Plus, 3 new songs released as of fall, 2013"

To all my Fans and Friends...

In late 2000, I started Peter Pan's Home page , encouraging visitors to follow their dreams, set their inhibitions aside, re awaken their inner child and know that they are who their creator made them to be. I've always strived to demonstrate the joy and freedom that awaits, just by being our 'silly' selves, and the rest as they say, is history. Since 2001, the site has had over 11 million visitors and also raised thousands for kids charities, in the spirit of the original author's (J.M. Barrie) desires. A portion of all CD or MP3 purchases are be donated as well!

Soon after the site began, I added a music page for MP3s of some of my earlier jazz guitar work, along with two contemporary songs I'd written, including "Mercy For Madness" and "Deb's Move." The encouragement and warm response to those tunes was the inspiration for my first CD, "I Won't Grow Up". Then in 2006 I met my Tinkerbell, whose real name is Dorothy (you know... like that grrl from OZ!). We were engaged in 2008 and married soon afterward, and this has inspired a new collection, called "Songs from the Year 4-AD" (4-AD means After Dorothy! ), starting with three new tunes... "Dorothy's Song," "Through My Eyes,", and the latest tune, "Go Out and Play"

Lower quality (low bitrate) Full versions of these songs are available for listening at my my Reverb Nation page, or my Facebook Music Page. If you'd like to hear some short excerpts, and your browser has Flash capability (to be updated soon, sorry!), you can also click on any of the little PLAY buttons below to hear a portion of the selected tune. If you do NOT have flash installed, do not use Facebook and can't reach the Reverb Nation site, you can click on any of the actual song titles to download the short clip, as a higher quality MP3. (depending on the browser, those might NOT 'stream, so you might have to wait for the download to complete before you can hear or play it). The FLASH (Play button) version of Mercy For Madness' is offered its full version here.

Please note: By making a lot of this music available I am essentially "paying it forward". If you like a song, collection or CD, it is to your benefit to Purchase a copy. First of all, the audio quality of the music on the CD, bonus disk, or the MP3s you purchase here is vastly superior to what the Reverb Nation (or Facebook App ) player allows. These players max out at 128Kbps, which no musician or listener should settle for, except as a sample. My MP3s are encoded to 192Kbps, and the CDs are obviously perfect. The difference is definitely apparent when listening with ear-buds, or over a good home or car stereo system, especially at moderate and higher volume. Also, aside from supporting independent music which you will not hear on commercial radio stations, 20% of all music sales (and 100% during the Christmas Holiday season!) is given directly to local and international charities benefiting children in need. Your small purchases add up! So if you won't purchase the music, we're all missing out.

Songs from 'I Won't Grow Up'

A Rock version of "I Won't Grow Up" sets the stage for some smiles and fun. There are songs of love,  multi - layered  instrumentals, and of course tunes with Peter Pan themes. (Actually, there's something about Peter Pan or fairies in a LOT of them.) Other songs offer spiritual encouragement, and all encourage faith, hope, trust, (and of course... some Pixie Dust!), in what often seems to be some very dark times. The last song on this first CD collection, "Who is Peter Pan", sums up the message I believe I've been given to share with everyone, world wide.

