06 ---

Some Ren Fair updates, Super year for donations, recent happenings and projects.  I'm slowly getting around to site updates here. First of all, even though I rarely post my own photos from Renaissance Fairs, I just love these events, and have been fortunate both to have one very nearby my home, and to have visited one in Irwindale California, just East of LA twice now. Well it should not be a big surprise that lots of people into dressing up for those fairs know all about my website, and often want pictures. I always ask for copies, but you know how that goes. Still, over time I've accumulated enough of them that I finally had to move all the Ren Fair photos to there own page, Peter Pan's Escapades at the Renaissance Fairs. I also have at least a dozen good photos and art work submitted by fans for the Pixie Friends Page, and I promise to get those up in the weeks ahead. There's also a silly short Poem I wrote, based on an inspiration from a fence, appropriately called The Brown and Gray Fence.

The big news is that despite my thinking the web site was becoming yesterday's news, It has received a lot of attention this year that helped the charity drive in a big way. If you look at this years Financial history, 2006, you'll see we've already crossed the $1000 mark, and this is only june Folks!This has mainly happened because of business donations. No, the site is not going commercial, but a few links were given to related sites in exchange for donations. Then, I had a spot on a show on Titan TV Network, in Sweden, called 'The Outsiders. That was a great interview and show which generated a nice donation. I was also been asked to host a band event at a club in Orlando, Florida, and then just this week I went to Minnesota to participate in a 'Save The Internet' Video project, produced by a company called SPACE150.COM, and that alone generated hundreds of dollars more! Wooo Hoo! If site promo sales pick up as they often do from Summertime on, we may set a record this year!

That 'save the internet' project, by the way, is a complicated issue, and I'd suggest everyone learn the facts and advise your Senators how they need to vote. Otherwise, big companies will be to only web sites that will have and speed and priority on the internet. When the video presentation is complete, I'll certainly post more info and links on this site. Well anyway, more to come as usual. Sorry I've not updated as often as I used to but believe me, it has Not been due to any shortage of activity. Things will settle down I'm sure, and there will be many more silly outfits, music, and adventures to come.

--- 04/12/06 ---

Still Catching Up!Well first of all, 'Hoppy' Easter!!!. The only thing significant I have to report is that a Swedish TV interview was recently completed and aired, on a show called "Outsiders". Not only did this suddenly generate an incredible response (The pixyland server at one point topped 500 hits/second!), but it resulted in a $200 donation from the network. Such donations are always 100% applied to the charity drive, and that together with a few donations for me "MC" services at some local Shows, such as Pandora's Box in Orlando FL, has resulted in a nice start to this years fund drive.

Regarding the Swedish TV show, I was amazed at the warm email response! I was especially taken that so many in Sweden thought it wonderful that we have such freedom to be ourselves here in the USA. But as we all know, personal freedom is a lifelong battle for everyone, wherever you are. Also, look for an interview with me coming soon in the online Topic Magazine. This interview is still ongoing so I won't reveal much about it, but I will say I found it particularly interesting that the interviewer focused on my spiritual beliefs. Hey... there's more magic out there then pixie dust!  Anyway, it should be a good read.

Other than that I've been keeping VERY busy. There was a local Renaissance fair here again, for which I made a brand new version of my 'ballet style' Peter Pan outfit. I'll put up pictures of it eventually. I've also been incredibly busy with work too! (BLECHHH!!). As I'm part of a partnership doing engineering work (I know, boring geeky stuff), I've really had to crank lately, and have had much less time for web site updates. I've also finally gotten my membership completed with The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), which will enable me to register my music, and submit it for air play wherever I choose. I'm really hopeful that some kids radio networks will consider the 'Tink Tink' song, as well as 'I won't Grow Up' (visit the music page for more on that.)

So that's about it. Sorry for the BORING update , but there will be times like this where Peter has WORK to do. And Summer is coming, with PLENTY of play time to come!

--- 02/10/06 ---

Catching Up! Just a general update to tell you I'm beginning to catch up here at Pixyland. Unfortunately, the site has become so huge, that what used to be a reasonably normal update seems pretty small. But if you have sent me links I've approved for posting, 'Out and About' Page submissions, photos for the Pixie Friends or the new Pixie Fan Art page, well I'm finally actually caught up with most of that! As these pages are all large works in progress, you'll have to search through them to see what's new. But that's part of the fun!

I've also added a few outfit variations to my fashion pages, some of which have been sitting in my camera for a long time! Look for a new addition to the Out Takes page called The 'Green Jester', as well as a new blue outfit variation I call the Blue Prince. This is one of those updates that I'll probably sneak in and change a few times, as I still have a few things I couldn't get done today. Look for a new version of my dark green PeterPan 'Ballet' version soon, which I made in preparation for the coming Renaissance Fair. It's complete and came out well, and I'll update this update as soon as I take some pictures.

There's also a new link near the bottom of the main page to a site called Evan Bailyn's PeterPan Site.Evan is another eternal child as serious about sharing a great life philosophy, though the Peter Pan theme, as I am. As with me, you may or may not agree with everything you read here, but it is guaranteed food for thought, imagination, and great fun.

--- 12/18/05 ---


Raised for Kids Charities This year!... The most ever! And as always, all donors ought to be able to find themselves on the Financial history, 2005 page. Now some long time visitors may be saying..."That's great Peter! but you said 'the most ever'...weren't the numbers slightly bigger last year?" Well technically yes, but if look carefully at the financial summaries for the past few years (All statements are posted at the bottom of the Donations section), you'll see why THIS really is the most amazing year ever for the fund drive! You see, in each of the last few years, several hundred dollars came from payments from guest appearances on various television shows. But this year, there was no such outside help from any corporation or business... This years total is 100% us... 'Me and YOU' to quote a line from the last song on my CD!!! Yes, this was 100% your Donations, combined with 20% of CD sales. In fact, the music sales took off so well in December (good gift, after all), that I decided to earmark 100% of December sales to the fund drive. So from that perspective, no previous fund drive has ever done this well!

The lions share of the donations this year (about 50%) are going to Save The Children. This is one of the highest rated kids charities, when comparing the percentage of donations that actually goes to the work they are doing (90%!!). But I also chose this organization because of their concentration on disaster relief efforts for kids. Folks, we all know this has been a really rough year!!... with massive devastation from major hurricanes here in the US, to staggering destruction from earthquakes, and a jaw dropping Tsunami just a year ago. Whether or not you've donated to this website, there's a world of people out there who's only hope of seeing better days ahead, lies with me and you. Forget governments... it's only us ordinary folk (and pixies too!) that can make this world a better place!

Of course some of the funds (approx 30%) will go to the local MAKE A WISH foundation here in Florida, as well as a special (approx 20%) gift this year to the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in England. This is a completely donation supported children's hospital. They are the true current owners of the copyright to the Peter Pan story (not Disney!!!), and they graciously gave me permission to be 'Peter Pan' on my Album, with no royalty fees or strings attached! So once again, many thanks to everyone.

--- 11/21/05 ---

Another Birthday, another year, another chance to spread good cheer.Yes, Peter just turned another birthday, and as if to affirm it all, the website crossed 8 million hits that very day! Of course I maintain that I'm now simply '5', and don't usually count those "in between" years. But This past weekend I really had the time of my life! The highlight of it all was when my friends totally surprised me, by taking me to SkyVenture in Orlando, where I actually got to Fly!!! Sky Venture is a huge vertical wind tunnel, where people can practice skydiving, and it truly was an amazing experience! If I can accumulate a few good photos, I'll put up a whole page about that trip real soon, and I'll just add to this post when I do! Beyond that, I had some great times of celebrations with wonderful friends over that weekend, and much of the rest of the weekend was a blur! Pixie dust!

But the main reason I wanted to write was to remind everyone that this is the best time to donate to the website! Of course you can always get a wonderful Holiday gift from one of the promos in the Donations section, or you can buy my newly released music CD 'I won't Grow Up'. But the real reason this is such a great time is because all annual expenses for the promos and website have been paid for this year. So that means that as of now, 100% of all your donations goes to kid's charities at years end! For the CDs, 20% of all sales normally goes these charities as well... but I'm voluntarily promising that from now until the end of December, 100% of CD proceeds will go to these charities as well.

This year, I'll be dividing these donations between several charities, and will be especially looking at those helping the many kids who had much of their lives blown away by Katrina and Wilma (two very powerful storms that caused much devastation here in case you're from outside the USA and haven't heard). In addition, whatever proceeds come from the CD sales are going to The Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in England. They are the true current owners of the Peter Pan story (not Disney!!!). That hospital is run 100% by donations, and yet they gave me full permission to be Peter on my Album, with no royalty fees or strings attached. So give a listen if you haven't heard (you can hear MP3 samples on the music page ), and consider buying one of these to help spread the good cheer!

