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To all my Fans and Friends...

In late 2000, I started Peter Pan's Home page , encouraging visitors to follow their dreams, set their inhibitions aside, re awaken their inner child and know that they are who their creator made them to be. I've always strived to demonstrate the joy and freedom that awaits, just by being our 'silly' selves, and the rest as they say, is history. Since 2001, the site has had over 11 million visitors and also raised thousands for kids charities, in the spirit of the original author's (J.M. Barrie) desires. A portion of all CD or MP3 purchases are donated as well!

Soon after the site began, I added a music page for MP3s of some of my earlier jazz guitar work, along with two contemporary songs I'd written, "Mercy For Madness" and "Deb's Move." The encouragement and warm response to those tunes was the inspiration for my first Link for PeterPan's Guitar Lessons for Grown-ups! CD, "I Won't Grow Up". Then in 2006 I met my Tinkerbell, whose real name is Dorothy (you know... like that grrl from OZ!). We were engaged in 2008 and married soon afterward, and this has inspired a new collection, called "Songs from the Year 4-A.D." (AD = After Dorothy! ), starting with three new tunes... "Dorothy's Song," "Through My Eyes,", and the latest tune, "Go Out and Play"

Songs from 'I Won't Grow Up'

image of I Won't Grow Up CD

A Rock version of "I Won't Grow Up" kicks off this album with smiles and fun. There are love songs,  multi - layered  instrumentals, and of course there's something about Peter Pan or fairies in a LOT of them.  Other songs offer spiritual encouragement, faith, hope, trust, and of course... some Pixie Dust!, in what often seems to be very dark times. The last song on this first CD, "Who is Peter Pan", summarizes a lot of my life philosophy, and a simple message I wish to share with everyone.

I Won't Grow Up!



The Title Track is a Rock version of the original song form the 1960 Mary Martin Play. Many thanks to my Friend Adrienne and her kids for their ending vocals!


The Castle



Inspired by favorite night spot in Tampa, an amazing and mystical night club where everyone can express themselves freely. You'll see tons of photos form there on the Pixyland website! Fun, fantasy, good times and great music always rule, at The Castle!


Deb's Move



An upbeat jazz-rock, and latin style instrumental that really captures the celebration of life, and the sunshine of Florida. Written one night when I was looking forward to jamming with some friends, but couldn't because the keyboard player (Debbie) was busy preparing for a move to another house. Hence the name Deb's Move!


Hey You



A very mellow and 'old school' light hearted love song whose lyrics are quite possibly sweet enough to make your teeth hurt.


Light In Texas



A song dedicated to a once very special and far away 'Wendy' friend. I'm in Tampa Bay, Florida, and she was all the way over in Texas. That's still a whole lot closer than the second star on the right!


Mercy For Madness



Full Version (Not a sample) Retro (70's) style tune with a powerful message of spiritual encouragement, for anyone who has found God to be silent during a personal "dark night of the soul". This was my earliest work, and I've always felt it should be available in it's entirety for free. You can also view the Lyrics here.


June Bird



A fun instrumental with many layered guitars and electronic sounds, inspired by the song of a bird that came in June, after a particularly stormy season.


Hold On



Light acoustic song of spiritual encouragement, reflecting part of my life's journey. We wonder whether our plans and dreams will ever matter in the grand scheme of things. Yet we often have no clue how much we can accomplish if we simply follow our hearts and then rest, believe, and let God multiply our efforts.


The 'Tink Tink' Song!



Totally fun (and definitely Peter Pan!) 'retro rock' song about Peter's special pal "Tink". This will grow on you and have you singing along! Do you Believe in Fairies?


Who Is Peter Pan?



This is a summation of everything good I wish to share, both as Peter Pan and as a spiritual human being. This song got a bit deep... maybe more so than I intended when I began writing it. Still fun for sure, but serious too. The words call us all to consider the horrors we bring to humanity through intolerance, and how each of us can contribute to making 'better days' for everyone.

And now, announcing...

'Songs from the Year 4-AD'

image of Songs from 4AD Collection Here is the beginning of a new collection of original music I started in celebration of my wonderful wife, Dorothy! These began about 4 years after our joyful Fairy Wedding, so the collection is called Songs from the year 4 AD (After Dorothy!). I'll likely be adding more to this collection over time. For now I am making this bonus disk available with this commemorative photo, containing All songs from the Original CD plus these newer songs as super high quality MP3 files (320 kBPS!!), for easy copying to all your devices. Here are some samples...

