Here's a page of something I'd call 'Out-Takes',
since they were often photographed hastily on my way OUT!

Out where? Usually to go dancing or clubbing at some
unusual event, or just to do something a little different! These are all outfits
put (or thrown!) together for one particular occasion, and probably will
never be done again quite the same way. I'm sure I'll be
adding more here. Some of this is pretty silly stuff!

To start, here's an eye-irritating combination of Pink and
Blue things, to form a
combination that actually never even
made it out the door.
Even **I** have some limits to where good taste ends!
But it was good for a picture anyway.

Speaking of irritating, how about this retinal barrage of Purple and red.
It was thrown together for Valentine's day at a Goth club, which already must seem like an oxymoron!

This is yet another variation of 'Purple Pixy'. Although this may be
more of a 'Purple Hottie' outfit. As over the top as it seems, it
was perfect for a visit to a local production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I dare say I had some competition there too!

Now, going back to an 'ANGEL' themed
New Year's Party (2003 at 'The Castle' in Tampa),
here was my attempt at a angel outfit.
Of course at this club, most people wear black, to be 'different'.
So I wore white, and I definitely was different! :-)

Here's one lone photo of a hastily made skating dress style
Valentine's day outfit. It actually came out pretty good and it probably
deserves a page of it's own. But even for me this is pretty loud!

The Green Jester... added Feb., 2006, it's kind of a shame I really have few
photos of this outfit. My Favorite club, The Castle, has an anniversary party each year
and the theme this year was related to the circus. I had no idea what to wear, but at the last minute
this was thrown together, virtually 100%, from odds and ends found at a local Thrift store.
You might recognize part of it from the green cheerleader outfit on the 'Grrl' Page These
were taken late 2005, but I was waiting to post it
hoping to get more photos.

More to come on this page, for sure!!!

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