Skip On Kim Corbin!!
Here is a page I've just dedicated to some very good friends I finally got to meet during my recent trip to San Francisco for the Webby Awards, and some the pictures I returned with. For more about the Webby Event, go to My Webby page

Kim Corbin... Skip On!!

This page is dedicated to a kindred spirit, Kim Corbin, author of the Iskip.Com website. Though not Tinkerbell (for the inquiring minds out there), Kim's was my guest at the recent Webby Awards, and her site has a very similar theme to mine. Iskip.Com encourages others to release their inner child by skipping, for both fun and exercise. Like my own endeavor here at the Peter Pan site, skipping also requires one to come to terms with the fact that we daily deny ourselves the freedom to do some very simple things that are most enjoyable, because we worry about what people will think of us.

This is a common spiritual theme we share, and it is indeed a spiritual message. Kim and her friend Esteban, who is beginning a website of his own called , really made my trip, and I cannot begin to express my thanks to them for doing so.

Kim And Esteban helped to fill much of my San Francisco visit with joy, friendship, and much partying! There was plenty of skipping, bubble blowing, and pixydust for everyone. And before you decide that we must have surely been surrounded by squirrels for the whole time, consider these words of wisdom from Kim, that "people would be so much happier if they lost maybe just a few of those marbles!" It is so true!

On Friday, July 20, Kim arranged for a "Skip Meet", as a tribute to Peter Pan. These events are very spontaneous, and are set up to occur around 'happy hour', to encourage business men and women, and workers of all ages, to skip a little as they navigate their way home from a long weeks work. As it turned out, at least 1/2 dozen came equipped with attire to properly express the Peter Pan theme, and some of us met at the bar at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, to plan our strategy. Nothing like a few rounds before a "skip meet" to get everyone into the spirit, and contemplate their mission!

As you can see, the elves were restless and quite ready to take on the world.
And now, here are just a few pictures taken over the rest of the evening...

Here, on this short city block, the Dynamic duo of Captain Density, his side skip Kim,
and a host of elfin tag alongs,
fight the forces of conformity with bubbles and laughter,
encouraging all who enter "Skipper Island" to boldly skip a few steps,
forever changing the course of their lives!

Peter, more used to flying than skipping, rests his weary legs,
while vainly posing for a photo in front of a local business,
whose URL is most appropriately named Web Street.Com!

Skipping is hard work!
So now it was time to kick back at a local Irish pub,
where the proprietor (hanging out of the doorway in the background)
kindly offered to buy all the leprechauns a round of drinks,
To make sure they did not make too much trouble.

The night had just begun, and a good time was had by all

Skip On Kim!!

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