In other news, I did find this fun article about me called Is Randy Constan Peter Pan?, on the website of a freelance author called Sammon Says. Very positive and funny!

That's about all for now. .. more photos and pages to come. I've been accumulating a lot of odd photos of some strange outfits (likely suited for the "Out Takes" page, which I'll be posting soon, as well as some new variations on Purple Pixie, and a new 'Blue Dancer' outfit. Stay tuned!

Oh... and very important... In order to make a timely gift for the Holiday season, all donations received after about Dec. 16th have to be slated for next years fund drive. So don't wait!

--- 09/9/05 ---

The CD is finally Done and available now!. For everyone that thought I had just lost interest in the website and was too busy playing (me? waste time playing?? HMMMPH!! ), the truth is that I was spending LOTs of time I might otherwise have spent on the website, into finishing the CD project. Especially after promising it would be done almost a year ago, followed by a definite (and definitely broken!) promise to have it done by Christmas, 2004!! I've explained a lot about why all these long delays on the new and completely redesigned music page, but the bottom line is I did put in the time and finished the project! I've included some 'excerpts' from all the songs, which was pretty hard considering the many and varied sections some songs have. But it's only fair to give a taste, and I'm very confident that every fan of this site will find something wonderful among these songs.

And of course, a portion of the CD sales goes to kids charities too! In this case, some will go to The Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in England. The author of Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie) willed all copyrights from the story to them in 1929. They gave me full permission to do this at no cost, but it's only fair that a portion of sales goes to this wonderful organization. The price of the CD is very fair too, and everyone purchasing will be extended a discount on any of the promos in the Donations Section. And by the way, speaking of donations, we've now entered the exciting time of year when most annual site expenses have been met! So.... that means from here on, virtually 100% of your donations are passed to kids charities, and it really begins to add up! So what are you waiting for? Go Look!

Anyway, that's the big news. And with that project 'off my plate', I've been able to make some site updates again and hope to do so a bit more often! In fact, there are already plenty of updates from fan submissions to my Pixie Friends and Out and About pages, as well as a new page just for photos from Pixie Parties. There's also a long overdue Pixie Fan Art page, in appreciation of the many people who took the time to do something creative with my images and theme. Enjoy all of it, and of course there'll be more to come. But hey... don't forget to check out the CD that kept me busy all this time!

--- 06/09/05 ---

Last Song done for CD, and New T shirts! Another short update this time, but an important one so no one thinks I've disappeared and flown back to a fairy planet somewhere past that second star!  No, I'm still here. I've just been super busy, and though I'd like to play all the time non stop, there have been some 'grown up' things taking a bit more of my time than usual. But worry not, good things are coming at Pixyland!

Since it involves donations and promos, one thing I have to mention is a coming change in the T-shirts! There are still a limited number of the green "Be A Pixie" T shirts left. But from now on, I'm only ordering white ones with the logo to the right, and they should be available by July. It's becoming near impossible to find vendors that will work with the opaque transfer material used to make the green ones and frankly, I'm seldom happy with the color matches. White on the other hand, means a simpler printing method which will mean a slightly lower cost, and shirts that are both cooler to wear and will stand up to washing better. And actually, I think they look pretty kewl! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know! See the updated Donations page for more details.

The bigger and more important news is that I've actually finished the last of 10 songs for the CD!, and without fail they will be ready for sale by late summer. And guess what... I've secured permission from The Great Ormond Street Hospital in England, the actual owner of all rights to the Peter Pan story, to use the name Peter Pan along with my Peter Pan themed songs (at least four of them mention Peter or one of the story's characters), with no licence or royalty fee! But you know, that Hospital is a charity based hospital for children, and all right to the story were willed to them by the author, J.M. Barrie, when he died in 1937. I had already intended a portion of CD sales to go to kids charities, but what a perfect place to channel some of those funds!

So as usual, stay tuned! I do have some more photos of costume variations to share in the coming months, along with more photos from renaissance fairs, more pixie friends and pixie parties, and more photos from my favorite nightclub here in Tampa, The Castle! Stay tuned!

--- 02/23/05 ---

New Pics from fans added on Pixie Friends , and Out and About' pages. Also, a cute little 'gif' animation graphic was sent in by a fan about my visit to the Conan O'Brien show was added to that page. Sorry it took so long to get some of this stuff up! I know some of these photos were sent in before the Christmas season, but it was a very busy time for me. Those of you following recent updates probably got some clues that something big was happening, but it turned out to be less than what was hoped for. No big deal... just was hopeful about a relationship that did not work out. But all's well now!

Nothing else major to report, except that I finally got a VHS tape copy of another show I did with Turner South, on their show called Liars and Legends. It was a really good and positive presentation, and it is a shame that it was only aired on a handful of states in the Southern USA. I am considering making all the shows I've been on available in a DVD, as one of the fund raising promos. To do this, I need some advice on inexpensive video editing software, and I also need to know if DVD burners have gotten to the point where you can reliably expect home made copies to play on everyone's machine.

And speaking of Promos, I'm rapidly reaching a crisis with the T-shirts! It is very costly for me to make the T shirts with the opaque transfers needed to put a photo on the 'pixie-green' shirts I've been offering, and difficult to find places that are able to do the opaque transfer process. If you know of any on-line T shirt producers that can definitely handle this, let me know.

All for now. Still working on the CD, still playing my heart out on the weekends, and looking forward to the renaissance festival coming to Tampa starting this weekend! Stay tuned!

--- 12/17/04 ---


Raised for Kids Charities This year!... The most ever! And if you gave anything, you ought to be able to find yourself on this years Summary of Pixyland Financial history, for 2004. In addition to all your gifts, this years total also includes a direct charity payment of $200 from the VH-1 people (yep... they finally gave what they promised), plus another $125 courtesy of the Conan Obrien show, for my appearance this past summer.

The VH-1 portion was sent directly to the nationwide Make a Wish charity, and all of the rest this year is going to the local Tampa/Sarasota MAKE A WISH foundation here in Florida. On top of all the other hardships the kids helped by Make a Wish had to endure this year, many in this particular area have added burdens recovering from the recent hurricanes. So it seemed fitting, and it certainly was a welcome gift. In fact, they gave this really nice little 'Thank you' Award, which you can take as a personal thanks to all of you! Despite all the negativity around us, you have once again proven that we can all do our part to bring some much needed joy to the world.

By the way, I've re-formatted this News page a little, to help those that want to follow the history of the site do so a little easier. Each update now has convenient links at the bottom to take you back to the top (latest news), to the next and previous updates, or back to the home page. If you really want to share all I've been through since the site has started, you can now more easily start at the bottom, and follow the 'Next article links to each subsequent update.

I want to mention very quickly that my CD is coming along well, with 9 songs completed to date(8 original, plus a cover... a Rock version of "I Won't Grow Up"), and more in the works. I do apologize for not having it ready for this Holiday season, but music (like being a pixie!) is a labor of love for me, and it has been a VERY busy year. I can't give an exact date, but if you liked the contemporary music I already put on line for free, I think you'll find it worth the wait!

Merry Christmas, and Seasons Greetings to all of you! As always in this season, I invite you to take a look at my online Through The Cracks Ministries website, for encouraging look at what this season is all about, and a refreshingly positive approach to the faith behind it all. God bless all of you!

--- 11/05/04 ---

New Outfits and Adventures. Good things are happening for me here at Pixyland, So you really should stay tuned! I've now 8 original songs completed for my upcoming CD, and have also bought the licence to do a Rock version to 'cover' "I won't Grow Up", from the old Mary Martin Play, for song #9! But even more wonderful things are happening that I'm just going to keep secret for a little longer. In the meantime, , I took advantage of a rare bit of spare time this evening, to post some new outfits! Though I've been continuing to collect and make outfits all this while, I've just not had time to take good photos for the web site. That's mainly because I've been too busy during the day, when the light is better. But so many are asking for photos, I decided that's not fair to my friends and fans, who want to see some new things, perfect lighting or not!

So that said, I'd suggest going RIGHT over my Fashion Pages, and looking over all the old closeups with a fine tooth comb! I've added many photos to already existing pages, and added many new sections with some really cute costume ideas! Be sure to look at the new Burgundy Little Lord Fauntleroy Outfit, as well as an interesting The Blue Dancer combination, and some cute additions to the 'Grrl' Pages! Did I miss anything? Probably! I've been adding bits and pieces almost everywhere, including the Ever Growing Out and About Page.

Bunny Boi Page, and the new PeterPan Ballet Outfit. There's also a new As far as things to come, I've mentioned that ever since the Back to School page, where I showed myself falling in the water all dressed up, I've been getting lots of requests for more of that! So by popular request, I've been collecting silly pictures of me falling in the pool (WHOOPS!! ), in several of my most special outfits. So I'll be making a page for that too soon. If there's a particular outfit you'd like to see me 'fall in' with, you'd better let me know soon... Because even for Florida, it's starting to get too cool for that sort of thing!

