Our Fairy Wonderful Wedding Day !!

We head off to the CeremonyWell now the time had finally come! As luck would have it, the "office" area where we were doing our last minute preening was The Fiddelworth Chapplefar enough from the wedding gazebo (Also known as 'Fiddleworth Chapel'), that we really had to high-tail it there, lest our guests begin to wonder if we had chickened out! Of course that wasn't the case, but in the meantime our many friends had all arrived, each one bearing a minimum of one camera, and each with memory capacities suffient to impress even a Star Trek fan! While everyone waited, Cantiga played wonderful melodies fitting for any and all fairies present to feel elated. Indeed, Cantiga went many extra miles beyond all expectations for us. (You'll hear samples of them if The wonderful Cantiga Bandyou are able to watch any of our videos!) But even as we tried to hurry, there was no shortage of people stopping us to pose for their own photos, not realizing our need for haste! Eventually we had to just press on, quickly explaining as we darted onward.

Our guests were arriving...
and waiting with anticipation

Plenty of other fairy friends came out for the day too!

Then our officiator, King Henry VIII arrived, with all the royal guard in attendance.

The King, whom we also know as Michael, is a very accomplished singer, actor and artist, with a booming voice that you can literally hear half way across the fair grounds. When he speaks it's pretty much guaranteed that anyone within a few hundred feet will suddenly stop their conversation, and instantly turn as if to see if God himself had just parted the sky to make an announcement. He has the warmest and most wonderful personality you could possibly imagine, and certainly went beyond all expectations to make sure our wedding day was grand. But enough fanfare... Our time has come! smile emoji The king takes his position along with our guardsman, the musicians begin to play, and the ceremony begins!

Our Flower Grrl Cometh! Spreading rose petals before us! We make our entrance together, and stand before his Majesty! A special tip of the hat to the royal guard, for assuring safe passage of the pixies into wedded bliss!

It could not have been more perfect, nor more fun. These photos simply cannot convey nor contain our joy.

The King read a lovely love poem from Shakespere. Then, during the part where the King proclaims "anyone knows of any impediment why these two should not be wed, let them speak now", Our guardsman pulled his sword, defying anyone to speak a word. One of many fun and memorable moments!

Then came the vows, followed by the giving of rings!
    "Dorothy... will you have this 'Eternal Child'
    Randy... will you have this 'Fairy Princess' "

"I Will!"


Soon, the giving of Rings! And as the King had quoted Shakespere We had planned and spoke words from the Led Zeppelin song, "Thank You"

If the sun refused to Shine,
I will still be loving You!
So Today, my world... it Smiles!
Thanks to You, it Will be done!

When Mountains crumble to the sea,
there will Still be You and Me!
Hand in Hand, we'll walk the miles!
For you to me, are the Only one...

I'll Love you Forever!

And Ever After!
~~~ Pinky Swear!!! ~~~

Such a wonderful and joyous moment... and a little bit extra funny because we couldn't help but kiss right then and there, An Early Kiss! Forever, and ever, and ever after! and of course we then suddenly remembered you usually DON'T kiss, until the King makes a proclamation that 'you may NOW kiss the bride'. Oooops! But this being an occasion where FUN is always the correct 'protocol', it just added to the moment! And we know everyone appreciates our simple and childlike promise. A 'Pinky Swear,' after all, is unconditionally forever, and something not done unless one really really really means it!

And certainly no one would ever dispute that such an oath demands a kiss! But soon enough the King got everyone's attention with a Loud and Booming Proclamation:

"NOW!! that Princess Dorothy and Sire Randy have given themselves one unto the other, by solemn vows and with the joining and giving of rings, I announce to you that they are husband and wife! And they may now celebrate their union with all those gathered here...

NOW! You may Kiss the Bride!

Then, a Final proclamation from the King...

Three Cheers for the Newly wed couple...

Hip Hip... HUZZAH!! Hip Hip... HUZZAH!! Hip Hip... HUZZAH!! ...
Go ye now to the Joys of life together...

Second Star to the Right, and Straight on till Morning!

And with that, we were on our way to the festivities to come!

On the way out, our friends Lady Wilma (our Flower grrl) and Lord Michael (our guardsman) ensured that birds everywhere would be very friendly to us for the remainder of the day, having provided lots and lots of carefully prepared sacks of seed to each of our guests at the ceremony! These our friends quickly opened, and poured upon us as we joyously stepped away. They even provided detailed instructions, lest our guests who may have visited the pub earlier failed to realize the seeds needed to be removed from the bags prior to being tossed! But seriously, many thanks to Wilma and Michael, who went many extra miles beyond all we asked them to do, to forever add to the memories.

Some Final toasts, and then off we went...amid congratulations and many a kind word from all who witnessed.

As mentioned earlier all our guests had arrived with cameras in hand. Though it is impossible to show every photo taken, we do have a 'not so very small' slide show collection for you to enjoy, along with our second short video of the ceremony. You can actually share the day with us as if you were there, even if you could not attend. We had to learn a lot about editing to make these videos! Special thanks to our friends Mic Knight and Scott Damiano for providing so much great footage to work with!

And now please continue onward to the Celebration!