Our Fairy Wonderful Wedding Day !!

Well now it is officially time to PARTY! Posted outside our celebration tent was a larger version of this adorable photo to the right, sent by Robin,Dorothy and Randy 5 Years old a dear friend from California that couldn't attend. (No, it's not really us, but looking at it one can't help but wonder! smile emoji) Now begins hours of fun and celebration, and once again we'll try to bring you highlights with photos, a slide-show, and some video.

fairy cake topper photoOur celebration began with greetings to our many guests. Some are local friends, but others had come from across the state and even across the country. I'd like to start this page with special recognition of a few of those people who helped make the content of these pages possible...

Along with us in the left photo below are Our 'guardsman' and flower grrl, Michael and Wilma, who also packaged the birdseed and did tons of extra helpful things for us throughout the day. In the center is Michael again with Mic Knight, our main videographer. He mostly stayed out of sight but captured over an hour of great video and hundreds of stills for us during the day. Scott, in the right photo, also accumulated tons of still photos and additional video clips, so we could make better video edits using multiple camera angles.

Here are some friends from far away I've known for what seems like half a lifetime! At left, Patrick, who came some 1200 miles from New York, and Sarah to the right, with her BF Jonathan, who came over 2000 miles from LA.

It should come as little surprise that Peter and Tink would also be well acquainted with other 'winged ones' such as Batman! Here he appears, with Catwoman. Then in the far right photo is Daniel, Keri and Jill with whom we frequent many parties, and who also supplied us with lots of photos and fun.

And of course plenty of Grrl fairies, Boi fairies, and 'Never grow up' children.

Here are a few more assorted shots of our guests!

Soon King Henry VIII came by to congratulate us, offering well wishes for the rest of our day, and for the rest of our lives. King Henry, whom we also know as Michael Marzella, is the one we spoke of on the Ceremony page, with the voice that could launch 1000 ships. This fame extends even to doing voice-overs for Disney attractions, and Disney movies such as Pocahontas! After that, the celebration really began in earnest! For once again and without our noticing, our favorite "Ren Music" (And Pixie Dancing music) band of all time, Cantiga, who had just added so much magic to our Ceremony, had set up their instruments and began to play! It was now time for the newly 'Fairied' couple to lead in some serious Fairy Dancing!

Tink and Peter begin the fairy dancing
Tink and Peter begin the fairy dancing

If you've followed the Pixieland website for some time, you already know that 'Fairy Dancing' is contagious! Within a short time, lots and lots of bois and grrls, children of all ages, were joining in. And this is even BEFORE a drop of drink had 'officially' been poured! wink emoji.

This was a chaotic time for photos, as there were less and less people to take 'pix-ures' as more and more guests joined in! The fairy dance circle grew, and grew and grew...

And Grew some more!!!

Whew!!! Now that was a fairy workout! Time now for some much needed food, and of course... DRINK!

Now, after some nourishment, wine, and a chance to finally relax with our guests, we were blessed to have other musicians from the fair come and play some special music for us, both for dancing and quiet listening. Some, like the members of Empty Hats, were performers we've known from their presence at the fair for many years. Another, Ken Spivey, is a new acquaintance of ours. He has already become a dear friend, and you can expect Ken and Peter to be performing some very silly acts together around Tampa Bay in the near future!

Well speaking of drinks (again!), soon it was time for the most important drink of all, The Champagne Toast! We have been so blessed in finding each other, and equally blessed in having so many wonderful friends to share this happy time with, that this toasting could have easily gone on forever. Take a look at these wonderful Fairy-theme fluted glasses! We got them nearly a year ago at another Ren Faire in Irwindale California, from a company called Fellowship Foundries . They form a heart when held together, perfect for the celebration of two Fairy Spirits like us!

We toasted Each other first. Peter spoke of Dorothy's name meaning 'Gift from God', and Dorothy of the blessing of the pixie boi and eternal child that had come into her life. In the photo at right, she further toasted ownership of something more, and you'll just have to watch the video to learn more about that! .

We toasted to all our guests from far and near, and gave special thanks to the many who went beyond all we could have hoped for to make the day grand. Then after a final toast to each other, we sang a little of our vows, whose verses were borrowed from the Led Zeppelin song, 'Thank You'. (Hopefully, sufficient wine and champagne had gone around to make this as much fun for the hearers, as it was for the performers.)

Now it was finally time for dessert... our wedding cake! And just look at the wonderful fairy cake topper Princess Dorothy found, perfect for the occasion.

We cut the cake together, and afterward the traditional feeding! NO... we didn't smear it all over each other's faces! Fairies are to vain to do that. It sure was sweet, but not half as sweet as the two of us together, now and ever after. ( everybody say: AWWWW! )

Soon after the cake (and several more toasts!), we announced that the party was moving to the 'Pub Sing', a tradition at the Ren Fair, so that guests that have not been to one of these events could enjoy some of the wonderful spirit of celebration going on all around. And so this, for now, is where our story ends. As before, there are many more photos than we could possibly bring you on a web page. But we have included all you've seen, plus many more, on yet another 'not so very small' slide show collection. And as with the other wedding pages, another video too! This being the longest part of the day, we had to do quite a bit of editing in order to create a 10 minute video summary of the celebration highlights. So again, a very special thanks to our friends for providing us all the great photos and video footage to work with! Thanks to all of you for sharing our joy, both in person, and through your virtual presence.

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