Here once again, Inspired by the famous painting by Gainsborough,
is my latest version of 'Baby Blue Boi'.

The original 'Baby Blue' is Here.)
The reason I remade it is because I've learned a lot more
about making costumes over the years. It may not show in
the pictures, but the older outfit had many many flaws.
My hair was a little longer in these pictures. You'll have to tell me
if you think it's cuter this way, or with the shorter, more pixie like cut.

Here's me in my little faerie
garden in my front yard.

The neighbors must think
I'm a very silly boi!

Here's some shots of me in the back yard
My only problem with this version of the outfit is that I think the way I made the top,
it makes me look FAT!

And here's some 'sit down' shots back near my pool area.
I know some of you would like to see me 'fall' in.
Another time maybe... but not today. :-)

Finally, here's a new TCO shot!
( That's 'Total Cuteness Overload' for newcomers! )
If you look close, you can see 'Pookie', my real wabbit, way up high in his cage trying to get in the picture!


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