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The Mother of ALL Pixie Parties!.
Labyrinth of Jarreth, 2006

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Folks, if you've never heard of this, Labyrinth truly is the grandest gathering of fairies, goblins, elves, and all manner of magic and winged folk you've ever seen. I realize not everyone can come to Hollywood, CA just for a party like this. I'm fortunate to be able to do so mainly because work brings me out this way occasionally (yes... I do grown up stuff sometimes). But many people do come from all over the USA just for this event!

I hardly know where to begin! If you've followed my site for a while, you might have noticed a short section devoted to the 2005 Labyrinth party, on the Pixie Parties page. The section was small mainly because sadly, I had no camera that year.

This year however, not only did I bring a camera, but people have sent me tons of their own photos too. Fairies, you see, are unabashedly the worlds most vain creatures, and I'm sure there were more photos taken that night than any web site could hold. In fact, the only way I'll be able to show all the photos I have is to throw a quickie 'gallery / slide-show' together, and provide links to other peoples photos as they come to me. I also know there were a lot of professional photos taken there, and that eventually they will all be on the Labyrinth web site as well. And speaking of being vain, I wore very cute little tu-tu Pixie Outfit to the affair. That together with some elfin shoes, a 'Peter Pan' hat with a L-O-N-G feather, and some kewl stripped socks, made for a very fun look!

~~~~~ Pixie Pal Athenna ~~~~~

But backing up a bit, the line was already forming well before 8 PM on July 15th, at the Henry Fond Theater in Hollywood, where the event took place. It was really fun to watch cars pass, and see people nearly have accidents trying to figure out why there was such a huge collection of winged and horned creatures congregating. Soon the line stretched around the corner and no doubt went on for blocks. But it was a big venue and everyone attending had advance tickets, so no one who planned to go had to be left out. It was also great to see many faces I'd gotten acquainted with the year before. And even those who had never met all felt a wonderful common bond. In such a dark world, we had all come together to be children again... to dress up and be magic creatures and faeries for the night. Here's a pixie Pal (left) named Athenna that I knew from last years ball! Many more familiar faces inside, and you may recognize some of them from other PIXYLAND pages.

Another recently donated outside photo

Inside, the fae slowly gathered for the dance!...

Needless to say, the costumes were both beautiful and creative.

This is Aviril, as 'Sarah' (From the Labyrinth Movie).
She made this outfit from scratch!
And the mechanism on this one's wings left me little
doubt he could fly at any time!
More Winged Ones
My friend Maureen from Nevada HOW CUTE IS THIS!!!

Soon the Place had become a sea of wings... a wonderfully friendly crowd, and the turnout was awe inspiring! The Theater had plenty of rooms, and there was joy and sparkles everywhere...

From the Halls To the main Dance floor
To the courtyard...

Of course if you remember the Labyrinth tale, the party would not be complete without Jarreth, who was spotted peering at his 'domain' from the upstairs balcony. And then soon, some wonderful stage shows were presented. There was one great act after another, some mainly musical, and others with amazing choreography. I've only a small sampling of photos here, and you know how photos never seem to capture the 'bigness' and beauty your eyes see. There was also a courtyard area done up like an enchanted forest, with quieter music of the flute and harp variety. I'm afraid I'm being a very bad reporter here, because I really did not gather the names of any performers. But they are all listed on the official website I'm sure.

Being a guitar player, I'm fascinated by all stringed instruments, and a harp is not something you get to play on every day! I hope they didn't mind me picking a little. I thought it sounded OK, but then again I had been visiting the place of pixie beverages quite a bit by then, so there's no telling what it might have sounded like to the pointed ears of others.

As I mentioned before, there were many familiar faces and friends that showed up.

Adam And Sarah, two of my long time
and great friends from LA. They missed coming
last year, because there were no tickets
left 'at the door'. If you plan to come
Next year, be sure to get your tickets in advance!

Both Hook and Smee showed up too, but we agreed
That it would be better to visit with Captain Morgan
Than to fight this evening

This is Carley (red) and Pooka
She has tons of photos at her JiveJournal site

This is Eve and Jenny. Someone took lots of photos of us.

And I believe this pixie's name was 'Tiff'

Shawna and Wendy!

I honestly can't remember another affair where I had so many photo requests. I guess it makes sense when you consider how my website is so strongly 'pixie' themed. But the result is that I simply can't put all the photos I have (many still coming) on a web page like this. So what I'm going to do is put everything in a 'gallery' below. Feel free to peruse some of the images and, if you have more (or links to your own), please send them along!

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I do know that the later Netscapes, Internet Eplorer, and Mozilla work fine.

All My Photos from Labyrinth 2006...

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