As for the other wonderful things happening in my life, stay tuned!

--- 10/04/04 ---

Hurricanes, Donations, and Site Updates! With all the hurricanes ravaging Florida, it's no wonder I've been inundated with mail wondering whether I survived! (I'm in the Tampa area). Well outside of a mostly self made mess from a tree I had to hack up a lot so it would survive, Every thing is fine at Pixyland! Thanks so much for all the concern! It was, however, a difficult time for many residents, who will likely be recovering for years to come. The only light in all that was the way Floridians came together with donations for all the relief agencies, donating time, money, and goods, to help those most affected. There is much good out there, and unfortunately it often takes tragedy to bring out the best in us all.

Speaking of donations, there's Other good news at Pixyland! First, after receiving a letter of complaint from my attorney and good friend Richard Petitt of the Bricklemyer Smolker & Bolves, P.A lawfirm, they promptly altered the VH1 program, removing the lie about my loss of a job. But more important, VH-1 promptly sent a copy of a receipt, showing their donation of $200 to the Make a Wish foundation, on behalf of Pixyland! You'll also notice the VH-1 'Totally Obsessed' show, is having trouble finding new participants, which I'd like to think is at least partially due to the many complaints they have received. While it's not much of a consession, I hope you can appreciate the significance of getting any response out of such a big company . If you get a chance, write to Rich Petitt at that website link, and thank him for graciously donating his time to call VH-1 to task for their shameful behavior.

But this begins the most exciting time in the year for Pixyland! Go and look at the href Summary of Pixyland Financial history, 2004. You'll see that we've now crossed into the time of year where all site and promo expenses are, for the most part, in the past. That means that outside of expenses for getting new promos, virtually 100% of all your donation money goes to kids charities. Web site residuals, including the money I've received from TV appearances this year, are almost $700 already! Let's make this year the most wonderful Pixyland has had for donations!.

Finally, though I've not made many Fashion Page additions lately, there will almost always be a few new chuckles and fun things on the Pixie Friends and Out and About pages, as they are growing monthly. In fact, you never know when you might find a future Tinkerbell in those pages!

--- 8/26/04---

My take on the"Totally Obsessed" show.

I felt I had to put at least a 'blurb' up here on the website concerning this show. If you read the history I've been through on this News Page, you'll see that I've been involved with quite a number of TV appearances as well as mini documentaries and clips on various shows. Of course I'm aware that the main draw is that it's pretty hysterical for someone to do what I do. But those that visit regularly and have explored my website know I have a positive message to share, as well as music, a spiritual ministry, costuming which I do consider an art form, and a website that has raised respectable sums for local and national kids charities. So for that reason, I participate in many media situations that are pretty silly, in cases where doing so will further these causes.

With virtually every TV or media project I've been involved with, I've basically come away feeling it was an honest transaction. What was asked of me I gave, and what I was promised was delivered. In the case the VH-1 program however, I feel I should use the high visibility of this website to warn about the outright deception involved. At the very least, anyone considering doing anything with VH-1 should consider the consistency with which verbal agreements with this company are so easily disregarded. And I'd further suggest everyone concerned let VH-1 know your views on this. I'll post an email address for that in the coming week.

  • I was promised that the website would be shown. Obviously I would have not participated if that were not the case. Not a single reference was made to the website, nor was the URL given. Of course, I know people will find me anyway, but a promise is a promise.

  • I was promised a very positive and honest presentation. In fact I was guaranteed that I could at least get my main message across, which is that no matter how unusual you may be, that's the way God made you, and he loves you too. Of course I expected lots of kidding around, but the clip did not include a single sentence of that message, and was far from positive.

  • The segment was laden with outright lies. For example, They said I lost both a job and a marriage due to my persona, and both those claims are false. When people make up facts about you to find something negative, that puts them on par with the National Enquirer.

  • Finally and perhaps most revealing of the character of the VH-1 organization is this. A year ago, VH-1 did a similar piece on me and never used the footage. It was because of VH-1 that I began insisting on donations to the website before considering any similar projects. So I refused to be involved with this project unless a minimum $200 donation was given to the web site, to be added to the totals for charities at years end. After the taping was complete, they refused to make any payment and claimed they would make the donation directly to the Make A Wish foundation on my behalf. Despite months of insisting they follow through on this, I have yet to receive a receipt proving the donation.

Totally Obsessed? I'll say. VH-1 is apparently so totally obsessed with their money, that their word means nothing. I'll stick with my obsession, thank you. At least peter Pan does not lie to people to make a buck.

--- 8/12/04---

The Conan O'Brien show was a great success, and my entire New York Trip was wonderful. I've tried to condense the whole trip, including screen shots from the show itself, onto a single page, at this link, which of course you can also get to from the Home Page!. I appologies for cramming so much onto one page, and I'm afraid if your screen resolution is not at least 1024 x 768, you will have to scroll around a bit to read it and see all the pictures. But I hope you enjoy it!!

The next thing to look forward too is my segment on "Totally Obsessed", on VH1. As far as I know at this moment, my clip will appear on August 26th. But check back here in the next few weeks as I'll update this text if I hear anything different. There's a blurb about it on the VH1 site here.

I also have to share a new web site with you that a dear friend, Sarah, in California started about me. It's called PixyLand Friends, and I think it's very sweet and humbling that someone should create another web site and domain, as a tribute to what I'm doing her. Sarah is a true 'child spirit' too, and has been going about dressed as Strawberry Shortcake lately! So I've encouraged her to start some pages for her own fun creations, though I'll certainly put a larger version of the picture I have on my Pixie Friends page as soon as I get time to update it!

I do, in fact, have a load of picture submissions I've not yet added to the Pixie friends page, as well as at least one new outfit (a burgundy variation of the Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, left), that I have to make a page for. (You can see it now at that PixyLand Friends site I mentioned) I'll get to it, but I've honestly never been so busy in my life, and it's very hard to keep the web site as up to date as I'd like to. I also have a 'fan art' page planned for the many drawings and art projects that fans and friends have submitted. So please be patient!

Don't forget to watch for that clip on Totally Obsessed! It will be silly, but will surely bring visitors to the web site, to spread more good cheer.

--- 05/6/04 - 7/14/04---

More TV appearances... Conan O'Brien July 16th! As seems to be the usual pattern, right after springtime, interest in pixyland is once again surges. First of all, remember almost a year ago that VH-1 show "Obsessed" did a piece on me? At that time, the network never really committed to the program itself, and so airing was postponed. But recently they became interested again, and it was all re-done in the past month! This time (and from now on in fact), I always insist on a mandatory contribution to the web site and the charities supported, for any and all projects like this. That way, whether they are ever brought to completion or not, it's never a waste of time. But it looks like a definite this time, and it should air around late August. I'll keep everyone posted. Also, Turner South, a division of TBS, recently did a segment on me for their 'Liars and Legends' show. And if that's not enough, I've been invited to be a guest on the Conan O'brian show in New York, on Friday July 16th!!! It will be great to re-visit my home town again. For all these events, I'll do my best to get across some of the positive messages the web site conveys. And I do expect to be in town (New York City) that whole weekend, so if you know of any 'pixie friendly' places to go 'clubbing' and such, let me know!

You know, though the bulk of my mail is very positive, I still occasionally get some very hateful mail. I usually don't wast my time commenting on negativity, but I think it should be obvious that in a world where people blow themselves up on busses full of children, anyone using the word hate for someone dressing like a pixie needs to get a grip! And the kind of stupidity that drives people to do those awful acts exists on many levels, and we each must take up the personal battle, and resolve to never allow such thinking to prevent us from living the lives God has given us. Well, off soap box!

Finally, there's a famous New York photographer, Terry Richardson, who wants to do a project with me. He shoots regularly for Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Sports illustrated, and others. I think what he wants to do is something like one of those art/fashion coffee table books, using me and my outfits. Sounds like fun, and he too is willing to contribute to the web site! That's happening just next week!

My what a busy month! I've posted more pictures from the Renaissance faire in the 'Out and About' section, plus several shots from a recent Pixie Party at a local club called The Castle, on my ever growing 'Pixie Priends' page. I've also been getting a lot of fun feedback about that "pool" shot, in the new "Back To School" series of shots on the Fashion Page. Perhaps I'll have to start a 'wet look' page after all! For now though, there are a few new shots of me playing in a 'kiddie fountain'. Of course, I also must get back to working on the CD! I've only 7 original songs completed, but I do want to put out my CD by late this year, and would like to have at least a few more songs. Busy Pixy here!

Stay tuned!

