What If.....

On the way Down the Yellow Brick Road...

A Certain Fairy Arranged
A little meeting with...

A Certain BOI???

THAT... would be a WONDERFUL...

Collision of Fairy Tales!

Well we're sure not in OZ, Kansas, or Neverland anymore!
...But here we can build our own world of Pixies, Elves, and of course fairies!!! Introducing my wonderful grrl-friend Dorothy. We met in the summer of 2006 (August 13, to be exact) and with that, our tale begins. We haven't got a great deal of photos yet, But we hope what have so far makes you smile.

When we first met, most of the photos we had back then were ones people sent us, and some are very blurry. These two were taken at the last day of a really fun place to dress up and party called the Suncoast Resort, which unfortunately has now closed. But that is where I first met Dorothy, and we had a wonderful and instant connection between us. She didn't have many childlike or fairy like outfits to wear back then, so at first I offered her some of mine. She looked MUCH better in a tu-tu anyway! . Over time we gathered (and often made!) many more fun things to wear. This small photo (right), also taken at Suncoast, was one of the first pixy like skirts we made together. It was three layers a gauzy black material with metallic stars embedded. It was made in haste, but it sure was fun to do and Dory really enjoyed it.

One fun thing we made were these very kewl wings, kind of like a fairy earth mother-nature style, made of all different leaves and plants (artificial that is), wired together. Sadly, you can't see the wings well in these burry photos, but if you look at her eyes you can see that Dorothy is really embracing her inner fairy, and is flying very happily.

This is from Halloween of 2006. Thats Pixie-Pal Adrienne, Dorothy, me, and my friends Sarah (AKA Strawberry shortcake) and Adam, left to right...

Spring Blossom fairy DollFor my B-day in November she got me this beautiful
'Spring Blossom Fairy'.

I was still 5 then and still like TOYs! ("5", since I only count decades these days!) It was one of those amazing things where you go in a shop with a lot of dolls and gift stuff, and all of a sudden there's one that's just looking right at you and makes you smile. I never bought it, but Dorothy went back for it later in secret.

Well seasons do pass quickly when you're having such a bright time as this. Here's a few seasonal shots, one from Christmas at Disney, a New Years club photo, and one from Easter. There will be more over time. You can see that Dorothy decided to cut her hair with bangs again here. I understand, as I too have always subscribed to the 'Big Bangs Theory" of CUTENESS!

We're always looking to find more fun combinations for us to wear together. A good place to start, of course, are the thrift stores. You never know when you're going to find the start of an adorably sweet looking outfit!

One day we found this awesome teal satin dress at one of those stores. It was WAY WAY longer when we got it, so the first order of business was to hem it up to be more childlike. We call this one her Alice in Wonderland dress.(Later, we added a stiff and short white petticoat to wear under it, which really made it 'poof' out). So with that and me in my 'baby blue boi' variation, we now have a great set of matching outfits to wear to go dancing in!

Speaking of dancing, some of you, I'm sure, recognize this unmistakable brick background. It's the 'Castle', one of my favorite clubs of all time, in Ybor City, Tampa.

Here's a few more of us in that outfit combination. Some say we look like Little Bo Peeps. Of course for me, it's little 'BOI' peep.

We like these outfits! These shots, once again, were taken at that Suncoast Hotel where we first met. This was almost a whole year later. We always had a wonderful time there because they had an Outdoor dance event on Sundays that was traditionally a 'dress up' party. Only a few people actually would, but we sure did!! Everyone was really friendly, and they even have a big heated outdoor pool we often ended up swimming in...
(all dressed up ).

Dorothy really likes Pink, and the all time curtsey-est thing to wear in pink has GOT to be a ballet tu-tu! Here Dorothy wore a pink tu-tu, while I wore a variation of my black and white "Little Lord Fauntleroy" outfit with a white tu-tu underneath to complement it. It turned out to be an adorable combination...

OK now... Get ready... here comes yet another Pixyland TCO...
Total Cuteness Overload!!!

And of course...How would Pixyland be complete,
without our most favorite pixie of all time...

Here are some wonderful backyard shots of Dorothy, as our favorite fairy.

From Sunday Dance Parties, to nightclubs and Renaissance fairs...we've had a great time this past year, and are looking forward to many more happy days ahead. Yes, a wonderful collision of Fairy tales it has been. Who knows how much joy we can create together!

Here's one more parting closeup. With faith, trust, and a little Pixie Dust, I'm sure we'll be flying together a long time!