My Bunny Wabbit Page!

Recently there was an Alice in Wonderland Themed party at my favorite club,
so I decided to be the Wabbit!. As many of you know, I kind of like bunnies,
have lots of stuffed rabbits,, and have a real rabbit named POOKIE.
If I do more rabbit looks in the future, I'll be sure to add them here. But for now,
I thought you'd appreciate seeing the outfit I put together for this event.

Of Course, no Bunny Suit would be complete without a Fuzzy Tail!!

And here are a few shots from the party!

On the Left is a 'pixie friend', Megan, and I'm not sure who these other grrls were,
that grabbed me for a picture on the right

That's Adrienne as the "Mad Hatter" on the Left, Tammy and Dan on the right.

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