Pixie Friends Page
Last Updated 5/29/08

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I started this page after many of you sent pictures in costume, and said you wouldn't mind them being on the web site. Soon after, more and more joined in and sent pictures. In fact, I never dreamed so many pictures would come in! The page is growing so fast I can hardly keep up with it, and always apologizing for not getting everyone's pictures up fast enough! I think soon it will be way too big to have in one page, because it already takes forever to download if you only have a modem connection. It is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1040 x 768 or higher. For now I've separated it into section groups with links below, so if you know the area you're looking for, jump there directly and you browser should concentrate on those images. And don't forget the super cute Kids section! My... there's even a pets section now!! The'Pixie Party' section became so huge, I finally had to create a separate page!

Grrls Section Bois Section Couples-Groups Kids Section Pixie Pets Pixie parties

~~~ Grrls Section ~~~

Kate Takes off!
A Pixie-Glitter grrl, with friend
Fairy Meredith. (TV star!)
Rachel the water fairy!
Robin the Prancing Fairy
Disco Fairy Hortensia,
with Ne-Fairy-ous Michelle.

Fairy Jessalynn
My Friend Patina
(Pa-TINK-a) from LA

My Friend Adrienne- the 'Goth' Tink

And her Sister Katrina-Tink :-)

Fairy Nicole

Rowan Ashe fae

Fairy Gabriel

Portugese for 'little Pixie'

'XuXu'... the Skip Fairy

Melanie... the 'Dark Fairy'

Charstenne, Woodland Fae

Liselotte... Bedtime Pixie

Johanna, Festival Fae.

Hey... look!
It's my old partner in pixie-dust,

A Fairy of the night

Here's Libby.. a very
'Casual' Tink fairy!

And to contrast, here's Christine...
A much more 'formal' fairy

Here's Shannon, the Angel!

Lauren as Tink. Nice Job!

Hey... Yurri Fairy! :-)

Jewel Practicing her Flying lessons! & pose!

And Leighlei hasn't grown wings yet, but somehow I think they will sprout any day now!

Sara as Tink. Nice outfit & pose!

Dancing Dianne Fairy!

Neda the Shy fairy
Kristina (Krista-Bell!), a California Pixie
Maureen, a Nevada Fairy friend
Fairy Lelio, at the fair
Stephanie Tink
Lilly the Forest Sprite
Emily: Posing Pixie
Happy Elfin Natalie
Two Simones! One: peter Pan
Two: Simone Tink

Here's Susan, a Fairy from Finland!

Devon, A Tree Girl, in a 'Pan like' outfit

Christina Tink

Sheina, A Fae Spirit from Tampa
Matalie The Fairy Godmother
Shaniqua, who proudly declares...
Paula Bell, with musch Pixie Dust!
Karla the Pixie Fairy
And this is Grae as Tink. Great hair!
And Hey... I hope someone else
is doing the flying tonight. Don't want any 'FWI' tickets! :-)
Kim the Pixie, from Virginia
Sarah Tink. Whadda Pretty Fairy!

Happy Abbie Fairy

Jessica fae

'Kat', the elf!

Pixie Tierra

~~~~~ 'Bois' Section ~~~~~

Geoffrey The Elf
Matthew, the proud Peter Pan!
Mack Pan.
Micheal, a pixie pal that hasn't grown wings yet.
John and Jim
Freddie, the WIZZARD!
Traditional Irish Max
Rusty Pan. Hey... that's my hair!
Running Fairies. A new Olympic Sport?
Gary the Elf
Ryan and friends, the Super Pixies!
The world is now a safer place to be!

Three Pans! One getting a flying lesson!

Here's two of Tinkerbell Bill Shultz, former editor of 'Stuff' Magazine.

Back in June 2001, he did an article on me in 'Stuff' called 'This Man Thinks He's Peter Pan'.     So....     Look who's 'flying' now Bill!  

And Here's a retired cop named Lar, who knows that after work
There's still TIME to play!

Here's Tom, the Bubble Fairy!

Justin the flying Dragon!

Here's Kyle, Celebrating his 'inner fairy' Bravo!

John C, Taking off to the sky!

Christian was a Fairy Princess today :-)

And this is Michielio, the angry Leprechaun :-)

Hereeeee's... Johny Pan!, who says 'yeah... so wot?'

Cutie Raul Pixie and Canible, Mexico

Brook... Winging it!

Mark, the relaxed party pixie

Haylee, the sipping fae!

Johnny, the happier Pan!

Dan Pan!! from Canada

~~~ Couples, Pairs, and mixed Groups~~~

Jelly and Anna-Bell
Justin Pan and Ashley-Bell
Lauren 'Moon' and Kelly-Tink

Sonny and Bunny. Awwwww!!!

Real bunnies...Ellan and Friend

Adriana and Jonathan, Halloween 2003
Amber, Matt, Stephanie, Bill, and Liz
Hook & the Black Fairy!
My friend Adrienne and I, with her kids at the movies (the latest Harry Potter!). In the left photo, that's Michael, Adrienne, Destiny, Me, and Ashley at the bottom. (See Ashley in the kids section too, as 'Tink'!)
Molly & Kelly... sister fae!
Dave and Erica as Pete & Tink
OK... who sent me this pic? If you recognize it, Lemme know!
Chad the Frat Fairy & Tinker Gordon
'Fish' And Katie. Katie says... "Excuse my friend, he's on the shy side"

Frangi Pangi and ButterCup"
'Star' with Tink
Pan-Dean and some of his Fae Friends
Here are two shots of my new Pixie pal Dorothy, taken at the 2007
Ren Fair. As you might suspect, we've been borrowing each other's outfits a bit,
and you'll likely see more pics of her at pixyland soon.

And here is Robyn and daughter Alexandra, dear friends in LA,
very magical people with or without wings.

~~~~~ Kids Section ~~~~~

Amanda as Tink
Ashley, a Tink with attitude!
Gryphon as Hook!!!

Pixie Amber
Peter! (Adam)...
A child after my own heart!
Bunny Bridget with Joey (Peter)
John Paul and friend at a recent Birthday!
Jennifer the 1/2 Angel
Alexa... the itty bitty pixie!
Spider-Boy Cale!
Kortni Tink!
Nick & Gerry... lost boys!

Baby Tink Alanna!

Deliah, a tiny budding pixie

My Neice, Amber!

Melanie And Baby Fae

Brittney, Olivia, and Daniel

Simi And Jerry, from 1982!

Cheyanne Tink

Submitted by a proud mother, we'll just call this fella 'Pixie-B',
as he is now much older and wishes to remain anonymous.

Note 'Pixie-B's' sister being restrained in the background, because her brother stole her fairy outfit!

Jack The Fairy, Submitted by another
proud mom

Courtney from Union Gap, Wa. 7 years old

The Fastejo Family. Mom is Wendy, and daddy is Hook,
But he's taking the picture.

This poor pixie looks mad at the world! :-(

I'll bet fairy Rhiannon could cheer her up!

Fairies Marle and Melissa, posing pixies!

Rachael, Fashion model pixie!

~~~~~ New 'Pets' Section ~~~~~

Pete and Tink Doggies!
Wheezer pixie-doggie

Sammioe-Pan and Tinker-Horse!

Savoc, another doggie fairy!

More Fairy Doggies! How about some Kittys!

OK... well Here's MY kitty... Tigger-Bell!, who later turned
into an Axe-Murderer kitty, probably beacause of this!

And another feline fae,
the 'Fairy Can Mother' from Scottland!

Come on!... send in your pictures!