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Gainsborough Blue Boy Historic Boy's Clothing

Two things that inspire my sense of style are classical ballet costumes, and the beautiful clothing styles from bygone history (especially children's clothes). For the latter it was often the wealthy showing off, but I just liked the ornate details. Over the years these have inspired me to try my hand at sewing, and this page has some of the results. Some worked and some didn't. In fact, many were the times big wads of strange looking fabric ended up in the trash!

** Why?? **

This goes way beyond vanity! In a world often filled with haters and critics, I hope to encourage current and future generations to explore harmless self expression in spite of negativity. Remember: In the end those who don't accept you won't give back a single one of years in life you wasted trying to impress them.

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No Surprise, I've made LOTs of Pixy Themed Peter pan outfits! Click to see this, the FIRST of my Fashion Pages

Inspired by those Historic children's outfits I mentioned, Here are two variations, in Black and Burgundy

Inspired by the famous Blue Boy painting, one professional costume, and a few silly variations of my own.

Just a couple Christmas Elf and Easter Rabbit photos. I believe in the meaning of these Holidays, but this is just for fun!

My friends have called it the purple PANSY But anyway, I like purple!. And I had help from a California company on some of these.

One very cute outfit! Just a few pics.

Skoool? YUCK! Do I HAVE to? Oh well... I'll have fun AFTER the bell!

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls. (From an old Song by "The Kinks")

Mostly One-Of-A-Kind combos and ideas. Some cool, some awful!"

Definitely my most boring page, but here for the curious!

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