PeterPan's Pixie Birthday Party, 2003
Here are some shots from my recent Pixie Birthday Party. Perhaps this should be an annual event!!! Everyone had a great time, and my friends got many more photos than I did, so you can expect this page to grow as people send them along.

Some Early visitors

It was good that at least a few people showed up while it was still
daylight, to help me set up some last minute things!
That's Cat, Linda and Bob in the Upper Left, Andrea, John and Tammy, upper right. Many thanks to John for Bringing a huge collection of CDs, and keeping the music going strong. Then there's Wendy and Robin below, left to right.

Here, a large supply of "Guest Wands" insured everyone would be able to join in the fun. Like putting a box of crayons with paper in front of someone, it's a sure way to instantly bring a smile, as the inner pixie child in everyone excitedly grabs a wand!!!

This is Meg, Suzi, Shawn, Amy and Theresa (Left to Right)
from Gainesville and Tallahassee, Florida. It was very flattering
to have fans that traveled this far for my little gathering!

And here's some more shots of Cat, Bob, Laura, and Ann.
Wow Annie! That's some 'pink pixie' outfit ya got there!

Pixie Dance

It's simply par for the course that when pixies get together,
there has to be at least some dancing! The weather was great here in Tampa Bay,
and I'd taken the time to set up bubble and fog machines, for a very pretty and magical atmosphere!!

This is Tammy. Like me, she kinda likes pictures, so you'll see her show up a lot.

I took this shot from back on the fishing pier I built. I wonder
what this all looks like from someone in a plane overhead!

Later, there was time for cake and gifts.

!!!!!!!!!!! CAKE !!!!!!!!!!!! Very Kewl !!!
Here's Doris, Scott, and Laura. Doris had a really cute fairy outfit. She's usually more a Goth grrl!
This is my friend Mini on the right holding my cake. Minnie is one of my best friends
ever! We're like sisters, and I was so happy to see her come! Notice that we just left the second
digit off the "age" on my cake. This, I think, more
closely reflects my inner child!
I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that everyone knows the best place to shop for a gift for me, is
in the TOY department! I got some wonderful dolls, stuffed bunnies, and many beautiful
hand made gifts and cards.
Finally, things began to wind down, and everyone began to head down to my
favorite club in Y-bor City, Tampa, "The Castle", where the party continued late
into the night. Here's a parting shot of some that stayed till the end.

Thanks again to everyone
for making my day Really Wonderful!

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