Just Use Your Imagination ...
(A tribute to Jane Norman, 1934-2017)

Pixanne's Magicland

(Pixanne singing "Just Use Your Imagination"   -  800K)



With a handful of "pixie dust" and an ocean-full of talent, Jane Norman (pretty on the inside and pretty on the outside, too) has flown into the hearts of children and adults who watched her for over a decade as "Pixanne"

Pixanne singing "Pretty On the Inside"
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Wendy Witch & Oggie Owl:

Jane as Wendy Witch
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Click here for an MP3 of Pixanne singing the Forest song

hubba hubba
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Story Time!

Listen to Pixanne telling the spooky story of ... Gobey:

(It's big)   gobey.mp3    7M



lots of mail

Pixanne flew every Monday through Saturday on the CBS Television station WCAU-TV, in Philadelphia, from 1960 to 1970. Then she moved to New York, where her show was nationally syndicated for six more years.

Pixanne singing "Wishing Magic"
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In a Christmas Mood with Jane Norman:

In a Christmas Mood with Jane Norman

Features 12 Christmas tunes, 5 of them originals by Jane!

Released in 1996, by Pix Records of Gladwyne, PA.

From the liner notes:

"Jane Norman, television's PIXANNE, brings to her adult fans the same warmth, love and special feelings they remember as children. Her unique voice and passion will put lovers, friends and family In A Christmas Mood."


Pixanne singing a lullaby
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The above photo is couresty of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia website. Picture ownership, used with permission, remains the property of Pixanne Enterprises, Ltd.




The Musical Magic of Pixanne:

Pixanne lp
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with her pals Joey Jabberdrag, Wendy Witch, and Oggie Owl

Truly, an unbelievable musical experience. 

Jane, as Pixanne and Wendy ... and maybe everyone else, takes you on a trip through the Magic Forest, where she meets friends, sings songs and tells stories.

Joey Jabberdrag is really happy, just because it's a happy day!

Pixanne singing "It's a Happy Day"
happy.mp3     1.2M

Wendy Witch zips in on her Witchmobile (luckily she is a good witch, not the bad Hansel & Gretel kind) and tells us of her trip to the EEP EEP Planet. "There all kinds of strange creatures that live on the EEP EEP Planet".

Wendy singing the "EEP EEP" song
eep.mp3     1.2M

Click here to hear Wendy's song
wendy.mp3     175K

All the singing wakes cranky Oggie Owl up ... but he cheers right up and joins in!

Pixanne & Oggy singing "HI DEE HI DEE HI"
hideehi.mp3     2.3M

Listening to this album was an incredible trip back in time. A very special day, indeed.

Pixanne singing "It's a Special Day"
special.mp3     1.1M




psig.jpg (25393 bytes)

That green felt tip pen is pretty convincing (only Jane knows for sure)




Click for the interview

Here's a great interview with Jane from the Christmas album time. By John Scanlon, Times Staff Writer

Another superb interview with Jane from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Sunday, November 24, 1996.



Jane Norman at the Piano:

Janet at piano

Maybe she's writing "It's A Happy Day"!



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