2001 Winner
Peter Pan At the Webby Awards!
Or, PeterPan's Big Adventure!


For the Record... WEIRD is a very Good thing!

The Webby Awards official definition
of the weird category reads, in part:

Sites so forward thinking they seem strange when viewed without the future in mind. This category includes sites that reflect a fresh perspective in thought and action strong enough to start a revolution, change in behavior pattern, or advance old thinking lodged in bad habits.

Thanks Webby People! I couldn't have said it better!

I'll admit that I was skeptical for a long time. When I was first nominated for this, I thought 'Oh well that's nice, but what's the big deal. What a foolish expense to go all the way to San Francisco from Tampa, Florida. Besides, even if I did win, so what? I already know a lot of people see the site as weird'.

Well I guess I was not as 'forward thinking' as the Webby Committee's description then. And when the funding came through at the last minute, I realized that many good things could come out of this. As a result, interest in the site has gone off the charts in the past week, and the overall email record keeps telling me that this work continues to encourage many, with the simple message I condensed into 5 words, for the Webby's traditional 5 word acceptance speech:

Weird??? God Loves us all!!

That really says it all! This, I believe, is why this site, despite it's hilarious content (Oh I think I'm funny too!), continues to speak to the hearts of so many with this simple message, now highlighted by this award. No matter how strange or how weird you or others think you are, if you're being true to yourself, you should embrace the person God has made you to be, and enjoy this gift of life he's given you. But you know all that, so on to the fun stuff! I do apologize for the image quality of many pictures here. Several were taken from the web-cast since I lost my own camera that night and could not replace it till the following day. However, I'm awaiting pictures taken by others to be sent in, and hope to improve this page as time goes on.

Before I say anything else, here are some links to the official Webby Awards site, as well as their link to the saved live ABC Network webcast of the entire event, which you may view if you have Real Player© installed.

Webby 2001 Winners List
Webby Main Page

A special thanks to my good friend Kim Corbin, who was my guest at the Webby event. Kim is the author of the popular Iskip.Com website, that I spoke of Skip On Kim! on my main page. ISKIP promotes the same spirit of releasing the inner child as I do, by encouraging adults to skip, for both fun and exercise. No, Kim is not 'Tinkerbell', but as you can guess, Peter Pan has been skipping through the forest for a long time, and since Kim was there in San Francisco, this was a perfect chance to finally meet an internet friend and kindred spirit. This of course is what the internet is really about! As you can see, Kim certainly was dressed in the spirit of 'pixyland' for the occasion, and I made an improved version of my own favorite outfit as well.

When I got to the Webby event, I really thought I had a taste of what Princess Diana went through. Although my site is very small compared to some of the major corporation represented, it was clear that many had been waiting for me to arrive, and I don't remember ever having so many cameras and microphones pointed my way.

A big recurring theme question I was not ready for concerned the major downturn in the many hi-tech and so called "dot-com" companies involved with the web. In fact, some companies represented were no longer in business, though their sites remained on line. But my site is not about anything commercial, and so I did my best to emphasize how the internet allows people all over the world to communicate and share ideas, and that this quality remains despite current business trends. Of course like many good things it is business driven, but I've always said that the internet is about people communicating, more than it is about money or technology. But as you'll see in some of these pictures, the Webby event was a huge party, with the emphasis on fun and good times.

The award presentation was excellent, with lots of great dancing and entertaining presentations. Then the big moment came for me, when the nominees were announced for my category. It was encouraging that even by the level of applause, I could tell my site was a favorite!

And the winner is...

Peter Pan's

Home Page!!!


OK OK... I know I'm being really silly and "unprofessional" here. You're supposed to give a muted smile as if it's all no big deal, and maybe just show a Webby logo on your site or something, but hey... I'm really happy, and it was loads of fun! So in the words of an old Jimi Hendrix song:

..'scuse me... while I kiss the sky!

And now.. Skipping up to accept the award...

And Wonder of Wonders! The award is presented by Dorothy!!!
I mean THE Dorothy... From the Wizard of OZ!!

And Now, for my five words, though my voice showed I was a bit nervous...

Weird??? God Loves us All!!

And finally to skip away,
with happy memories, and onward to the joyful party that came afterward!

And here are some others I met that sent me pictures at from the party afterward. I've asked everyone that wanted a picture with me to send a copy, and it was a good thing, because I foolishly lost my camera that night. No big deal, it's just 'stuff', you know? But I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures than night anyway! So as more pictures come in, I'll add them here! And remember, I'm one busy pixie these days, so please be patient!

Here's one with another Webby winner, Paul, from DancingPaul.com

And some lovely ladies from ChickClick.com


In the meantime, check out this link to a page I set up
especially for My Friends at ISKIP.COM!. Kim Corbin, the skipper girl, set up a "skip along with Peter Pan" party on Friday, and a good time was had by all!

Also, if you're really a die hard fan, come look
at this Peter Pan Tours San Francisco page! It's a bit graphic intensive, so I apologize to those on slow modems. But if you look, you'll be able to share a lot of my San Francisco Visit with me, including meeting the gents from Malina Films Inc., currently working on the film documentary of me, who joined me during the trip.