~~~~ How Very Wonderful! ~~~~
On July 16, 2004, I was invited to The Conan O'Brien Show
in my home town, New York City!

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I can't begin to tell you how enjoyable and very kewl this all was! Not only because of the TV appearance, but because I'd not been in my home town in ages. Now, I'd have a chance to see old sites, visit family and friends, party in the greatest city on earth (sorry LA!), and wake memories in brain cells that have long gone dormant!

As soon as I got to NY, I had to run out for some real Pizza, visit my old job at Con Edison (the power company) and say hello to some old co-workers. Soon after, I was back stage at the NBC studio!
Here on my left are some fans, Chris and Tony, that came to the show, and made it back- stage to say hello! Then to the (top)right is KC Moffatt and Rachel Witlieb, my segment producer. Everyone was very friendly backstage and it was really a fun place. That's Brian Stack, one of the show's writers, dressed as Frankenstein in the lower right.) Too bad I caught him after he'd already started to remove the makeup). Obviously, everyone working there knew how to make their job fun.

Well anyway, the guests on the show were Actor Jimmy Smitts, the Rev. Al Sharpton, and last (and I'd like to believe not least), Me! . So here below, are some screen shots taken from the show. These are, just 'frame grabs' from a VHS tape, and as you may know the resolution of TV is unfortunately VERY low, despite the screen size. But it's definitely enough for a memory. And yes... Conan would make a GREAT Peter Pan!

I was introduced as "50 year old Randy Constan, The Real Living Peter Pan. " Of course I'm not very camera shy, and had to dance a little when I came on. I later corrected his intro, explaining that I'm "5", since I don't count the 2nd digit in my age anymore.
Of course, video clips of a sit down interview are not very exciting to see on a web page, but what was most important, as always, was that I was able to explain that no matter how weird or unusual you or anyone thinks you are, that's the way God made you, and you ought to go out and live your life! I was very happy with the audience reaction to that, and as always, it really made the whole trip for me to share that.
It was funny that my hat feather was so long it was tickling Al Sharpton's nose. But you know, it was nice to talk to him a little during the break, and explain that I too have a ministry web site, in addition to being 'Peter', and how I'm often able to get a really good message to many people who have fallen 'Through the Cracks', having been shut out by religion. I think he warmed up to me after that, and I'm glad. Because we're all connected, and we all have a part to play in a much greater plan!
Of course, they had to show some silly pictures from my web site, and I happily explained each one. If you're new to the web site, you'll definitely have to look at my 'Fashion Pages' later.
But I had some fun with Conan too! First, I blew Pixie Glitter dust on him (I had to enhance this so you could see it!). The 'magical' effect would take a few minutes to work! But soon he was wearing my hat, and doing some 'pixie dancing' too!
It went by quickly, and I'm sure I got a little tongue tied in parts, but it was really a very enjoyable visit, and Conan was a really wonderful Host. Thanks so much Conan O'Brien, for helping me spread some faith, trust, and a little bit of 'Pixie Dust!' .

Now as those of you who follow my web site know, whenever I appear as a guest on something like this, I insist on two things. First, some payment/donation to put toward the usual kid charity drive ( see the Donations area), and second, for some extra 'down time' to go and PLAY! Plus, I got to see some folks I haven't seen in a very long time, so some of this might be only for die hard fans. Also, I didn't go crazy with my camera on this trip, and am unfortunately very dependant on others to send me pictures they've taken. So as they dribble in, this page may expand.

These shots (below) were sent in by Bill Schulz, The Editor of 'Stuff!' Magazine. That's him in the center of the left photo, with some friends . Bill did an article on me in 'Stuff!' years ago called 'This Man Thinks He's peter pan', and promised if I ever came to New York, he'd buy me a beer! Well, Bill was a man of his word, and soon had me well on my way to a night of skipping through New York. Thanks Bill! It was good to finally meet! If you come visit Tampa, next one's on me! (Update: Go look at the Pixie Friends' Page later for a few shots of Bill as Tinkerbell!)

Next, after a quick change into another pixie outfit, I visited a very kewl club on 14th St called 'Club Rare'. There, I finally got to meet my niece Marjorie, whom I hadn't seen in almost 19 years! She's the young blond lady in these pics below. The last time I saw her, she was only about 6, and almost became my foster daughter. Now, she has a daughter of her own, Amber, who looks just like her when she was her age! ( Her picture will soon be on the 'Pixie Friends'' page, in the Kids section, but a small version is at left). Long story! But oh How time flies, and how wonderful to see her again. And now she's of legal age for me to go clubbing with! That's me with Marjorie on the right, Marjorie's boyfriend Stephen in the lower right. Below that, is the live band.

Next day, it was off to visit Staten Island, New York, the place where I grew up... well, the place where i got bigger anyway! On the way, I snapped this picture of the New York skyline from the New York Ferry. I don't think I have to explain that despite all the pictures on television, seeing this skyline without the majestic World Trade towers, which I watched being built from Staten Island as a young child, made me very sad to the point of tears. What a terrible reminder. Not only of how much hate there is in the world, but how awful hate becomes when we justify it in the name of race, religion, or any differences you can think of, and allow it to continue. But on a more positive note, it was good indeed to see the shore of Staten Island. Below, I've just a few shots I took during my visit, of people and places that brought back many memories and smiles.

Staten Island Borough Hall
A Bridge in Clove Lakes Park,
where I used to hang out with friends.

The Playground I played in as a toddler
The Ice Rink where I used to skate...
Figure skating of course! ;-)
Watchogue Road...
The street I lived on as a kid!
The house I grew up in! The upstairs right window was my room.

And here are my sister and brother in-laws, Kathy, Danny, and my nephew Anthony. I hadn't seen them in years, and it sure was good to catch up. I couldn't have gotten around Staten Island to see all those things without them, so thanks a million guys! You made my whole trip!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thanks for visiting this page and taking this trip with me. There was more clubbing that Saturday night at a really super club called the Bat Cave, but so far I have no pictures from there. I also have some other pictures of more common NY 'touristy' things I won't bore you with, and there were several things that I wish I'd have taken my camera along for (like when I visited my old job... the Con Edison Job I mentioned on the Conan Show!). I'll have to get one of those mini-spy cameras so I'll always have one handy. But that's all for now. Remember... faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust. It really can make all your dreams come true!

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