I met Horus the Bear
at The Irwindale Ren Faire!
Peter Pan's Escapades at the Renaissance Fairs!
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Over the past several years I've grown to really look forward to Renaissance fairs. There is now one right here in Tampa each Spring, and in recent years I've been able to get to one in Irwindale, just East of Los Angeles CA. Originally, I was putting all those pics on my 'Out and About' page, but like everything else on this site, it just seems to grow!

I usually don't take many photos at these fairs, as I'd rather just sip the fine beverages there , and 'pixie dance' to the sound of harps and flutes. But many people seem to recognize me and take pictures, and so I've slowly accumulated this collection from those kind enough to send a copy. If you have a picture you promised to send me and haven't, please do, and I'll put it here! I'll always try to put the newest stuff near the top. Enjoy!

~~~~~ Tampa, 2007~~~~~
Here are the King Henry and Queen Catherine, and other's from The 'Royal' Family outside the gates.
This year, you'll see quite a few pics with Dorothy, my new friend and Partner in Pixie Dust.
Of course, there was no shortage of other Magical Fae at the fair!
And neither were there any lengthy shortages of Honey Mead,
a beverage that tends to make faerie folk extra silly!
Drink men! Drink till you start to see Pixies in the Trees!
Here, Emily and her friends, BIG fans of mine,
actually came in T shirts that spelled
out my 'other' name, RANDY!

And here's Angela, another fan
As a Pirate Grrl!

Fairies Certainly were represented in every age group at this years fair!
My my! You wear the wings grrl!
And you can wear the Tu Tu TOO!
Back at the 'Pub', with Pirate Susan.
We're a bit wet due to our visit
to the 'WASHING WENCHES' show...
But You'd have to be a Ren Fair fan to know
who they are
Here's those 'waskally wabbit' Washing Wenches!

Bye for now...
time to spread some Pixie Dust!

~~~~~ Tampa, 2006~~~~~
Cheryl, a Wonderful 'Leaf Fae' I met
Laura and me
These grrls were amazing... I'm not even sure I can show all the
many (many many many!) pics I took of them on my rated 'G' web site!
She said Robin Hood... but I say TINK! Kristian and Sam

~~~~~ Irwindale, California, 2006~~~~~

Due to 'day job' related travel to the LA area, I've been fortunate to attend the Ren Faires in Iwindale
For the last two years. Again I'm only showing a few photos here, as I'm sure they have their own
photos online somewhere. But WOW... this was an AWESOME and AMAZING environment!

Craftsmen and musicians of all kinds everywhere!
And Fairies in the trees!
I even met Minnie Mouse!
Sorry Micky!
But alas, some people just don't dress up
Like Mark
Or Erin... But that's fine...
the fair wouldn't work without spectators!
But some people have the right spirit, and it's nice to know that after ME,
There will be a new generation of 'Pans' to come!
Way to go kid... you're eyes say it all!

~~~~~ Tampa, 2005~~~~~

Me and Jess Tink (wings are hard to see)
Brenna and Jennica with me,
in a new Blue Pixie outfit!
Erick and Baby Dakota.
.(The baby looks with marked curiosity)
Justin (left) and a friend, buy me a Honey Meade. Good stuff!

And this is Michael, King of the realm! Perhaps I could get a job
as the prince of the pixies... or at maybe least the court jester!
~~~~~ Tampa, 2004~~~~~

Nick and Shane

Here are some shots of Tim... another 'Pan'
Actually, Tim does work at Disney World in Orlando, and just may
become their next peter Pan in their daily parades!
And this is Lisa, who took the pictures.
Fairy at the Faire ;-)
Artistic B&W shot

Happy Bob
My Friend Andrea

Come on!... send in your Ren Faire pictures!

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