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Peter Pan Visits
San Francisco

In November of 2003, two years after the Webby Award visit, I was invited to San Francisco again to be on Tech-TV's 'Unscrewed', with martin Sargent. This time, I did NOT do a big Tourist thing! I really wanted to just use the visit to catch up with some old friends, I'd met through the web site.

A little PRE-SHOW Teaser!

Sorry for the poor resolution on these images from the show, but they are just screen captures from one of those old relic TVs (I'm not growing up, but yes I'm THAT old! Wink! ). On a little phone screen it will still help to ZOOM them (just tap), but don't expect sharp quality. These 4 were done as part of a short 'teaser' for the show. It was actually pretty kewl to watch on the tape, because they played it in slow motion, along with some ballet music for me to dance to!

During the short interview, I was still able to still get in a positive message in the few minutes available. Simply put, if you have some crazy dreams you want to do, maybe that's the way God made you and you should go out and enjoy it!

Of course Martin had to rib me about my search for Tinkerbell, and I mentioned that I thought it it just might turn out to be Wendy. Well, they they had Joey, one of cast members, dress up in a kind of Tinkerbell outfit, and it was hilarious. He even did a pretty good flying attempt, but had an unfortunate crash to the floor. Ouch!

Toward the end of the show, we thought it would be funny to have 'Joey-Tink' chase me around the set. We were climbing over Martin's table, couch, and climbing on the props in the background. It was good silly fun, and I think Allison, the director, was really worried somebody was going to get hurt. LOL!

They filmed two shows that evening, and it was a pretty busy studio. Afterward, there was time for a few pictures with some of the cast (with an actual camera!). That's Joey on the right without his wings, and that's Laura below. Joey was cute, but I think Laura would have looked cuter in that little fairy outfit!

Later, it was off to The 'ODEON' Bar, for

After the interview, I found out about this bar place which had something called Kostume Karaoke! Anyone wanting to perform had to wear some costume. No excuses! If you had none, there was a rack to choose from. So I went there right from the studio, and soon Martin Sergeant showed up as well dressed as an Old Western style sheriff. After kicking back a few drinks though, Martin was also ready to be a pixie and do some flying.

These few photos were borrowed, by permission, from The bar's website. In the center was a website fan I'd never met before, but now I've forgotten her name. Then on the right, there's Jovino, a guy I met at one of the Burning man 'Pier' parties when I last visited to San Francisco. (He was actually the one that let me know about The Odeon Bar.) He wears bunny outfits, and sang 'White Rabbit'

Well since everyone including Martin sang something, I decided to jump in the fun too. Here's Peter Pan, doing David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'. Actually, I thought I did a pretty good rendition of it, and I did a little pixie ballet during the music interludes. Everyone loved it. But of course, that only testifies to how very well the bartenders were doing their job!

Definitely a good time all around. Later, Martin and krew invited me to another more plain vanilla bar (I think 'dive' was the word he used) for a few night caps. Considering I was three hours jet lagged, I did pretty good, and hardly noticed that 2:00AM SF time was like 5:00AM in my brain. Wink!

Next day, it was finally time to relax and catch up with some friends!

Anytime I'm invited to a show involving travel, I ALWAYS ask for an extra day or two of lodging. So before going, I had emailed fans and friends in the area, to find out what fun places there might be to go.

So here on the left is the Hotel Cosmo in Downtown SF, where the "Tech-TV" show put me up in. It's not a camera trick that the street is that steep, and this is nothing compared to some of the grades on San Francisco streets. It amazes me that people can actually drive, but drive they do! I waited till the next morning to meet up with some of the folks that I'd gotten to know through their emails to the website.

Unfortunately I've only a few photos to share from here on. I took plenty of pictures on my last SF trip, and I think I just wanted to chill a little this time around.

Here on the Left (below) is Steve Martinez. He had an internet based ministry called Diversity Life (website no longer available) and he has been a fan of my Through The Cracks Ministries Website for some time. Through The Cracks is my own creation, and it promotes the view that God loves everyone without exception. Steve came many miles to give me a wonderful hand made award, honoring both my Peter Pan and my ministry Websites. It was very much appreciated, and good to finally meet someone who had written me so many times. Then on the right, Steve is with LanaJean, another more recent friend. She's very much into interesting fashions spanning many different eras, and came on this day in a kind of "Town Cryer" outfit, complete with bell. LanaJean also runs an on-line vintage clothing business called GroovyJuice. We became instant friends, and the three of us spent the day roaming the downtown area, visiting some great shops and getting some good eats along the way.

Lana really had a kewl outfit, and so I had to follow suit and wear something more appropriate. Unfortunately, the flash did not go off and I really had to push the shot on the right, hence the graininess.

And finally, what would a trip to San Fran be without a visit to Kim Korbin, of ISKIP.COM fame. Kim promotes the positive and uplifting value in releasing our inner child, and does so by challenging people to SKIP a little, or a LOT. Like dressing up in fun outfits, skipping is another great example of how people won't do the simple things they'd love to do, for fear of what people will say about them. Skipping will bring you instant joy, and if you have any doubts, take a really good look at that smile. Kim is obviously one super happy spirit! Here, we were at a woman's art and crafts festival in her friend's home near Golden Gate park.

One more shot of the art show, and afterward at Grace Cathedral, an absolutely awesome piece of architecture. There we took some time to walk the labyrinth, a calming spiritual exercise that affects many people differently. The picture is blurry because the light was low. But it almost looks as though the camera caught some ghostly spirit creatures, maybe angels... or pixies?.

That's about all the pictures for this trip. I had also been invited to visit International Light and Magic, where they did all the special effects for an upcoming Peter Pan production. Unfortunately, that got canceled at the last minute due to some very silly politics with their 'client'. But it did not put a damper on the fun at all, and it was good to just spend some time visiting folks.

Thanks again to the crew at Tech-TV for inviting me. As usual, I had a wonderful time!