Myspace Warning! Please read carefully!

Peterpan's Only Authorized Myspace!

I do NOT use facebook, Livejournal, or any other systems like this, mainly because they allow identity theft, or at least allow it to go too long without taking action. I do use Youtube occasionally, as they make it fairly painless for someone like me to have unauthorized videos removed quickly. Myspace, until recently, has been pretty good about deleting pages where importers pass themselves as others, but they are getting worse about it, so in the end I may stop using myspace too. I do use it for now, mainly because myspace has helped increase music CD sales. But please be aware that there are many people posing as me on myspace (and other systems, no doubt). To be sure, simply go to my real website and click on the 'myspace' link, as you just did, and use the button above to actually access my real myspace page. When you're there, pay careful attention to the page and it's layout. If you see any other page while surfing myspace that seems to be me, contains my content, but looks different, it may be an impostor. If you find such a site, please help me identify them for removal:
  • Send me a link to the page. There is at least one other older myspace page I maintain, so I'll let you know if it's phony. It will also alert me to report the theft and copyright infringement to myspace.
  • If I confirm that the page is a phony, go ahead and send the impostor a friend request. Then, once accepted, try to post comments on the imposter's page exposing him/her, and pointing all visitors to the real page.