PeterPan's Adventure and US TV debut In Hollywood!...

~~ Part 2 ~~
Return of the Pixie Tourist!

In Since this was mid week, I wouldn't be able to see many fans yet, as most people were working!
The Steve Harvey's Big time. pilot wasn't until Thursday, so I amused my self doing 'Touristy' things for awhile

PeterPan hits the Blvd!

Since there are always people in costume on Hollywood Blvd. anyway, it hardly mattered that I had this ultra-bright pixie outfit on. But it's always fun in California because so many people are on-line, and almost Everyone has seen the website! Next, of course, I had to get some pictures of some of the stars in the street. Guess which ones I found...

Here's Mary martin! For many, the
first Peter Pan they ever knew!
And of course, Robin Williams! who's many
roles included Peter Pan in HOOK!
And let's not forget Walt, whose
Peter Pan animations have charmed us all
And here's a name forever in concrete that
will always be an Eternal Child!

Next, I had to wonder through some of the usual attractions like the wax museum. I won't bore you with too many shots of that stuff, but here's a few...

'Of course we all know Marilyn
(Goodbye Norma Jean!)
Ah hook... I see they turned you into a
ball of Wax! Too bad.. so sad!
I snapped this Star wars display because the princess looked so real, I literally had to stare in amazement for quite a while. I was sure she was a human actor waiting to jump and scare everyone half to death. Believe me, the photo does not do it justice!
Anyway, this tourist stuff went on for two days. Not to mention shopping in all the kewl clothing stores on the Blvd! I didn't bring anything but pixy outfits and "Ren" wear for the whole week. Then Thursday morning, I had the TV Pilot taping for Steve Harvey's show to do.

I'm not making a big deal about the Steve Harvey show. I doubt I'll get a tape of my segment and so have no worthwhile photos of what went on there. It was taped in the old DoLittle Theatre on Vine St., and I was just one of maybe 20 guests, from which they will pick only a handful for the final tape. I really don't expect they will use mine, because Steve Harvey was (in my humble opinion) completely unprepared to turn the interview into something good, or even fun. Though his staff had researched the website, he himself knew very little about it, and was totally without words when they showed pictures like the Glitter Star Fairy, (from my the 'Fashion' pages!) The audience reacted very well because they all seemed to know me, and at one point Steve actually stopped to ask the audience why they were clapping for everything I said. It was just that so many of them knew all about it from the internet, where Steve didn't seem to. But... who knows, it still might be used. And more important at the time, it was because of this show that my Tuesday appearance at the Jimmy Kimmel show turned into a 5-1/2 day stay in Hollywood, including a weekend! Sooooo... who's complaining!! Onward and Upward (to quote my friend Kim Korbin).

After the Steve Harvey taping, I hooked up with Carol, a recent fan from the area. Carol was such a blessing. She has a busy life and a 9 year old in school, and still took the time on a day off to show me around town.
Carol knew I liked to shop, and so she took me to Santa Monica Blvd., and also to Melrose. I had a great time looking in all the stores and browsing for hours in the many shops. Above and to the right is the Wound and Wound toy store, where you can still find myriads of toys that actually wind up... No batteries! To the right are the store managers of the best thrift store I've seen in a long long time, called SLOW!, at 7474 Melrose. I'm SO aggravated with myself because I lost the copy of the card they wrote their names on, but as soon as I find out, I'll post them here. If not for the fact that I'd have had to carry everything I bought back to Florida, I would have bought a ton of stuff! But anyway, the next stop was one of many wild stores I saw. There were many costume shops too. So many that with all the fans in LA, I can see why so many submissions for my 'Pixie Friends Page' came from California.

Next, Carol took me to the Beverly hills area. NO... I didn't visit any stars or take dozens of pictures of mansions. But there was one very kewl house Carol showed me, that I just had to get a shot of. Now THIS is an elf house if I ever saw one!

Kewl, or what???

After this, we went to a somewhat famous outdoor mall nearby. This was a real 'spare no expense" area. I may have bought an ice cream and a snack there, but I can see where you could spend thousands of dollars and come home with very little!
As proof of this, I'd like to draw your attention to this "toy" Lamborghini in a toy store. Look carefully at the price tag! This is not a joke! That little toy is $40,000!

Inquiring further, I found out that they had actually sold two of them already! I have to wonder what effect such extravagance has on children growing up. If it is any indication, some children in that store whose parents were present said some pretty harsh words, and no one stopped to tell them how rude they were. Perhaps that says it all! Anyway, the area was really a delight to the eyes and I was happy to have been able to see it all.

It was a pretty full day, and I was glad to turn in early that night. Of course, not before doing my share of skipping around town. And, still to come...

The Weekend!

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