I Won't Grow Up! The Title Track is a "Rock & Roll" version of the original song form the 1960 Mary Martin Play. Many thanks to my Friend Adrienne and her kids for the fun inserts and ending!
The Castle Inspired by favorite night spot in Tampa, an amazing and mystical night club where everyone can express themselves freely. You'll see tons of photos form there on the Pixyland website! Fun, fantasy, good times and great music always rule, at The Castle!
Deb's Move An upbeat jazz, rock, and latin style instrumental that really captures the celebration of life, and the sunshine of Florida. Written one night when I was looking forward to jamming with some friends, but couldn't because the keyboard player (Debbie) was busy preparing for a move to another house. Hence the name Deb's Move!
Hey You A very mellow and light hearted love song whose lyrics are quite possibly sweet enough to make your teeth hurt.
Light In Texas A song dedicated to a very special but far away 'Wendy' friend. I'm in Tampa Bay, Florida, and she's all the way over in Texas. But hey, that's a whole lot closer than that second star on the right!
Mercy For Madness Full Version (Not a sample) Retro (70's) style tune with a powerful message of spiritual encouragement, for anyone who has found God to be silent during a personal "dark nights of the soul". This was my earliest work, and I've always felt it should be available in it's entirety for free. You can also view the Lyrics here.
June Bird A fun instrumental with many beautifully layered guitars and electronic sounds, inspired by the song of a bird that came in June, after a particularly stormy winter.
Hold On
(No Deadlines With God!)
Light acoustic song of spiritual encouragement, reflecting part of my life's journey. We wonder whether our plans and dreams will ever matter in the grand scheme of things. Yet we often have no clue how much we can accomplish if we simply follow our hearts, and then rest, believe, and let God multiply our efforts.
The 'Tink Tink' Song! Totally fun (and definitely Peter Pan!) 'retro rock' song about Peter's special pal "Tink". This will grow on you and have you singing along! Do you Believe in Fairies?
Who Is Peter Pan? This is a summation of everything good I'd like to share both as Peter Pan, and as a spiritual human being. This song got pretty deep... much more so than I realized when the work began. It is fun, for sure, but serious too. The words call us all to consider the horrors we can inflict on each other through intolerance, but also how easily each of us can contribute to making 'better days'.

And now, announcing New Music!!

'Songs from the Year 4-AD'

Here is the beginning of a new collection of original music I started recently, in celebration of my wonderful wife, Dorothy! As I write this, its just 4 years since we had our joyful Fairy Wedding, and our union has inspired some new tunes. So the collection is called Songs from the year 4 AD (After Dorothy!). I'll be adding more to this collection over time and eventually release another official CD. For now I am making a bonus disk available with this commemorative photo, containing all the newer songs as high quality MP3s (They are also available as individual files, see below for details). Here are some samples!

Dorothy's Song "Rock & Roll" song about Peter Pan hooking up with Dorothy, from OZ! The 'Never-World', it never seemed... to make me smile, and fill my dreams like her!
Through My Eyes Sweet tune with a nice pop/latin feel, all about seeing each other with eyes of love. If ONLY you could see YOU through My Eyes!
Go Out And PLAY! Serious song with a fun title. Speaks of all the time wasted and lost forever in virtual worlds, video games and screens, at the expense of actual playtime spent in the natural world, with real people, and actual tangible accomplishments.

In the spirit and recognition of the wishes of J.M. Barrie,author of 'Peter Pan', who willed all copyrights to the Peter Pan play and story to the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in England in 1929, 20% of all music purchases ( and 100% during the Christmas Holiday season) are donated to both the hospital as well as local and international charities benefiting needy children at the end of each year. Please note: By making a lot of this music available in full versions on my PeterPan's Music Facebook and Reverb Nation pages, I am essentially "paying it forward". If you like a song, collection or CD, please purchase a copy. Aside from supporting the charities, this is the only way independent music is supported. You'll seldom hear ANY indie music on commercial radio stations, and your small purchases really do add up!

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* * * ~~ Reviews! ~~ * * *
What some of Peter's listeners have to say!

It is Friday night about 1:00am. I was just listening to some of your songs and I felt I had to write you and tell you that "Hold On" is a masterpiece. Everything about this song just moves me the right way...the words, the music, everything is just right. I just thought I would pass that along.... There is a common thread that runs through your writing, the only way I can describe it is Honesty. Yes, that's it. Honesty.   ... Rodney Miles

Truly, Randy Constan, is a musician who has great talent to successfully compose, sing, and play music of many genres. Not locked into one sound, Randy takes us many places with his lyrics, instrumentation, composition and voice…never boring…deeply thoughtful…extremely playful…Thanks Peter! I can hardly wait to receive your CD!   ... Amelia Davis

I am soooo excited!...Randy's Peter Pan Cd should be ready sometime next month!!!...everyone's going to love it!'s got a great mix of light-and-lively and very deep songs on it...makes me want to pixy-dance already!! ...This has been a true labor of love for him...he's spent countless hours refining and re-refining all of it!...His efforts have not been in vain...this truly is an incredible music experience, you'll be blessed in hearing it...and best of all, you'll be helping children when you buy a copy!    ... Adrienne McClain

More of Peter Pan's Music!

