PeterPan's Adventure
In Hollywood!...

~~ Part 1 ~~
Arrival and first Nationial U.S.A. TV debut!!
In April of 2003, I was treated to a free trip to Hollywood for an entire week, for guest appearances on The Jimmy Kimmel Live show, as well as a pilot taping of a new show Steve Harvey is doing, called
Steve Harvey's Big time.

Come share some of this trip with me in these pages!

Wow... Hollywood... VERY KEWL!!!

I arrived on April 22, to be on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show that evening. Of course I always like to get shots of famous street crossings like the one above, and that's especially fun in California where so many streets are also song titles. The Renaissance Hotel I stayed at was about 1/2 mile West of that Hollywood and Vine intersection. I'm only going to show a few outside shots around this Hotel to give you an idea of how top shelf this place was. The connected courtyards were really nicely designed, and reminiscent of something from Babylon. Live music and street acts were everywhere, with fun stuff going on all the time, wherever you looked. There was an outdoor pool too but being a Floridian, swimming in the 74° weather that the LA dwellers consider warm was not on my list of things to do. But there was plenty to see and do and I figured I'd pace myself, as I was going to be there the whole week.

And look at the great view from my Hotel room!
There's the HOLLYWOOD! sign up on the hill!

Being Peter Pan, I thought I'd take some shots from the air! Across the street, on 'The Boulevard', See that old bank building to the right of the El Capitan Theater? Well THAT is where the Jimmy Kimmel Live show happens! I know they make it look like a big glitzy building on TV, with a huge sign on top. Nope! Also, you can see on the sidewalk just a small part of the miles and miles of embedded 'Stars', for the many great talents that have made it big in film, radio, or the stage. Well I certainly don't expect to have a star there anytime soon. But the way things are going, who knows!

Over at the JK studios, I met Adam Spiegelman, the producer that originally invited me. Sorry for the grainy image Adam, but the flash was off and I had to 'push' the shot. They had a dressing room all ready for me on the right, that even had my name on the door. Of course, I didn't need to get dressed or do anything by add a little glitter, as I'd already been dressed like a pixie all day.
Here... I did something I shouldn't have done, and could have gotten in trouble for. that is, I snuck a picture of the Jimmy Kimmel stage set, in the dark. It's really so much smaller than it looks on TV, due to the photography and wide angle lenses. Well... that's Hollywood.

What follows is a few screen shots from the show itself. As usual, these are only poor resolution images taken from video captures. Thanks to Kristin Patty who took the time to send me a tape made in the studio, or they likely would have been ever worse. But even with the low resolution, there's enough detail to give you an idea, in case you missed actually seeing the show.

Jamie Kennedy Was Co host with Jimmy Kimmel
And Bill Goldberg was the first guest
Of course the intent here is to have some fun by contrasting this huge macho guy with the childlike pixie boi I am. So soon I was brought on, and they wheeled me across the stage on a cart to make a low budget 'flying' shot for the camera. Of course I went along, and showered the audience and guests with pixie dust! I was wearing probably the brightest Pixie outfit I'd ever made! I mean, you needed sunglasses to look at this one!
Of course it was a fun shot but...
It sure WAS a low budget flight!
Everyone welcomed me and we all sat down to chat. Bill Goldberg was pretty funny. I think he was afraid to touch me at first. In fact, if look at the bottom right, you'll see that at first, he sat WAY WAY over on the far side of the couch!
Hey Jimmy... It's not just the 'man' show now... It's the PIXIE show too!

Aww don't be afraid Bill... Elves don't bite!
Of course they kidded me a whole lot, and made all kinds of silly innuendoes. But I held my own! And of course along with the fun, I was there to share the wonderful and positive message behind the web site, about how each of us should live our dreams and be who God made us to be. The audience reacted very well to all of it, and I took the opportunities they gave me to explain this great philosophy of life. My 'Peter Pan advice'
Soon, everyone was listening and
seeing the good in all this!
And even Bill had to admit...
it was all pretty good stuff!
There was a short break, and after that things got pretty silly. Jimmy Kimmel's cousin Sal challenged Bill Goldberg to a pillow fight! Of course a lot of it was staged, but things did get sufficiently out of hand for me to finally understand why they had invited Peter Pan to come. For these were truly very LOST BOYS!
The challenge is made!
The words are getting pretty nasty!

The two square off!
Peter perches for safety,
but gets his hat knocked off!
I hadn't realized I had stuck my butt
to the camera While reaching for my hat!
Jamie and I were scared and tried to hide
in the couch from the widening conflict!
After Sal had been beaten off the stage, both Jamie and I took turns seeing what we could get away with, in putting up new challenges.

Peter grabs a pillow and stares down Bill.
Bill backs down saying 'Oh please no Peter'
Sure he could've killed me, so it was pretty funny!

Later there was party time and a live band.
But afterward we learned that Jimmy's cousin
had gotten a 19 stitch gash during the pillow fight!

After the show, there was a nice party in the green room for all the guests and studio crew.

Here's Adam again.

And Kristin Patty, another producer.

Main Mission accomplished! I was able to get an encouraging word out
along with the link to the web site, and I still had plenty
to do in LA.....

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