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I would really like to think I helped inspire all this, but I'm sure it's WAY bigger than me! A few years back in 2003, I got a call from a fan named friend Jessica in Orlando, who decided to have a Pixie/Fairy themed party for her Birthday. Then, since I myself turned 5 that same year (we don't count second digits around Pixyland!), I had my own similarly themed pixie party. Well the trend has continued! A year later, my favorite night club here in Tampa (The Castle) had their own Pixie themed 'Midsummer nights Dream' party, and then in 2005, a local Friend Rebecca Croft had another! There was even a grand fairy ball called 'Labyrinth' in Hollywood in 2005 which I attended, and of all stupidities, forgot my camera! DUHH!!!

Well anyway, here are some photos from some of these Pixie Parties!. The link to my own party is on a separate page for now. Enjoy!!!

Jessica's Orlando Party Peter Pan's '5th' Birthday Castle's Midsummer Night's Dream Rebecca's Clearwater party Labyrinth 2005 Labyrinth 2006

~~~ Jessica's 2003 Orlando Party~~~

Here's some pictures from Jessica's Pixie Birthday
Party, in Orlando Florida! I've only put a few of the many pictures
here, but her friend Jen has placed many more at
THIS link.

Here's Jess!
Great party grrl! You rock!
At midnight, 'Peter' started all the fairies dancing in the moonlight
with bubbles and colored lights setting the mood. What fun!

~~~~~ Castle's Midsummer Night's Dream Party ~~~~~

These are from the Midsummer Nights Dream Party at my favorite nightclub,
The Castle. Perhaps a shameless plug, but you'll easily see why the second song on my
CD is called 'The Castle', and is dedicated to this super fun place.

~~~ Rebecca's 2005 Clearwater party ~~~

Here are just a few of probably hundreds of pictures from Rebecca's Pixie Themed
Midsummer Nights Dream Party in Clearwater, Florida. The environment was awesome, a beautiful
area with an island in the center, connected to the mainland by a bridge.
That's Rebecca, first shot on the left.

~~~ Labyrinth, Hollywood, 2005 ~~~

Here I was at the biggest Pixie Party I've ever seen, and without my camera!
AHHHH!!! So all I have is a few shots sent by a few folks I met there. Hopefully,
the many fans of the website I met will eventually send some of their shots.

And fortunately,
Labyrinth is a pretty big deal and
they have their own website, where you can surely find more photos.
This is a relatively new variation of my 'Purple Pixie'outfit by the way.
I've no idea why it shows up blue in dark lighting sometimes.

UPDATE: New Link for Labyrinth 2006! This time, I have PLENTY of photos!!!!

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