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Pretty in Pink?

Well maybe not all THAT pretty. Personally I think I make a cute boi, but a very UGLY Girl!

I know, I know... I've said time and again that I'm a BOY fairy. But Tampa's huge annual Halloween festival (Guavaween) demanded something unusual, which is a pretty tall order for ME! So here I combined the tights from my Glitter Star Fairy (another 'not so boyish' outfit), with a tu-tu, wand, wings, and some accessories.

Surely I'll never hear the end of this.

But don't call me "Shirley"

Much less elaborate here, with some hand-me-down thrift store tops. Not impressed? I don't blame you.

Haven't lost your lunch yet? OK, Here's a 'school girl' thing I threw together from pieces I found In a thrift store. A little naughty I think!

Skating Anyone?

Found these Skating dresses on E-bay! Both green and blue. Of course it will be a cold day in Florida before I'd get to actually skate with them, but they make good costumes anyway.

I'll call this one 'White Princess'

Again more thrift store finds (I don't think I could sew something like this). I've no doubt this will put an end to requests for girlie outfits!

Here's a couple of 'Cheerleader' outfits!

Found a nice blue tu-tu to go with one of them. Again just thrift store junk. Usually around Halloween a whole lot of things like this show up. No make up, so I'm especially grungy looking in these photos.

Come on, Really? Another Ballerina?

Well at least I'm a LITTLE bit prettier here, so I'll put these last! This was also an E-bay find, and not very pricey either!

That's all the girlie stuff I have for now.

I'm sure more will be added to the page, but here's an important reminder: For grown-ups and children (of ALL ages), playing dress-up is just good fun, and crossing gender lines does not change it into something bad.

What do you think?

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