--- 03/11/04 ---

No I have not Gone Away! It's just shaping up to be one of those years where many things are cutting deeply into my play time. Lots of work related stuff. Gotta make a living too ya know. :-) And of course, I still want to get a CD out this year, and I'm shooting for it to have at least 10 original songs. So much of my free time goes into that too. But though I've not updated the web site very much lately, don't think for a minute that I've not made time for play! In fact, although I haven't made any new photo 'Closeup' pages lately, I'm still making fun things to wear all the time. Take this little Valentine's day outfit for example! I've placed a larger shot of it on the "Out Takes" page, and I'll try to get some better shots of it in the future. And, I've just added at least a dozen photos submitted by all of you, to the Pixie Friends Page!

Also, here's a brand new page I've started: Peter Pan's Ever Growing 'Out and about' Page.    I did this because it's gotten to the point where people stop me everywhere to have their picture taken with me, as if I were some kind of VIP or something. I guess I expect this to happen in the wild clubs of California when I visit there,or when I'm with friends that carry cameras. But now it's starting to happen even when I'm just wearing ordinary stuff, for me anyway, in places like airports and restaurants. I always ask for copies of these photos, but they usually forget. So I started this page to help 'inspire' people to send me the pictures they take. So... if you have any, please do send them along and I'll post them there.

Well, nothing else to report for now. But stay tuned! Pixyland is not going away any time soon, and I'm sure you've all noticed that faeries and pixies and elves are making a pretty big comeback these days! Oh and yes... I *DID* see the new Peter Pan movie, and without being overly philosophical, I simply thought it was just terrific!!!

--- 12/14/03 ---

Raised this year for Kids Charities!!! $1000 was sent to the MAKE A WISH foundation, and the remaining $217.80 was sent to a local charity here in Tampa, simply called 'The Children's Home'. This is nearly twice last years total! Every one who donated anything, and even those who helped spread awareness of the web site to others who've donated, should be very happy to know what a wonderful blessing we've helped to create, for some very unfortunate kids. A full financial year end report is available in the donations area.

No new Christmas pictures this year I'm afraid, but the ones from last year are posted again HERE to stir some Christmas giggles. Thanks again to everyone for making this endeavor a continued success for what will soon be its third year! Who knows what adventures the coming year will bring! I have no new years resolutions planned, but I do promise to put out that CD sometime this year.

In other news, of course I intend to see the new Peter Pan movie. In fact, I would like to think my web presence contributed some of the inspiration to make it! After all, the producer surely noticed the top ranking of this web site in the search engines, and must have considered from my site traffic that interest in Peter Pan is at an all time high! And although it never happened, I'm still proud that the company doing the special effects for that movie did ask me to pay them a visit. And finally, on another subject, opinions it is said are like arm pits. Everyone has at least two and they usually stink. For that reason, I've not commented much about Michael Jackson, despite being asked more times than I can count. Of course it should be obvious to anyone that having money and being different makes you a target for all kinds of things. But beyond all that, we in America should all be thankful we live in a land where guilt must be proven and innocence assumed until then. And that is all I have to say about it. So stay tuned, have a joyful season, and until the next update...

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and God bless all of you!

--- 11/24/03 ---

Party Pictures, Tech-TV appearance, and a fund raising update. Well, my Pixie Birthday was about the most fun I've had all year! Definitely check out the pictures. We had a blast with some local friends at my house, and had some fans that really came a long way. There was great punch, good music, dancing, and of course... pixies! This might have to become an annual event now! I understand some places have huge Faerie Festivals, so you never know! Then, afterward, we all went down to this kewl club in Y-bor called "The Castle", and the only problem was that everyone knew it was my day, and everyone was buying me a drink. But I danced it off, and though I was flying, I was just fine. I turned '5', by the way. We don't use two digit numbers anymore.

The Tech TV 'Unscrewed' show in San Francisco was lots of fun and a big part of that fun, as always, was getting to meet far away friends and fans. The invitation to International Light and Magic was cancelled at the last moment, by the way, due to internal politics involving their 'client'. Oh well... their loss. Now I didn't really go nuts with the camera for this trip, but definitely go look at the PeterPan's 2003 San Francisco Trip page for some screen shots of the show, a rare shot of Peter Pan singing in a Karaoke bar, and a few shots of friends, old and new.

Finally, about the ongoing fundraiser! Please remember that all donations to be included in this years gift to the Make a Wish foundation (and possibly CCF) must be in by the second weekend in December. This promises to be a very exciting year for that, as we may just top $1000!!! At this point, all web expenses have long been paid, and aside from the cost of the promos' themselves, every cent you send is going directly to kids charities at this point! So do consider visiting the donations area soon, and look for the financial statement to be updated on or about Dec. 14, with the final tally, along with a short update message here.

That's all for now! I'll be a real busy elf around the holidays as usual, so be patient if you've submitted pictures for the Pixie Friends page.

--- 10/21/03 ---

Pixie Party in November.... Everyone interested in coming to my Big Pixie Birthday Party in November., please let me know soon so I've a better idea how much stuff to get! All nearby and out of town friends are invited. Wear 'pixie outfits', or something magical or childlike, or at least some wings!!!

UNSCREWED Appearance on Tech-TV is next! I've just been invited to be on the "Unscrewed" show on Tech TV! It will go on air Nov. 17th , but the taping will be in San Francisco on Thursday, Nov. 6th. So if you're out there, go to the Tech TV web site and see about being in the studio audience! I know my old pal Kim Korbin, the 'skipper grrl', from ISKIP.COM will be there!. And also while in SF, I've been invited to tour the studios of Industrial Light and Magic, to meet the production crew there and make a presentation. Do you know who they are? They are the folks that did most of the special effects for more movies than just about anyone, including the new Peter Pan movie, coming out in December. VERY KEWL!!!

OBSESSED! VH-1 TV on hold. About a month ago, VH-1 finally came and did a segment on me for an upcoming show called 'Obsessed'. The show was supposed to air in early October, but unfortunately it has been put on hold. Doing the show was a lot of fun, and I really learned a great deal about how much work, time, and trouble goes into a show segment, that at best would have become a 4 minute clip after editing. But this is an example of how things go in 'Show Biz', and hopefully they will eventually decide to air the program. Many thanks to my local friend Christina, who showed up dressed as Tinkerbell for the occasion. It made the show more fun, but she was worried that 1000 Tinkerbells from all over the country might come to get her! I told her I should be so lucky, and that probably only one (you know who you are ) would come get her!.

Finally, I'm still working on an upcoming new CD of both new and re-mastered music. I've completely re-done the two originals in the music area of the web site, but won't replace the existing downloads until the collection is done. But believe me, they really rock, and they will be included along with many other original tunes in the final collection, sometime in 2004. It will have something for everyone, with many varied styles of music. Stay tuned! As I said, I won't put the new versions of existing songs on the website yet, but if you really want a sneak peek, write me!

--- 08/8/03 ---

Lots of site updates, and general goings on!  No, I don't have to apologize for updates this time, as there's plenty of new stuff here! Just about all the costume sections in the Fashion Pages have been updated, with many new entries and revised designs. There's a new Baby Blue Boi remake with new pics (including a new 'TCO' shot), a new Purple Pixie outfit, new additions to the 'out takes' and 'Peter Pan' sections, and an all new 'Back to School!' page that I think you'll really get a kick out of!

The Pixie Friends page has a load of updates, and has gotten so big I had to divide it into sections. In fact, I just added a new section for 'Pixie Parties', for a new trend that seems to be happening more and more. This is Jessica (left), who recently invited me to her birthday/Pixie party in Orlando, here in Florida, and her party is the first to be included in this section. Eventually, that will really need its own separate page.

In other news, I'm still getting many and varied requests for TV appearances, but I've learned not to even bother mentioning what they're about until they become more firm. In the mean time, the feedback from the Jimmy Kimmel was great. And despite my earlier doubts, they ARE going to use my clip from the Steve Harvey Pilot I did while in Hollywood, on his new 'Steve Harvey's Big Time' show coming this Fall. I'll let you know when I'm sure of when, but a friend has already seen me on their TV advertisement, so I'm sure it will be on.

And speaking of Pixie Parties..., I'm having one of those BIG BIRTHDAYS coming in November!!! It's the kind where the last digit is zero that most people don't like to talk about. (Hint.. I'll be 32 in 'hexadecimal' computer math). But it sure won't stop ME from being Peter Pan, and I plan to have a blast! Of course I realize a lot of you are out of town and couldn't possibly come. But November is a great time for a Florida visit, because the ocean water is still warm enough to swim, but it's not the usual steam bath here! My B-day is the 18th, but the party will likely be the 15th, since that's a Saturday. So, if you think you might want to come, lemme know and I'll keep you posted. But if you come, you absolutely must dress up like a pixie, fairy, elf, or some kind of magical creature. At the very least, wear wings!!