Few things make us see how much we all have in common as well as our music and our art!
(The Rest of the Story!)

As both a guitarist and an inventor, well acquainted with computers, music and electronics, I've experimented with recording since the days of reel to reel tape decks, and have watched the development of software based music sequencers and "MIDI" since the days of ATARI computers! But despite the surge in technology, it is only recently that high quality equipment and music software have become affordable on some level, to everyone. Now, even a weekend warrior musician can turn their songs and recordings into polished works and turn out high quality music, if they are willing to invest the time!

Indeed, the first version of the 'Mercy For Madness' song was done back in the 80s using an inexpensive 'Casio' keyboards, an 8 bit ATARI computer, guitars, and several stand alone tape recorders. I finally converted the 'cassette' tape version to MP3 format to put up on the web site in 2001!. And as an aside, even though the current version has been completely re-done, I still imported some of the original lead guitar into latest version, to preserve what had become a 'classic' background to me. But the point is, things have really come a long way!

But new technologies create new problems! One of the things I wrestled with on and on, ad infinitum, was that learning to record, mix, and master, is just about as complex as learning to play an instrument well! So aside from having to compose for instruments I normally don't play, I was constantly re-recording and re-mixing as I learned more about how this is done, and what I'd done wrong on the previous attempt. It was a never ending and frustrating circle of learning more, re-doing, mixing again, sometimes re-recording tracks, on and on and on, until I had gotten a full year behind meeting my own completion goals! I was originally determined to get this CD done in late summer of 2004, followed by an absolute (and broken) promise of completion by Christmas of that year. This was the main reason you've not seen many site updates or photos of new costumes, etc. this year. Though I knew there would never be a magic point of perfection, I was determined to get everything the very best I could, and get this CD project done!!! Now that is it, I'll be updating other things again!

And now, for some Jazz!Because of my jazz influence, many of the songs on the CD actually are fairly harmonically complex, despite the fact that their styles are all pretty contemporary (if not retro, rock, acoustic, or 'techno'). But I also enjoy playing Jazz, and particularly the older jazz from the swing era, and the days of great players like Charlie Parker (Bird!), Oscar Peterson, Wes Montgomery, Johnny Smith, and many others. I would have put a few of these tunes on the CD, but decided against. While the technology exists for me to make a recording with a full band even without having one, the lack of real interaction between musicians just doesn't work in that kind of jazz. So I've made some of my guitar ramblings on these songs available for free download below. As with the CD samples, Flash players are provided for eas of listening, but they can also be downloaded in MP3 format (if you have the patience). I've included the approximate size of each file in megabytes because even with a fast internet connection, these files do take time to download. If you like this music (or the CD music) and you're a musician local to Tampa, feel free to contact me via email if you'd be interested in a jam.

By the way, I've also included a few songs done with my friend Bob on Sax, from our former Just Friends Jazz combo (see photo below). The songs with Bob have a red * in their links. Jazz is not static, and so I may add and remove from this section at any time. So remember to save anything you like on your own system.

~~~~~ So Here are some Old and Newer Jazz Standards I like to Play ~~~~~



Grrl From Ipanema

Moonlite In Vermont

Donna Lee

Autumn Leaves

Round Midnight

My Favorite Things

It Could Happen 2U

Just Friends Jazz band

I mentioned that I used to perform with my friend Bob Wolf on Sax, in a group we called 'Just Friend's Jazz'. The name is taken from the traditional Jazz song 'Just Friends', and signifies an open invitation for anyone to join in the jam. Moonlight in Vermont is really nice.

~~~~~ Some Songs With Bob on Sax ~~~~~

~~~~~ And on a sad note ~~~~~
Tribute to Charlie Forschner, a fine drummer and friend

A few years back, I was saddened to learn of the passing of Charlie Forschner, a friend from times past in New York. Charlie was a very creative drummer, a wonderful person with an unbeatable sense of humor, and the news of his demise was quite a shock. My heart and condolences still go out to his wife and children. Many of our jams went on for much longer than I could ever put in an mp3 file, but here are a few songs with Charlie at the drums. My friend Fred Talman and I are on guitar, and the bass player is Bob Blyman. These recordings are from around 1985 and a bit old and distorted. But the memory of our good times together will never be so.

Donna Lee  

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