Dorothy's Song



"Rock & Roll" song about Peter Pan hooking up with Dorothy, that girl from OZ! Because The 'Never-World', it never seemed... to make me smile, and fill my dreams like her!


Through My Eyes



Sweet tune with a pop/latin feel, all about seeing each other with eyes of love. If ONLY you could see YOU through My Eyes!


Go Out And PLAY!



Serious song with a fun title. Speaks of all the time wasted in virtual worlds, video games and screens, all at the expense of actual playtime with friends in the natural world, and making tangible accomplishments.

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NOTE: J.M. Barrie, author of 'Peter Pan', willed all copyrights to the Peter Pan play to the Great Ormond Hospital for children (England) in 1929. In the spirit and recognition of his wishes, a portion of all music purchases are donated to both the hospital, and reputable charities benefiting needy kids at the end of each year.

I'll soon make my music available on popular streaming services like I-tunes and Google Play. Until then, if you just want a few songs and don't care for the options above, just let me know what tunes you want through my emailcontact form. I'll send you a PAYPAL invoice, and set up your permissions for those songs. Individual songs are currently $1.20 each.

~ Some Reviews! ~

What some of my listeners have to say!

It is Friday night about 1:00am. I was just listening to some of your songs and I felt I had to write you and tell you that "Hold On" is a masterpiece. Everything about this song just moves me the right way...the words, the music, everything is just right. I just thought I would pass that along.... There is a common thread that runs through your writing, the only way I can describe it is Honesty. Yes, that's it. - Honesty.   ... Rodney Miles

Truly, Randy Constan, is a musician who has great talent to successfully compose, sing, and play music of many genres. Not locked into one sound, Randy takes us many places with his lyrics, instrumentation, composition and voice... never boring... deeply thoughtful... extremely playful. Thanks Peter! I can hardly wait to receive your CD!   ... Amelia Davis

I am soooo excited!...Randy's Peter Pan CD has got a great mix of light-and-lively and very deep songs. Makes me want to pixy-dance already!! This has been a true labor of love for him. He's spent countless hours refining all of it, and his efforts have not been in vain. This truly is an incredible music experience. You'll be blessed in hearing it and best of all, you'll be helping children when you buy a copy!    ... Adrienne McClain

More of Peter Pan's Music!

Pan's Classics!

This is a YOUTUBE promo I did for a show I do in local clubs called "Pan's Classics, Songs that never grow Old". Its mainly older "classic rock", acoustic and electric, from America, The Beatles, David Bowie, The Eagles, Crosby Stills & Nash, and electric tunes from The Allman Brothers, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and others. I use a "looper" and drum machine to offer more of a full band sound, which also allows me to play solos.

Make sure to TURN OFF page music before playing this video!!!

Please excuse the sound in these clips, as they were recorded using cameras and phones with poor quality built in mics.

And now for some Jazz!

I studied Jazz for many years just to become a better musician. Though I certainly never became an 'ace' at it, I think it made my playing and song writing more interesting, and I certainly did enjoy playing it, especially the older music from the swing era. I've linked some of my guitar ramblings on these songs below. As with the CD samples clicking any song should play it. (On desktop PCs, they can also be downloaded to your HD drive in MP3 format)

~ ~ Memorial ~ ~

Here I've included some jazz jams with musicians who have since passed away. The first two are with my late friend Bob Wolf on Sax. We called our combo called Just Friends Jazz, signifying an open invitation for friends with instruments to join in. Moonlight in Vermont is really nice. I'm glad to have preserved some recordings while he was still with us. Sorry... no downloads here.

These recordings are a tribute to Charlie Forschner, a fine drummer and friend from New York, now passed. Our combo was called The "Inside Out String Jazz Quartet". Left to Right in this faded photo is Bob Blyman (Bass), a rare capture of me with my 80's "afro doo", followed by Charlie and Fred Talman. These recordings are very old and distorted, but the memory of our good times together will never be so.

Thanks for dropping by!
      More to Come!