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A journey of 1000 miles begins with a first step (..Not sure who said this, some say Confucius, other say King Lau Tzu. But my Dad used to say it ALL the time!)

The Internet has made it possible to make all of our thoughts available to everyone... quite literally, the whole world! In doing so, our capacity to touch lives, make friends, and share interests has been multiplied beyond anything before in history. Well I, for one, have a lot to share. So much in fact, that I've avoided starting this process for a very long time, as it seemed an endless task. But as my Father always said, a journey of 1000 miles begins with the first step!

So with that said, here is my 'home home' page. No, I didn't mistype. My interests are sufficiently diverse, that this starting 'home' page will also serve as a launch pad for many home pages. kind of a 'site map' to my life! That may or may not make sense, but it will help me to organize my thinking a little! Bear with me though, as this is a labor of love that will likely branch out a long way. And though one of my many interests is computer programming, building web sites is something I've still much to learn about.

Peter Pan's Home page!
My business card says "Guitarist, Inventor, Engineer, Eternal Child". That last item should give you some insight into myself, and that's what this site is about. It may seem to be more of a vanity page than anything else, but it is more. It is an opportunity to share my dreams and through doing so, make new friends and see just how many other "eternal children" are out there.

My Music
As a guitarist for many years, I've done some songwriting, played in some bands, and have worked extensively with midi, electronics, and software to enhance my craft. Recent technology certainly has made this an exciting time to be a musician! After much encouragement from fans and friends, I've compiled a CD with several original tunes (plus one 'cover' song) ranging in style from rock/alternative to 'techno' to latin and light jazz. That's the CD cover on the right, and yes, the one 'cover' song is a Rock version of the familiar 'I won't Grow Up!' All the instrumentation, vocals, and arrangements on this CD are my own, and your purchase of this CD will aid kids charities as well! On this page you'll also be able to hear some of my older jazz ramblings, some with canned backgrounds and others live, in both swing/bebop styles as well as some less structured free improvisation. Enjoy!

Through The Cracks Ministries.
I make no claim to being a prophet or special messenger of any kind, but it doesn't take any special gift to see how many religious organizations are failing to represent Christ and the Love of God, and letting too many people fall "Through the Cracks". This is not always the case, but it happens far too often. The Lord has asked only one thing of me, and that is to tell his children that he loves ALL of them. So if you've ever sought the Lord and found yourself beaten down by religion, you should definitely check into this site.

Elfin Technologies
For my so called "day job", I've been a computer programmer and an electronic designer for many decades now (I'm older than I look! ). Now as an independent innovator, I've created this website to begin to inventions and home grown devices, many related to music, while offering a myriad of electronic and software design services. While everything I do these days is a labor of love, this site will hopefully produce some revenue as well. This site is reasonably mobile friendly, though I expect actual visitor product research will still be done best with a desktop machine, where product details and images can be better viewed. A link to my professional resume is here as well.

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-- By the Way! --
It is 2015 as I write this updated note, and many pages on some of these sites were first created back around the year 2000! Even on some newer pages the styling is mostly "old school", and will likely stay that way even as I update the coding. The majority of it still displays on any browser of almost any age, which is a testament to the authors committment to compatibility and is one reason the site won a Webby Award a year after it debuted. Note that some of it now does require Javascript and cookies to work correctly, so if you disable either and something does not work, don't shoot the messenger! Note too that the code was all written before smart phones or tablets, and while I am slowly making the pages more mobile friendly over time, for now expect to deal with very small text on lots of pages. The site is huge so you'll need to be patient about such updates. Enjoy.