School starts in mid summer in Florida.
YUCK! Well, at least I'll be a cute school boi!

This was originally a combination of things I found in a thrift store.
Well, are we ready for school, 'Peter'?

NO!!! I don't wanna go to school! I wanna stay home and play and go swimming!

Well, at least there's lunch time! Maybe I can go fishin' for a while!
Think I'd get in trouble if I went swimming?

What a long day! Glad that's over with! Time to go home and play!
Hmmm... Sure is hot out here, and this pool sure looks tempting.

I know! I'll just say I fell in the pool by accident. Not my fault right?


Oh well!!! Too bad, so sad!

I'm a bad boi!

OK, guess it's time to go home and face the music. Think I'll get a spanking for this? I know! I'll blame it
on the bad grrls at school! I'll just say they threw me in the pond...

for dressing like a sissy!

So what do you think? Should I start a new wet look trend?
In the summertime, everybody in touch with their inner kid likes to get wet!
It's a 'Child' thing!

~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE ~~~~~~~~

I found this really KEWL hat in an antique mall, and all I had to add was
little black ribbon streamers. I also added a little ruffle at the bottom
of the jacket, so it would seem a little longer and 'poof' out a bit more.
And also, this shirt with a 'Peter pan' collar is super cute. I think the overall look is an
improvement on the original!

And because you asked for it, Here's a few closeups of me from the original version...
The BOY Who Gets Thrown in the Pool ...

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