Yes we've finally tied the knot! We even "Pinky Swore" before King Henry VIII!!! And as you probably can imagine, the many photos, videos, and good cheer I have to share about this wonderful day is enough to push all of our computers into overload! After more than a year of considering possibilities from grand halls to a simple back yard affair, we finally decided to have our blessed day in a magical forest, where the annual Tampa Bay Renaissance Festival is held. Here we have already spent many wonderful days with friends, and it seemed the natural and perfect setting for us. So here, below is your 'Virtual' invitation! In each page, you'll find another part of the day, complete with photos, slide shows, and videos. Please come and share the magic with us...
Fairy tales do come true, and the proof is right here on these pages should you ever doubt! So come now and join us for a tale of this wonderful event. This is the introduction page to our wonderful day... A day which began with discouraging rumblings of thunder and rain, but quickly turned into a glorious day with plenty of sunshine and perfect temperatures for an outdoor celebration.

Here we present to you, excerpts from this glorious day, in three parts...

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