Here's a page with some of my more recent Peter pan Pixy outfits, that I use for more public appearances. This one (staring you in the face at left) was taken hastily on my way out (I just held the camera in front of me and took a shot). It's basically a little bit better made 'ballet' version.

Here's yet another VERY bright and shinny Pixy outfit,
Good for 'GLAM' parties where everyone is Rainbow Brite

A nice Velvet version of Peter Pan!. This is the one I use
for TV and media appearances!

It's hard to believe I've never seen a velvet Peter Pan outfit
like this one, even at some of the best costume shops!

And here is a first time ever view of the mess I call Pixyland

And...For a special new Flying shot, Click here!
Warning: Long download!

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