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Another page for die hard fans, Guavaween is Tampa's big annual Halloween bash. Back at the 2000 Guavaween festival, I was (of course) Peter Pan for the day, and then went back as the pink 'Fairy Princess' for the night party. For 2001, a friend and I were special guests on one of the floats and had a great time! Unfortunately I've had to remove many of the photos from the original version of this page because someone once very dear to me has since requested removal. But you get the idea!
Jenny (Tink!)

Before Dusk

Just FYI, the time to get to Guavaween is right around 4:30PM. That's when the daytime 'family' party is winding down, the night time events are hours away, and the traffic and parking are less insane.

Some daytime revelers
The Cow Family!
Uh Oh... a little Capt'n Hook in the making!
Look... A baby Tink!
A possible Invasion from Mars? Can't believe I've fans THAT far!

Friends from The 'Castle'

From a 'devil with the blue dress on' to all manner of ghouls, ghosts, and vampires, these folks from 'The Castle' make for quite a crew! The Castle is a mostly Gothic club, but much like us, the people there enjoy such self expression all the time, and we've always been welcome there. Those who assume that such clubs are all about 'darkness,' foolishly miss the warm hearts behind the colors, that often are full of light.
We each took a picture of each other with our Castle revelers, while heading out to the 'float.'
That's our friend Mike (the 'senator') in the long Black coat. For Mike, this was a very conservative outfit.

From the 'Castle' Float
From the top of the float, you can see 'Tink's' wand waving at the people. In the midst of all the darker and more ghoulish costumes, it was quite a contrast to have Tink and Peter spreading some pixie dust and blowing bubbles.
Everyone loves to scramble for beads thrown by the people on the floats. Lot's of fun!
That's Cynthia on top of the float, on the right, opening more boxes
of goodies to toss to the crowds. Cynthia is the manager
(err... make that Empress!) of the castle!

Thanks for sharing in our fun! If you were with us at Guavaween 2001 and have any other pictures to share, please send a copy!

~~~ The End ~~~

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