The NEW and Improved Purple Pixy ..., my latest design!

After a few variations, I finally sent a sketch of my idea to a company
called The Magic Wardrobe, the ones who created the Authentic Blue Boy for me.
They made this top, hat, and pants out of stretch velvet, and I added
the Black shirt, belt, ruffled stockings, and Mary Janes!

It is definitely a very cute little outfit!

I'm not super crazy about tight hats like this, as they give me a horrendous case of 'hat hair'. But it is cute the way it's little points match points in the vest part.

Well I had to take at least a few flying 'POSE' shots. It is, after all, a 'Pixie' outfit, so...

It's quite a sweet looking ballet costume at this point I think!
A little WARM for Summer in Florida, but Fall is coming!

Many thanks to Auntie Liz at The Magic Wardrobe
For helping me make this creation a reality. Nice Job!

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