Important Email Notice! Please read carefully.

It takes me a while to catch up sometimes but I still try to answer all my email, especially for first time writers. I read everything sent, even if I have to sometimes respond with a 'canned' email. So if you don't get anything back from me within a week or two, be suspicious: There is a good chance either your mail is not getting through, or my return mail is being blocked by the internet services you use. So in order to best ensure we can get each other's mail, without resorting to silly 'form' type emails, please make sure you do all the following:
  • When you click the email link, you'll see the words 'Pixyland mail' in the subject line. You may add to it, but don't delete those words or your mail may be viewed as suspicious by my filters.
  • Refrain from using any 'non pixie safe' language, to avoid your mail being trapped by filters that look for offensive content'
  • Make sure your email provider will let you see my responses. This typically means taking my email address, and putting it into you're 'whitelist', or at least checking your 'BULK' mail folders occasionally. As I get lots of mail, my address is often used by 'SPAM"-ers, and most companies try to filter email these days., for example, is known to be a major problem, blocking all mail they 'think' is 'SPAM', without even letting their customers know. If I can't reach you because the return mail is blocked, there's little I can do.
  • Do not send any attachments other than straight GIF or JPG graphics, and never more than a few hundred K-bytes without asking first. Any other file types sent to this address will likely cause the email to be deleted before I see it.

One other thing... please be aware that there are impostors out there that claim to be me, usually to discredit my website by sending out nasty email with my return address, or just playing games to see what friends of mine they can fool. So look carefully before opening ANY email attachments you receive, even if they seem to come from my website (especially if you didn't write to me recently!) Anything that comes with an attachment that is not a simple graphic (GIF or JPG file) is probably a phony. And anything that seems explicit or is simply not nice did NOT come from me either.

Always use the link below (you may have to scroll down) to reach me, especially if you have not written in a while, in case I change the address from time to time. I apologize for the inconvenience!

Email PeterPan!