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Last Updated 5/02/08

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Over time, people have been sufficiently inspired by this website to do some pretty artistic things with my images. Some of these are computer images, where popular art and photo rendering programs were used to produce some fun and unsual effects. But there's much more to it han that! I also have actual large Oil or Acrylic paintings, hand drawings, and even a 'Peter Pan' Paper doll cutout project, based on my likeness. This page is long overdue, and I offer my humble apologies for its delay to everyone who's work is included! But now that the page has begun, you are welcome to submit any work you'd like displayed.

For some art works shown here, only the artist's first name is given, unless the sender requests that full name or contact info be posted. For electronically submitted items, I've tried to present items at or near the sender's original sumbission. For physical drawings or painting I have to either photograph or scan myself, I've provided a link to view a larger image that will likely exceed your screen size to display. These are unformatted, so that you'll have to use your browser's 'BACK' button to return here. They are provided mainly for those who wish to print a copy of the artists work or project.

Crafts Section Paintings Drawings Images

~~~ Crafts ~~~

A Randy Pan Paper Doll

Asta Sigur, an artist and fan from Denmark, sent me these color drawings in the classic
'dress up' Paper Doll style. I found this unbelievably funny and it made me smile from ear to ear!
She started with a drawing of me, followed by drawings of a 'Peter Pan', Fauntleroy, Pink Pixy,
and Blue Boi outfits. Each has little tabs so they could be cut out and attached to
the cut out image of ME!

To print these out, first click on the left image (for a larger view), save it to your computer disk,
and then hit the 'BACK' button and repeat with the image on the right. Later, you can print the
images on your color printer.

~~~ Paintings ~~~

Peter and Tink

Actually, no title was given, but none is needed. My friend Adrienne McClaine painted this after telling me
of an idea for a project that popped into her head, that she couldn't get to stop until she painted it.
Very cute idea, and beautifully done!It's actual size is 20" x 16". You can click on this
for a larger view to save and print. Use your 'BACK' button to return.

Peter Pan

By 'Jane', a court reporter, and freind of an lawyer I know. Funny story. Several years ago I was testifying
in court concerning a technical matter, involving a company I worked for at the time. I was NOT dressed
as Peter Pan at the hearing, and I don't know how she knew me, as the web site was very new at the time.
Just the same, Jane was inspired to create this somewhat impressionistic piece, the laywer and I later
became good friends. It's true that the correct phrase is 'second star to the right'. Perhaps she was surmising
which way my political views might lean. :-) Once again, you can click the image for a larger view to
save, and use your 'BACK' button to return.

Peter Pan

By Leslie Drury. An interesting Dog like Peter pan image. It was sent electronically so I'm not sure
of its original size, but the elctronic full image size sent is viewable by clicking.

~~~ Drawings and Computer Artwork~~~

Funny Faced Peter Pan

A Drawing by Ariel Arch. JPG size is as received.

South Park Peter Pan!

Sent by Stace Bell.

Yet Another Doggie Pan!

Submitted by Emelie Winter in Sweden.

Fairy Chick
A second of two drawings by Issac Solomon.
This is also displayed exactly as received.

Fairy Chick
A sketch of Tink from Stephanie

Elf Swing, and Welcome to Pixyland!

Two beautifully done original computer graphics,
Courtesy of 'Cat', of Le Chat Designs

Submission by Lisa Van Arsdale

~~~ Superimposed Images (Photo Shop©, Paint Shop©), etc. ~~~

Some of the many creative images sent me over time. Because I get so many like this
All can not be displayed, and some of may have to be re-sized. But if you sent me something and you think I've missed it, please re send!

Sitting on Bubble Cow, by: Leeroy

Submitted by: Elizabeth Overdorff

An unfortunately annonymous submission, which I had to shrink, despite it's intentention to be 'wallpaper' for your screen.

Submission by Mike Pellicone, a 'Believer!'

Submission by Daniell And Darby, more Believers!

Killer Pan, by: Leeroy

Even more 'Killer!' the 301 (LOL) by John Stiles

Not So 'Killer!' the Blueboy,
by Johnathan Hatt

Way NOT So 'Killer!', an untitled work
From Chris, in germany

Submitted by: Tedra

Submitted by: Scott Thiltgen

Submitted by: Robert Zakon

Submitted by: Scott McCaslin

Author Unknown??

Submitted by: Melissa Dummett

Submitted by: Gilbert Johnson

Submitted by: Dean McKeever

Three Panel cartoon, Submitted by: Brent and Kristen

Submitted by: Lina Lundstedt and the Swedish Pixies

Submitted by: Kimmy Nevas

Submitted by Rayne, Xena, & Umeko

Submitted by: Marcus