Peter's 'Grrl' page!

OK OK... I've asserted time and again that I'm a BOY fairy . But Tampa's huge Halloween
festival (Guavaween, 2000) demanded something unusual, which for ME is a tall order!
So I made this, and it worked... I got on TV for the very first time!!! These shots are actually
from the 2003 version of the costume.

I know I'll never hear the end of this!
Personally, I think I make a kute boi, but a very UGLY grrl.
But dressing up is
always fun, for 'children' of all ages! What do you think?

Haven't lost your lunch yet? >gg<
OK, Here's a 'school girl' thing I threw together from pieces
I found In a thrift store. A little naughty I think!

Skating Anyone?

Here's a new 'White Princess' to go with the older Pink Fairy Princess.
I've no doubt this will put an end to 'grrl' outfit requests!

Here's a late 2004 addition of two cute outfits I found at a local Thrift store.
These are either for a Cheerleader or maybe a Dancer in a parade.
I also found a nice blue Tu-Tu to go with the Blue one!

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