Our Fairy Wonderful Wedding Day !!

bad weather before start of day Our wedding day at the Bay Area Renaissance Fair Turned out to be an absolutely glorious day, with about the most perfect weather anyone could hope for. But... the night before and much of the morning would have discouraged anyone! In fact the thunder and lightning in the 'wee hours' was pretty much enough to wake the dead, with driving rain going on through much of the morning! Mic Knight, a friend of ours who helped capture much of our day on video, was out at the fair early on to capture the dark sky at the fair entrance. But with faith and trust (and of course, a little bit of pixie dust!), the clouds soon parted, leaving nothing but cool pleasant sunshine, and a drastic drop in the dust level so typical of the fair grounds! Funny how even something you think you'd never want on such a day, like rain, could end up being a blessing in disguise! By the time we arrived things had already dried out nicely. And soon we were on the grounds posing for early photos.

For those of you who have never seen the BARF (Bay Area Renaissance Fair), check out some of the Ren fair links on the home page, starting with this one for the 2008 Fair. It runs for some 7 weeks, and has become a 'Rite of Spring' for us that we never miss. It is a gathering place for friends and 'Fair-ees' from all over the area, not to mention some of the most fun theatrical and musical acts around. To the left are some of the clan from Empty Hats, one of the musical groups that later graced our wedding celebration with a private performance. In short order we were meeting some of our early guests, some who had come from long and far away lands (like LA and New York) to join us for our special day!

Here's two of Princess Dorothy/Tink, posing at the ceremony area. Her smile and the glint in her eyes speak volumes! 

Despite the deluge of photos from the day, courtesy of our many friends with cameras, there are only limited shots of these early hours, as we were pretty caught up in greeting friends, many of whom came with wings to celebrate the Fairy wonderful day!

Sarah & Jon, flew in from LA!
Wilma and Jill at the Pub
Gary, another 'Eternal Child' pal
Daniel took many of our photos
Michael, our Ren-faire Security!
Adrienne and Gary
Our Friend Jill
An early drink with Wilma, our Flower Grrl!

Did someone mention 'Early Drinks'? We must confess that the 'PUBs' are among our favorite areas at the Ren Faire! But certainly today there will be 'nary' an apology for anything related to celebration, early nor ever after!

Our Flower Grrl again!
And a toast for us before things get really busy!

Now this very bright and bubbly grrl to the right is Magen, who served as our 'wedding coordinator' and did an excellent job for us. This bears mentioning because anyone contemplating their own event at this faire must unfortunately be prepared for some very bad management. But I'll discuss that seperately here so as not to tarnish the report on this happy day. In truth it was the individuals like Magen along with the personal attention and extra efforts of the musicians and actors at the faire, many of whom have become dear to us, that made everything come together so well.

But things were about to get very busy now! We had last minute wardrobe touch ups to do, pixie ballet shoe changes, and some final checking of our makeup and such! For Dorothy and I, this last minute flurry of activity and excitement would make anyone think there were two brides involved! The time for the grand ceremony was getting close at hand, and there was hardly a moment to spare!

The Pixie Shoes...
Must Go on...
And the Princess's slippers!...
Some last minute touch ups...
And off we go!

Before we go on to the Ceremony, please enjoy this small slide show collection of some of the early photos from the day, followed by our first of 3 short video edits! This one is for the morning and arrival. Many thanks to our friends Scott Damiano, and Mic Knight for providing so much great video footage to work with!

And now please continue onward to the wonderful Ceremony and Celebration!