Ok... that's all for now. Enjoy the many updates!

--- 06/12/03 ---

Hollywood and National TV debut pages done!   As usual, I have to start with apologies for the slowdown in updates, but I've been a busy boi. And I had to wait longer than expected to get a studio tape copy of my guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show back on April 22, and I very much wanted to start with some screen shots. But anyway, the pages are done, and you can see them all at the new TV Debut in Hollywood, CCA link.

I've just posted the financial report for the first 1/2 half of 2003 in the donations area. Including some that I'm kicking in from my Jimmy Kimmel appearance, we've already past the $500 mark this year for Kid's Charities. And that will get a lot better soon because I have a pretty decent stock of promos now, and the residuals are just about to surpass expenses. All residuals beyond expenses, you see, go completely to charity, so if you care to support the website, everything coming in now counts more, and makes a greater percentage of existing donations count more too! (Read the actual Financial Report for all calculation details). I've also added a new link to a company called The Magic Wardrobe at the bottom of my Fashion Pages. If you're really interested, these folks will make you any costume you want, whether it's one my own designs, or something you dream up.

Other than that, I've little to show you at this time, as I'm continuing to work hard on creating some new music, and re-do some older songs, in hopes of releasing a complete collection on CD. The task is proving more difficult than anticipated, largely because of the extra time needed to accumulate better music recording and arranging tools. That has included quite a bit of hardware, software, and of course the time to learn and master it all. But it's been fun and will all be worth it in the end. For now, enjoy the new Hollywood page and be assured, many good things are coming!

--- 4/18/03 (REVISED!)---

More TV appearances, and Happy April!!!    Well I have a fun bit of news to report. I was invited to a two TV shows in Hollywood, CA, and so I will be in that area from the 22nd of April through Sunday the 27th. Actually, there WERE two shows, the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, which as of now I'll be on Tuesday night, the 22nd. Also, I'll be at a taping of a new pilot (not yet Aired) show called Steve Harvey's Bigtime, on Thursday or Friday. Unfortunately, the Jimmy Kimmel show kept. changing my booking to the point where I got so annoyed, I told them to forget the whole thing. But I just got a personal apology from the executive producer, and it's all being worked out. If you're in the area, you can get tickets for the Steve Harvey show at 1iota.com. The other show (with Steve Harvey) is will be taped either the 23rd or 24th at the DooLittle Theater at 1615 Fine St. & Hollywood Blvd. You can email the producer, Erik Tily at ejtily@yahoo.com if you're in the and would like to attend.

I'm sure both shows, will warrant a goodly amount of kidding around about the website, and that's great because I always want it to bring some smiles. But it is truly Amazing!!!! This will be the second free trip to California I've gotten because of the web site, and the about the third or 4th TV appearance. I just know God is using all this to bring affect more people with the underlying positive and encouraging message of the website. And... while I'm out there, I really DO want to do some PLAYING in LA! So if you're in the area and know of some fun clubs to go to, please let me know!

Yes, although the current war has made this is a time of great stress throughout the world, I believe it is still important to make time to play, and give our creative inner child an ongoing place in our lives. So with that in mind, I've added a few shots of a new VERY bright Peter pan costume to one of the Peter Pan photo close-ups, as well as a few odd pictures of oddball costume combinations I call Out "Takes". Of course, all these are gathered into thumbnail previews on the Fashion Pages, but you already know that! Oh and for any newcomers, be sure to look at the Happy Easter shot, an oldie but goodie sure to raise a giggle or two!

I'm happy to report the ongoing donations are off to a good start this year. I do wish I could make some of the promo items less expensive though, particularly the T shirts, but unfortunately they cost me a lot have them made and shipped to me in the small quantities I'm able to buy. So if you know of a company that might help me make them inexpensively, please let me know!

I've finally caught up with a pretty big backlog or additions to my Pixie Friends page. Sorry for the less frequent updates, but there is a reason. I now have better recording equipment than ever before, and am trying to do serious work on my music and songwriting this year. Since I don't have a band, that means I have to play all the instruments, and do all the vocals, and work all the equipment. To some people all that stuff may come easy, but for me it's a lot of work and practice to try to get things the best I'm able. So please be patient with me. Who knows... I may end up releasing my own CD by years end, and if not a whole CD, at least a half dozen new songs.

Finally, I got so much mail about Michael Jackson a short time ago, and whether or not he or I is the 'real' Peter Pan. Well, he is certainly the more successful and talented , but of course the question is silly. I'm sure that Michael would agree that this world could do with a whole lot more Peter Pan's (and Tinkerbells!), and could do without people who instead make a life out of hate and judgement. So by the way Michael, I know from your interviews that you can't easily take chances making outside contacts. But I do applaud your sincere and unfettered childlike attitude, and I do invite your friendship, if only in spirit.

And oh yeah... we just crossed 4 million hits! That's all for now. Gotta get back to music practice!

--- 2/27/03 ---

All's quiet at Pixyland... but not REALLY!! This has been such a busy season that I've had no time for website updates at all! So I thought I'd better write something to explain, and let everyone know I'm still here. Well, I am! And the reason it's not really quiet here is because I've been spending more time on the music lately. Unfortunately, a lot of my recording equipment and software were pretty archaic. But now I'm pretty well set up, with a stand alone digital audio recorder, which I can synchronize with PC based MIDI sequencers. What does all this mumbo jumbo mean? Well only that I am without excuse, and will HAVE to turn out some new music!! So stay tuned for that!

As far as new outfits go, I just need to find time to take some pictures! I'm always coming up with new combinations for 'club/dance wear', and just have not had time to post it. I also am getting loads of kewl pictures from fans for the Pixie Friends page, and will get to that as well. I also got a new digital camera, and will soon probably auction the old one on ebay, with everything beyond the reserve price channeled to the donations I've been accepting. As that is the original camera used for all the shots you currently see on this web site, the auction will be both a lot of fun, and a blessing for the website, kids charities, and auction winner alike. Please be patient!

--- 12/15/02 ---

Raised this year for the MAKE A WISH foundation!. This Is a really wonderful thing folks, and what a great thing for the Holidays! After all the web expenses, and the cost of all the promos (T-shirts, photos, etc.), there was over $700 all tolled for kids charities, and as promised, it will go to the Make a Wish foundation this year. Every one of you that donated to this web site should be very proud of that accomplishment! Together, we took the fun, joy, fantasy, and freedom of endless childhood, and proved that tangible good works come out of such joy. Every year, the make a Wish foundation makes like a little more bearable for kids that are very sick, many of whom have no hope of recovery without a miracle. So when you you wear that T-shirt, or roll your mouse over that pad, or look up at that silly guy 'flying' in front of that shed, just remember that some sick kid somewhere may be a little happier because of your generosity. A full Summary of Pixyland Financial history for 2002 is available at this link for you to peruse, and if you're a donator, you'll be there (unless you requested an anonymity). As soon as the certificate showing the donation comes back from MAKE A WISH, I'll scan it and post it here for everyone to see.

By the way, sorry about the POP-UP protest about AOL on the home page. I'm sure it will be resolved soon, but I felt it was very important to let AOL customers know where the fault is, when people are not able to email them. I've even sent a link to the site to AOL along with a pointed letter. Let's see what happens. I promise I'll remove the POPUP soon, and just leave a warning to AOL users on the email page.

Also, if you've looked at the home page, you'll see there's a new search engine there. We'll see how this works out. It's supposed to generate 10 cents for the web site every time anyone uses it's 'extended search' capabilities. Now we all know there are all kinds of scams like this, so I'm going to watch it carefully. If it turns out to be bogus, I'll remove it. In the mean time, please try to make use of it for your internet search needs, and PLEASE tell me immediately if it seems to be a worthwhile tool, or something that generates unwanted spam, popup ads, or undesired or offensive content. The operator insists that they will not participate in propagating or dealing with any web sites that advocate any kind of hate or intolerance, and to me that seemed like a worthwhile company. Lemme know.

And finally... OK OK OK!!! I hear you! Everyone in the world has emailed asking for a few Christmas pictures. No big deal, as I've been doing all my shopping in 'Elf' mode anyway. So click the image at left for a few last minute Christmas Pics! Thanks again to everyone for making this web site a wonderful success for yet another year! And yes, I'm 49 now! So anyone believing they are getting too old to let their inner child come out and play, you are without excuse!

     ...God Bless us everyone!!!!

--- 11/7/02 ---

Television Debut, New article. This is actually a revision! On Tuesday, Oct 22, I was invited to appear as a guest on a fun TV show called "Because I said So", with Maggie Cassella, in Toronto, Canada! In in exchange for my being a guest, they agreed to make a generous donation to a local children's hospital, so I could not resist! I even had fans from the Toronto area, and it was loads of fun, and I was treated like royalty! The Topic was on Internet Celebrities, and the other guest was Danni Ashe, the 'billion download woman' For info about the show itself, you can check out their website here. While I didn't take many pictures myself, there's a whole new page about the trip, including tons of screen shots for the actual show. TV? What next??? Take a look, and I hope you all enjoy PeterPan's TV Debut in Toronto!

