'T'-Shirts and Photos!

T-shirts, mouse pads, and all kinds of "Pixyland paraphenalia" were once in high demand, and I hope to have more items like this again soon. The T-shirts are almost gone, and nobody uses 'mouse-pads' anymore. But depending on the level of requests (and of course donations), the T-shirts, and maybe some other goodies like "Pixy Mugs" may be back soon!

Over the years an awful lot of people have visited this site, and many write wonderful words to me, telling how it has inspired them to take a chance, and live their dreams a little more. But many are also not quite ready to go out dancing in pixie glitter-star pants! (see the fashion page!). Be a Pixie!So promotional items like these offer a quiet way to tell the world, you're not afraid to support the harmless fun of expressing our 'inner children'.

Most items contain the now well known 'Shed' Flying shot with the friendly invitation to....

Of course for signed photos, you can choose from among several (and in fact, you can request just about any photo on the site, as long as I have a high res. copy).

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