PeterPan's Visits San Francisco...
(The Pixy Tourist!)
For real 'Die Hard' Fans of mine, this page is kind of like a narrated slide show of pictures I took during my trip for theWebby Event. I invite you to join me and share the fun, on a trip filled with many wonderful times

Some shots Around Town

The Webby Event was on a Wednesday night, and I'd done some clubbing and shopping on the day after. Now on Friday, it was time to do some of the typical tourist stuff. Of course I had to visit China Town, and walk around as much as I could, and No trip to SF would be complete without a cable car ride.

What I really like is looking in the stores, especially the ones that have been there forever, and seeing such a feast of detail for the eyes. It's too bad some of these have to be reduced in size, to limit the download time of this very graphic intensive page.

While shopping around town, I found a huge fabric store, where I found many wonderful things and unfortunately spent quite a bit! I even found the exact dark green stretchy lycra I used to make my Ballet Dancer version of the Peter Pan outfit, which is very worn out and needs a re-make. The guy in the photo knew me from the web site too and was real excited about getting an autograph. Too bad he had no authority to grant me a discount! Hmmph! Well I don't have to mention the store's name either! 

Friday Evening Skip around Town

I've already done another page for this called My Friends at ISKIP.COM!
so I won't make the page bigger by putting those pictures here. Check it out later. As usual, many smiles are promised!

Lunch With Dave and John...

Dave and John from Malina films Inc., came to visit on Saturday. Those following my adventures know that they recently came to Tampa to start a Documentary on my life, and they wanted to add some to the end now that the website has gained notoriety and won a Webby Award. They had come by car, and so they kindly gave me a small tour of areas outside of walking (and flying) distance.

Some shots at Golden Gate Park

Here at Golden gate Park, we continued some of the interviews for the film.
It was nice to get away from the city for awhile.

The scenery was beautiful. That's Dave in the picture on the right, filming me as I took a picture of him. I'd call it a Kodak moment, but we were both using filmless digital cameras.

Some shots at Haight Ashbury

Being a Child of the 60s, and growing up on the East Coast in NY, this was an area I was glad to finally see for myself. Though it does not show up well in this reduced shot, it is of course the classic shot of the street signs at the famous crossing. As a reminder of how commercial everything is these days, an ice cream place giving free samples on the corner below had a line so long, that despite my fondness for this important food group, I had to pass it by.

It sure was fun to visit the many shops, which largely still had a 60s flavor, with peace signs and head shops everywhere. Kewl!!

What was even wilder was that I was only wearing stretchy blue jeans and a blue belted top, not really that pixyish at all as I found it chilly there coming from Tampa Florida. But still, I could scarcely walk more than 100 feet before someone stopped me and asked me about my web site. All wonderfully kind words. The people in San Francisco are indeed very warm and friendly. It may be warm in Florida, but that's only the weather.

Preparing for BurningMan!

It was not long after I started the Pixyland site before people began sending me links to They have all kinds of fun event and parties that last for days out in the desert, and they were having a small party at Pier 35 Saturday night. These folks love to dress in all kinds of expressive costumes too, and once again my friends Kim and Esteban from Iskip.Com were ready to go, in their wabbit suits. As you know, I'm very fond of wabbits...

And so off we went. Dave and Mike had kindly treated us all to dinner and came along for a while, but like me, found the lighting and sound level not good for cameras and interviews. They told me not to worry about it and to go have fun, which I did. My own pictures were not much to look at, so I won't even attempt to identify what was going on here. Many recognized me there as well and took more pictures, so if I get copies I'll post them here. These folks really know how to have a good time and party.

By the end of the night, Peter was flying like a bird , and would surely have forgotten how he ever made it back to his hotel room, had it not been for some friendly 'wabbit' friends, who later sent me this picture to remind me....


At the Webby Awards, just prior to the award for the best site in the spirituality category, Rev. Cecil Williams, Minister of the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church spoke. Their presentation there was uplifting, and this was in fact where my friend Kim from Iskip.Com attends. I visited there on Sunday with them, before my long trip home. The service was great, and the music was awesome!

The Sad trip home!

Afterward, we stopped and had breakfast at a local cafe, and I became a bit sentimental, because Kim and Esteban had become such good friends, and I had to leave so soon. But I'm sure we'll meet again, and who knows... If everyone nominates my site again for another Webby Award, in perhaps another category, I'll surely be back in San Francisco next year!

As most 'tourists' do, I had to take one last picture out of the plane window coming into Tampa. The digital Camera caught a strange triple image, but you all know how that goes.

Thanks for joining me on my big Trip. To live... what a wonderful adventure it is!

~~~ The End ~~~

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