Also, I had a nice article recently the palm Beach Post, called A real-life Peter Pan looking for a fairy-tale ending. The printed article was much better than the one they put on line, and unfortunately, their articles quickly move to "paid only" archive access. The link above is my attempt to copy it to my site, as best I could. There will be broken links, but there's a picture there of me with my kitty cat you never saw! Enjoy!

Finally, here's some really good news. All expenses for the website for the year, including the cost of the promos, have all been met, and already several hundred dollars for children's charities have already been raised!!!. At this point, disregarding additional expenses for more T-shirts, etc., virtually every cent you send now goes to charity as well. Really Kewl! Full financial disclosure is available in a link on the main page. Also, the new Believe You Can Fly picture will soon be available as an option to the now familiar Shed Flying shot, when you order signed photos. Anyway, sorry for the quick come and go update, but Pixyland is becoming a busy place. More updates to come! Stay tuned!

--- 09/21/02 ---

Donations, Outfits, Recent interview, Pixanne and tidbits. In two months time, the Donations and requests for T-shirts, Mouse-pads, and signed photos have really taken off! As a result, Be a Pixie T-shirts are now available in 3 sizes, S, M, and L, and for photos, lower prices as I buy greater quantities from suppliers. In fact, a reporter for the Palm Beach Post was here to interview me today, just as a new box of T-shirts arrived. A good thing too... because one of his friends at the office had asked him to be sure to get one! It seemed like a really good interview too, that will spread a positive message about the site. So if it becomes available on-line, I'll be sure to post a link.

What's really exciting though is that aside from the costs of additional shirts, supplies and postage, we're almost to the point where all current web site expenses for the year have been paid. What does this mean? Well 20% off the top of all donations goes to kids charities anyway, but once all expenses are met, that goes to 100%!!! If things keep going as they are, think of what a wonderful Christmas present it will be for the Make a Wish foundation at years end, on behalf of Peter Pan's home page, and the 'lost' children of all ages everywhere! I don't update it online every day, but a full financial disclosure report is available via a link in the donations section, and I will try to keep it reasonably current.

I've a few new outfits that I've not had time to photograph and put on the web site yet! Sorry... too busy playing on weekends! But I did put up a pair of twin renaissance outfits on the fashion page a few weeks back. One of Brown, and one is Blue, and they both look like cute little elfin costumes. I've worn them out dancing quite a bit, and only recently thought to put them on the web site. But I have some other really cute stuff coming, so stay tuned. Oh... and I'm always getting new submissions for the Pixie Friends Page, so don't forget to check in there once in a while! And speaking of links, the one to that PixAnne Tribute website works again! Be sure to check it out!

I'm starting a new section at the bottom of the Home Page for awards. You know, the kind you get when one web site or another finds you noteworthy, and they send you a nice logo and thank you? Of course I get lots of those, but many are totally unrelated to anything on the web site, and I don't bother. I probably have a few more I lost track of, but I'll get them posted eventually.

That's about all for now. Just didn't want you to think I stopped updating. I know you want more pictures and stuff, but Peter Pan needs his play time too!!! Oh one other thing... I still read all the friendly mail, but please don't be insulted if all you get in return is a "generic" thank you letter. That response has a lot of answers and information, for things people ask all the time. I do answer personally quite often, but if you write me again and just say "hi... it's me again... write me back", I'm sorry, but if you haven't shared anything about your life or who you are, I wouldn't know what to write if I wanted to! In short, I love to hear from you, but just bear in mind that I sometimes get more than 50 emails a day.

--- 07/01/02 ---

'T' Shirts, Mouse-Pads, Pictures!. Sorry I've not made any updates here in so long! But actually, I've been quietly adding lots of things here and there all along. There's actually much new stuff that I'm sure I'll forget to mention some of it! The latest news I have to report is that we're coming up on 3 million hits now and thanks to your support, this website is beginning to pay for it's own internet expenses, and raising some money for kids charities at the same time. So to add to the fun of this, I've just lowered the donation amount for signed photos, and now have 'Pixyland' Mouse-Pads and T-shirts available too! For more info and pictures, go to the Donations section near the bottom of the home page. Now when people ask if you've been to Peter Pan's Home Page, you'll be able to honestly say "I've Been there, AND... bought the 'T' shirt!"

Also, some really cute submissions have been coming in lately to the Pixie Friends Page. But please don't ask me for contact info for any of the participants, as I always protect the privacy of those that write. I have re-posted my Peter's ISO Tinkerbell Page in search of that special girl out there, and a new version of the 'Purple Pixie' outfit is being made for me by the folks at The Magic Wardrobe. But in the mean time, yes, I have posted some new 'Fashion Page' pictures. Some of these are new additions to existing sections, and some are totally new. Look for new Peter Pan photos with a really great new huge 'flying' shot, a new purple outfit, and a totally 'to-die-for' Glitter Star Fairy outfit!. There's also a few new shots in the 'Baby Blue Boi' section, and an all new 'Grrl Page', for the many fans who never stop asking for more things like the fairy princess. Well, no 'tu-tu's there, but definitely some pretty silly stuff. Smiles all around are guaranteed.

There is also a new link to a little site I found a year ago, full of Peter Pan Links, for those interested in information about the original story, and other on line info. And along with Kim Korbin's ISkip.COM page, there's another fun link to my friend Esteban Wilson's I-Blow-Bubbles.COM site. The name says it all!

I've also placed a number of MP3 files on the My Music portion of the site. These are all Jazz, Bebop, or Bosa style instrumental standards of me on guitar, with some simple midi backgrounds. MP3 downloads are a bit long, but if you're a jazz fan, both you're listening and feedback is appreciated.

Finally, many of you have asked about the film documentary, and at this point I don't think it will happen. My best guess is that John Malina's film company had some internal disagreements with Dave, the producer, who went off to England. John Malina does not answer inquiries, and the worst part of it is that they have stolen irreplaceable slides of my friend Jenny's artwork, on loan for almost a year now. I hate to give negative press, but it's always good to warn people to steer clear of those that act irresponsibly.

Oh one more last tidbit... if you have any of my pictures 'hot linked' on your own web site, I now block that. It's not fair to ask for donations and have any of that money go to bandwidth thieves. All for now! Go explore the site and have fun!

--- 04/08/02 ---

A most difficult update. After much thought, prayers and emotion, I've come to realize that Jenny and I are better suited to be friends than life partners. Jenny, of course, is the one you knew as 'Tink' on my site, back since the 9/15/01 update. Though such things happen, it is amazing how widespread attention to a website can make them even more awkward, and I can scarcely imagine the pressure on real public personalities like film and stage actors.

Of course I know there will never be a shortage of opinions. But a wise pastor I know used to say, "opinions are like armpits.... everyone has them and they all stink!" And had he not been a pastor, "armpits" would likely not have been his word of choice! But levity aside, this website is not the place to explain such decisions, especially with another person involved. I also do not wish to detract from the ongoing positive message of joy the site is intended for, and with the help of God and some close friends, I will continue in that same joy. As for Jenny, she and I will hopefully always remain friends, and I am sure that she will continue to spread great magic and joy in every life she touches.

I've changed some things on the web site and removed others because of all this. But rest assured, both the site and I will continue, along with the fun, adventures, joy, faith and trust, and of course...pixie dust! I do wish to thank some special friends, Thoma, Bob, Kim (at ISkip.COM!!!), Minnie, and Dianne, and others close to me (you know who you are) for helping through some difficult times lately. Anyone able to count their true friends on more than a few fingers is indeed very rich, and my friends have certainly made me feel like a millionaire.

Stay tuned... the best is yet to come. In fact, I've just started the long promised Pixie Friends Page, for those of you that have sent in you're own photos! And in time, I'll continue with new pages of costumes, adventures, and eventually even a new "ISO Tinkerbell" page! For now though, this is a time to pause, think, and reflect.

--- 02/09/02 ---

Donations for Pixyland. I'm now accepting donations to help with the costs of maintaining this site, while raising money for children's charities. For quite some time I've thought and spoken to many of you, about how nice it would be for this site to benefit some of the wonderful children's charities out there. In fact, I've always insisted that anyone with a business link on this site make such contributions. This reflects the spirit and original intent of the author of the Peter Pan's story,(J.M. Barrie). And with the site traffic crossing 2.2 million hits in just one year, my bandwidth and hosting costs are becoming quite a concern, and donations would be a big help. I am still committed to keeping this site completely non-commercial, non-profit, and have no plans to turn it into personal income, so here is what I have in mind. If you wish to donate, the first 20% of any amount you send will be unconditionally put aside for donations to one or more children's charities at years end. (I'm leaning toward the Make a wish Foundation now, but may decide to include others like CCF too.) Of all remaining money, every cent above the actual costs associated with this site and its maintenance will also be donated to charity, so that the 'balance' at the years end will be zero. And finally, just for fun, gifts will be available for anyone who sends a larger donation. For more info, just go to the Donations section of the home page.

