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"Unless you become as little Children, you can't see God's kingdom." --Jesus
"All you need is faith and trust... and a little bit of pixie dust!" --Peter Pan

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Hello and welcome to my Home page! I created this site in late 2000 to share a little about myself with friends, both old and new. While I don't update the text of this main page very often, the site continues to mushroom and grow out in all directions. It is, by design, arranged more like a treasure hunt than a traditional website, with links scattered all over. So if you believe you've seen all of it, you likely have NOT! Now I must confess at the outset that this certainly qualifies as a "vanity page", being full of graphics and text about me! Well after all, Peter Pan is a character that has always been known for vanity. But really, this has never been my main intent! The real purpose is simply reaching out to other like minded souls, potential new friends, and others who believe in magic and diversity while having some fun. There simply is no better medium for that purpose than the internet, especially if you take the time to set up your own site!.

I also started this site so that Tinkerbell would have an easier time finding me,  and I'm very happy to report that she has!! In fact, you'll find links to Our Fairy Wedding scattered all about the site! We live in Tampa Bay, Florida, and as I update this main page today, I'm 56 and am making considerable effort and hopefully having some success at staying young... maybe even childlike. (I like to ignore the second digit in my age and just say I'm 5-1/2.) So "why Peter Pan" you ask? Although Peter Pan is definitely a boy, to me this character is perfectly androgynous, and in his eternal childhood rejects the idea of growing up and leaving this behind.

Of course life is not a game, and I do strive to continually grow in emotional, spiritual, and mental maturity. But there is and always has been this lighter side to me. Childlike, "pixyish", and unencumbered by notions of what is and is not permissible for boys. Am I too old for such notions? Certainly not! Sure there have been times when it was a difficult and lonely road to be so openly unique, and I confess I am often mystified why something so harmless bothers some people so. But the human spirit is hard to suppress, and I have made my choice to be true to myself and live my dreams in this life. So in the end, the many friends I do make are for real, and each is worth more than 1000 phonies. For what it's worth, looking in retrospect, the road less traveled certainly has been (and continues to be) the better choice!

Unfortunately this society has all but deified the gender boundaries they've established, especially the rules of what boys should and should not enjoy doing. This is why little girls are praised for interest in "boyish" activities, while boys who do the opposite are seldom tolerated. So such a character, by his fairy-like qualities and elfin appearance, represents a literal blaspheme against their "god". No wonder few stage productions have dared to cast a male for this character, despite the many talented actors, songwriters, and directors available! (Only a few like Disney and more recently PJ Hogan have had the guts to do so.) Yet it is for these very reasons that this character suits me perfectly. Besides, the God of Love that Jesus spoke of is the only one I serve. Too bad modern religion seems to have often missed that entire point!

I've many hobbies and interests including Music (guitarist), electronics, sewing, Computer programming, and I generally like anything creative, especially music. I released my first CD of original music, 'I Won't Grow Up!', just a few years ago here at PIXYLAND, and I hope you'll give it a listen! I also like science fiction/fantasy as well as comedy, fantasy, action-adventure films, and even well done "tear jerkers". I'm not super active, but I do like long walks on wooded trails or on the beach, bicycling, and as friends of mine know, I also absolutely LOVE to dance (though I must confess my dancing is indeed very silly!) I tried to take ballet for a while, and though that is a discipline where any age beyond 30 hurts, it still is a lot of fun. And, as you might have guessed, I DO love the outfits. In fact I do quite a bit of sewing and very much enjoy making and modifying clothes and costumes. These range from things that I can wear all the time, to fun things more suited for parties, special occasions, or "club-wear". Many would be very suitable for a ballet performance, ALL are unconditionally VERY silly!!

And speaking of 'silly', I know all this makes me a very silly boy! But If it sounds like a fun thing or even if you'd just like a good laugh (I laugh at myself all the time!) you must check out my Peter Pan's Fashion Page! for a close up look at some of my concoctions . And the fun doesn't end there! Just look at all the links (below) for tons of other pages and adventures. More recently, pages were added for Dorothy/Tink., around the time we first met, as well as adventures like Renaissance Fairs, a television show featuring Dorothy on the WE cable network, and tons of pages from Our Fairy wonderful Wedding, complete with video! This site goes on and on and on, and there's a LOT of history here! Keep exploring and you'll find art and photos submitted by friends and fans, and all the many adventures I've had since the site began! Oh... and by the way, Donations are always welcome too!! In the spirit of the 'Peter Pan' theme, this web site has supported and collected thousands for local and international kids charities every year, and YES... you can even get a T-shirt!

I do hope you enjoy your visit and return often. Certainly if you have similar interests, or fancy yourself in whole or in part as a pixie, elf, fairy, or similar creature, I hope to hear from you. Over the years this site has gained worldwide popularity. But beyond entertainment, it has inspired many to take a more active role in the simple joy of being themselves. I suppose many of my words would be unnecessary if people could lighten up and not fear or disdain such harmless self expression. But just the same, I've been humbled to touch so many lives, and the site will likely continue to grow for a long time.

I'm also a very spiritually active person, and have created another site called Through the Cracks Ministries. It's purpose is to demonstrate how loving God really is, and help people who wish to truly verify His existence for themselves. I also guarantee that if you seek the God of love, but can't stand religion, you will be blessed by this site. Back on the music, the CD page is where you can hear samples from my CD and purchase copies, and also hear some older jazz recordings I made, and combos with other musicians. Lots to explore there too! Like the TV ads say, 'But wait... there's more!'

Oh and of course... If you happen to have seen any of my pals, Wendy, Tigerlilly, pirates, lost boys, whatever... please tell them about my site! If you send a photo of yourself in "pixie-wear", I even have a Pixie Friends' page for that too! . As for Tinkerbell, well from times past (before I found Tink!) I had a page just for my soul mate search, which you're welcome to look at for a more serious look into the heart of 'Peter'. But obviously, no responses please!  . And finally, whoever you are, remember... keep to the child in you alive and protected. It's more important than you can possibly know!!!

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And now... here are some Other 'Pixie' related Sites I like!


Here's a link to a site done as a tribute to this wonderful children's show from the 60s starring
Jane Norman. She was a kind of 'Girl PeterPan', and I've recently heard from her daughter-in-law, who showed
her both our sites! The original website has gone away, so I'm hoping the original author will not mind my
re-posting it here. If you click the image on the left, you'll see a scan of the signed photo
she sent me! Thanks Jane for inspiring me so much as a child! As you see... Now I'm a Pixie too!.


Evan Bailyn's PeterPan Site

Here's a very interesting site developed by another eternal child, who is obviously as serious about sharing a great life philosophy though the Peter Pan theme as I am. As with me, you may or may not agree with everything you read here, but it is guaranteed food for thought, imagination, and great fun. Sorry Evan for taking so long to get this posted!

ISkip.COM!!! My Friends at I-SKIP!

Now here is a site that has already formed a strong alliance with Pixyland!!!
Ever really want to feel like a kid again? Try skipping!!! And if you do, here is a site spawning a
nationwide movement, of children from 7 to 70, that have found fun and freedom in this wonderful pastime..
I've become good friends with the site author, Kim Corbin, and have set up a special page for the 'skip meet'
done in my honor, while visiting San Francisco for the Webby Awards Event. Follow the second link
above (My Friends at I-SKIP) to view. Smiles guaranteed, all around.

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