'T'-Shirts, 'Undies', and Photos!

I hope you'll not only get some of these fun 'Pixyland' promos, but will display and wear them proudly!

By now you know that an awful lot of people have visited this site, and many write wonderful letters of how it has inspired them to take a chance, and live their dreams a little more. But many are also not quite ready to go out dancing in pixie glitter-star pants! (see the fashion page!). Well here's a way that you can quietly tell the world that you're not afraid to support the harmless fun of expressing our 'inner children', while benefiting kid's charities at the same time.

The T-shirts contain the now well known 'Shed' Flying shot, and for the signed photos, you can also choose the new High Flying Close up. Tbhere is also a very limited supply of purple pixie panties! (No, I won't model them here!) All items except the undies display the website URL, and the 'T' shirt and mouse pad images are surrounded by a green oval-shaped background, with the friendly invitation to....

Below re some admittedly hastily done photo showing all these items, Shirt, Mouse Pads and photos, and below that is a closeup of the T-Shirt graphic. If you ask for a photo, remember to tell me which one you want, whether you want it signed, and if so, who to? (Peter Pan doesn't say 'to whom' )

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