I will post a page showing full disclosure of all donations received years end, including totals received, total expenses, and total contributions to charity. So all the donations will go out just in time for the holidays! You can make donations via the PayPal link below, and remember to include an address if you ask for a picture too!. With Paypal, 2.2% plus 30¢ of your contribution will unfortunately go to their service fee, and because of those fees, all donations under $2 might have to be returned. But if you feel more comfortable donating by a different means, or if you have any concerns or questions at all, please don't hesitate to email me.

--- 12/8/01 ---

Guavaween 2001, New Blue Boy Outfit, and General goings on! Geesh... I've not updated the site in a bugs age. But I did warn everyone that I'd have less time for updates. Jenny has some interesting ideas for some pages of her own in the future, where she can share about her own interests and endeavors. Two titles we're kicking around are ' Tings Tink Tink's', and alternately, ' The Tink Tank'. What do you 'tink'? She's also thinking about some cartoon illustrations of our adventures.

Right now though, one very big concern we're dealing with is that my grrlfriend has had untreated Lyme Disease for a long time, and it was really causing great discomfort. Unfortunately, the correct treatment which she is now getting also causes additional discomfort, and is costly too. So your prayers are very much welcome as we work on getting her well. We're already thankful at how much we're able to do, when we see how badly some others in this situation are doing.

But on the lighter side, we've been busy with many good things too. I recently celebrated my 48th birthday (Nov. 18), and one of Jenny's kids had a new baby boy almost a month ago too! You may have also noticed that we've quietly been adding page links at the bottom of the home page, to pictures of us in some of our outfits, and one of these shows the beautiful Tink outfit made by our Friends at "The Magic Wardrobe" in California. The page is called Tink's Pixy Fashion!, and it really is insanely cute! We were able to get that costume in time for the Guavaween 2001 festival back in October, where we really had a great time. Guavaween is Tampa's big outdoor Halloween bash, and we got to be on one of the floats in the parade! There's a new link to some photos we took that day on the bottom of the main page, or you can Click here to see them now. Also on the new costume front, I finally got a chance to take some shots of the Blue Boy outfit my Friends at 'The Magic Wardrobe' made me. This is a much more authentic 'Blue Boy' outfit, much more like the original painting, so I'm now calling my own version 'Baby Blue'. In any case, the new link is on my Fashion Page, and you can decide for yourself which is the cutest.

But that is all for now, and if there are no updates before Christmas (though we might decide to put some 'elf' costumes together!), we both wish all of you a time of peace and joy for the coming holiday season, and in the new year to come. As it certainly is timely at Christmas, I hope you'll take the time to visit my Through The Cracks Ministry site, where I've tried to share what Jesus is really about.

Finally, it looks like the site will be crossing 2 million on the hit counter soon, and we so much appreciate all the wonderful mail and encouragement.

--- 9/15/01 ---

This update was removed. It was mainly about the history of a lady I was dating, how we met, and our adventures together. As things sometimes go it did not work out, and sometime later I was asked to remove the website references. Having your own website is great, as you always have control. But still the experience taught me an important lesson: Do NOT post all about your relationships online until there is some certainty and longevity to it. Even when you can easily remove photos and words, the truth is they are not gone! Almost everything posted anywhere on the internet is archived somewhere.

--- 7/28/01 ---

Webby Winner!!! Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh boy!!! I'm sorry friends if I start to get all silly over this, but I'm so happy to tell anyone that doesn't know, just For the record, that I won both the Webby Award, and the Webby's Peoples Voice Award, for the 'weird' category. I'm so thankful for all the friends who've brought me to this point, and who knows what will happen next!

I say 'just For the record', because I heard through the grapevine that one of the nominees had intended to say "Thank God PeterPan didn't win" for their 5 word speech. Oh well!  I guess God had other plans, and instead I got to say: " Weird???... God Loves us All!!".

Those of you following my site and my work for some time understand the significance of those words. This web site has encouraged so many to be themselves and enjoy the person God has made them to be, and know that he loves them too, no matter how different or "weird" they see themselves. That is really what its all about, and why I get so excited whenever I'm privileged to say so to an ever widening audience.

I'm also very excited about the great times and wonderful friends I made in San Francisco, and I can't believe how many people knew me there. In particular, Kim Corbin from the Iskip.Com website really made my visit, and was my invited guest to the award ceremony. You can imagine how much a difference it made to have friends waiting for you on a trip to somewhere you've never been and after all, like minded people coming together is what the internet is really about. You can see by the picture that Kim certainly dressed to express the joy of the occasion.

Obviously this is too much to cover here, so I'm setting up a few linked pages to cover my trip, and experiences. This is like "Peter Pan's Big Adventure", and I honestly must confess I had the time of my life, both before and after the event. Also, guess what... My documentary is almost done!!!. My friends at Malina Films from LA came to meet me on Saturday while I was still in SF, and did some additional filming. It seemed a nice way to end the film, showing how this whole thing is growing. I got to go to Haight Ashbury too, perfect for me as a child of the 60s, and even though I was in pretty ordinary 'day to day' wear (well, ordinary for me anyway), many people seemed to know me wherever I went. Die hard fans of mine may want to click the link for my tour of San Francisco, where you'll meet some of these film company folks, as some of the places we went. Wouldn't it be funny if the film became a cult thing like the Rocky Horror Picture show, and everyone came wearing Fauntlerouy, Blueboy, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell outfits?

Anyway, my head is still going 100 miles/hour almost a week after the trip, and I'm finally caught up with my email enough to start some of these pages. Visit often over the next few weeks, as I'll likely be adding to these pages an photos for a while. Also, the number of people wanting their picture taken with me seemed endless, and I promised that anyone sending me a copy would have it posted on my site, if they so desired. So if you're one of those, please do send the pictures along! Below are links to the official Webby Awards site, as well as their link to the saved live webcast of the entire event, which you may view if you have Real Player© installed.

Webby 2001 Winners List
Webby Main Page
My Webby Pages (Peter's Big Adventure)
My Friends at ISKIP.COM!
Peter Pan Tours San Francisco

--- 7/16/01 ---

Busy week ahead: I'm Going to California for the Webby's!!!. As most of you know by now, I had not really planned to go to San Francisco for the Webby Award thing, as it was too expensive a trip. Well, some outside funding came through at the last minute, and so California Here I come! (or maybe I should be singing "If you're going, top San Francisco...". Click here to find out more about the Webby Awards!. They are going to "Web-Cast" it too, so anyone with a fast connection should be able to watch. I believe it will be 8:00PM California time, on Wednesday night. Also, I'm going to join up with Kim Corbin there, the author of the nation wide skipping movement, and originator of the Iskip.com website, and she will be my guest there. You can see where we think alike, and they may have a "skip meet" in my honor later. Hopefully I'll meet up with other California friends I've met through my web site, and get to see the city and have some fun. So... if I don't answer email for a few days, or if it takes me a while to catch up, you'll know why! Also, it's a little late for this, and I'm just throwing this update up in haste. But if anyone knows of some kewl placed I could go to while in SF, let me know... quickly!

Not much else to report. there were a few more articles about me in local papers and stuff, but you must be pretty bored of all that stuff by now. Here's one called 5 minutes ... with Peter Pan, Internet pixiefrom The Tampa Tribune. Unfortunately, the picture they took of me is not in the 'online version'. It's too bad because it was a kewl picture, with me flying against a backdrop of clouds. It got me thinking about how nice it would be to get 8 x 10's made of something like that, and sell them for a few bucks over cost, and let all profits go to the Local Boys and Girls Clubs here in Tampa. I definitely don't want to make this a 'commercial' site, but I'm thinking that if all proceeds went to a charity for kids like that, that would be a real nice thing to do! Tell me what you think!

All for now! For those waiting for more outfits though, I did buy a new sewing machine, and yes, I did make a another new Velvet Peter Pan top for the Webby occasion, since the one I made for the FOX-13 TV interview (see next older entry below) came out just a little too short. But I'm sure there will be more creations out soon. Anyway, I'll give a full report if I survive California!

--- 6/5/01 ---

Webby nomination, Gifts, Interviews, and new Friends. I've already mentioned that my site has been nominated for a 'WEBBY' award. If you have a moment, please go to The WEBBY Awards, people's Voice page, register, and vote for my site! Apparently, they're also having a 'voice of the people' type of vote going on, and right now I'm tied with another site in category. I do not know whether I'll be able to be at the actual award ceremony or not, since it is mid week (Wed. July 18) in a very expensive area to travel and lodge(San Francisco). But we'll see.

A very nice girl in California that works for a toy company sent me this lovely 'Barbie' sized Tinkerbell doll! She stands about a foot tall Including the wing tips, and is really very cute. The doll is nice too! . Seriously, it was a very sweet gift and so I had to put it here for people to see. Also, it was probably not very smart of me to mention about the demise of my rabbit, Woodie! Just a short time after I posted the news, my 'X' felt bad and got me another bunny. Then I thought, Oh no... what if everyone does that!?. Well, that was a nice gift too, even though I did not really intend to get another one. But please!, don't everyone send me bunnies! If you ever want to do so, just send me a stuffed rabbit. No more live ones! This one is also a female 'Dwarf' Rabbit, and she needs a name. Any ideas?

Last week I was on the MJ morning show on WFLZ, which is a local Radio station here in Tampa. And the next day, I was interviewed by Nancy Alexander for the FOX news Program. Both of these were prompted by the article about me in the June issue of 'STUFF' magazine. That was was a pretty silly article, and I knew it would be, but I also knew it would result in better things. I made a new green velvet Peter pan outfit for these occasions, and few pics appear below which they took at the Radio station. I'll eventually post my own on the Fashion page. The WFLZ studio was really a mess! But anyway, on live Radio, I got to say that no matter how unusual you think you may be, God loves you too! MJ (the host) really didn't want the conversation to go in that direction, but it felt good to say those encouraging words, which may never have been said on that network before! Also, since these events were both in my area, I've made some new friends nearby, and that's what it really is all about in the end right?

Me hamming it up at the WFLZ Studio in Tampa. The place really was almost as messy as my Music Studio room at Pixyland!

Here's a frame from the Fox News Segment. Just for fun, I compressed a small piece of video and turned it into a GIF animation. You can see it by clicking on either frame. But even compressed, it may take a while to download without a very fast connection.

--- 5/30/01 ---

A Sad Day at Pixyland. Some of you already know that I actually did have a 'wabbit' named Woodie, and only used the stuffed animal in the Fashion Page picture, because the real Woodie would not sit still. Today, in the early morning hours, I discovered that Woodie was gone, and likely has been taken by a Hawk.

Woodie didn't really like her outdoor cage, and so I recently gave her the run of the yard. I know 'woodie' is not a good name for a girl rabbit, but I didn't know till she was older and I'd had her a while. Anyway, for a long time I guess she had the sense to stay under cover, but over the last few days she began being more visible, and I guess her luck just ran out.

I guess I wasn't too good a caretaker, and should have known better. But anyway, Woodie was a good pet and will be sorely missed.

Not much else to Report. Continued media attention, a possible Radio Interview on the MJ morning show on WFLZ here in Tampa next Tuesday, and another Tomorrow night on a Chicago station. Well wishes still coming in from all over the world.

--- 5/11/01 ---

New Outfits, Music/MP3.COM, new toys, and Webby Awards. I've been a little bored lately since I've had some minor surgery, and have to take it easy for a few weeks. It was no big deal, but not being able to go out 'clubbing' on weekends, for at least a few weeks, is a Major Major Boo Boo face! . Oh well, maybe this was God's way of saying "slow down a little child!". So in the mean time, I thought I'd do a little creative sewing, since so many had asked me for something in purple. It's called the "Purple Pixie" (not very original I know), and it's there on the Fashion page. I also added some "Shorts" outfits to the "day to day wear" area, so enjoy. As always, I hope it brings a few smiles.

Music! I bought some new MIDI/music toys to assist in song composing. Namely, a new keyboard controller, and a Rolland SPD-6 percussion pad. Of course songwriting is not something you just decide to do, it has to come through inspiration. So I can't say I'll necessarily be cranking out tunes just like that. But, I did receive a nice check from MP3.COM, because so many people are listening to my music on-line. Wow! I thought that the "Pay for Play" stuff they told me about was just hype. But I actually did receive a payment, and all I had intended to do was put some of my music out for free. So that certainly does inspire me to think about writing some more! I'm very glad the music has blessed everyone, and I thank the many of you who have sent me compliments and encouragement.

Webby Awards? This is an event in San Francisco where the best web sites in several categories are chosen and, and a lucky few receive an award. I'm not sure if I'll be able to trek all the way from Florida to SF for this, but the "ISKIP.COM" people are there too, and they said they'd have an honorary gathering for me if I went. It all sounds like fun, but will likely cost a bundle, so I'll have to really think about it.

--- 4/29/01 ---

Visitor Count: 1 million! Yes, today my visitor counter quietly crossed the 1 million mark. I'll have to take a picture of this before the counter breaks! I know that visitor counters are not that accurate, although this one seems to know better then to increment when the same person revisits on the same day. But still, this is pretty amazing. I'm humbled to have affected so many people. If you see anything good in my work, please remember that all my thanks go to God, and the joy he brings is just as available to you.

In other news, I see I've been nominated for a 'Webby' award, albeit in the 'weird' category. I've also heard that magazines all over are doing articles mentioning me. One I've hear about is 'InStyle', and I've asked them for a copy. If you know of others, please let me know, as I'd like to try to get copies of anything interesting! Another local newspaper, the St. Petersburg times is also doing a piece on me, and if they put any of it online, I'll post a link. Other interview and filming requests are continuing to come, but it does get wearisome, and I really have to pace myself a little. I've also heard my site was on a TV show in Germany, which might explain the barrage of emails from there. I wish I could read some of it, but I don't speak the language! The amount of international email though is huge... Austria, the UK, Germany, Africa, Canada, Russia, Denmark... and several that I can't even figure out. I never meant to create any kind of fan club, but gee... what if we all got together for some big 'pixie' party someday. What a blast that would be!

--- 4/10/01 ---

Guestbook and Email. I just thought It was time to say a little about this. My email has been wonderful, overwhelmingly positive, and has come by the thousands. It should also encourage everyone to know that the negative mail is only about 1 in 10. Of course the number of  'attempted'  mean spirited messages is greater in the guestbook, where cowards believe they can reveal their small minds without leaving an email address. In truth, the server does log all message origins in case something needs to be tracked, but it's of little concern because the guestbook is moderated, and very easy to manage. Posts that are inappropriate in any way, are simply trashed, and never get displayed, or even read for that matter.

Still, someone asked the legitimate question why I don't display any abusive or negative posts. Simple answer. The purpose of the guestbook to let people share positive, happy, or good natured thoughts about the site, while being encouraged, as I am, by the many pleasant thoughts of others. There are plenty of message boards where people can be mean about whatever they want. But I won't provide a forum to do it here, and make no apology for it.

In addition, messages with obvious sexual references, nice or not, don't belong in a public message board where kids can view. Some messages are simply better suited for personal email, and some emails on the other hand would have made a very nice guestbook entry. I still read everything that is uplifting, informative, or pleasant. But think before you post whether your words are better suited for email or the guestbook. If it is nice, and of general interest, please consider the guestbook so others may benefit as well.

--- 4/4/01 ---

Documentary! A California producer came to Tampa this week with a small crew to begin a film documentary into my life, and my work. While this is a labor of love for them, I think it is a wonderful opportunity for me to share many wonderful things with a wider audience. I laughed the other day seeing a commercial for a new movie about the Navy, in which the narrator asked, "when was the last time anyone made a movie about your life?" Of course I have the utmost respect for the servicemen who put their lives on the line for our country. But I'm sure you can see the humor that crossed my mind. Anyway, I'll be sure to keep you posted about this!... addendum... the filming went well, and a good time was had by all! More to come on this!

Costumes I've added one very silly 'Happy Easter' photo, which you'll have to go to the fashion pages to see. I've gotten so many requests for more photos, but of course these elaborate outfits are not created overnight, and I've just not had the time lately. However, a costume company in New York has offered to make me something! If they do, I've promised a link to them on my site. In the meantime, if you have any links to an interesting painting of a really cute outfit you think I might link, send it along! It is not often I will have an opportunity to have a professional costume made, and I want to make a wise choice!

New Link added: "ISKIP.COM" If you really want to feel like a kid again, check out this link at the bottom of my main page. This is an organization destined to form a tight alliance with Peter! (LOL).

--- 3/20/01 ---

Articles! I can't believe how many newspapers and magazines have been calling for interview and articles. Many that were simply after someone to poke fun at were turned away outright. But many were interested in a real story and more good hearted humor, which I felt was worthy of my time. But working a full time job along with personal projects and a social life, it rapidly got to the point where I simply had to turn down many. I continue to do such interviews, most of which unfortunately do not have permanent online versions. But here's a link to one that archives it's stories online, and I'll post others if I find they are available: