PeterPan's TV Debut in Toronto, Canada...

(The Pixy Tourist continues!)
On Oct. 22, 2002, I was invited to be a Guest on a Canadian TV Show called Because I said So, hosted by Maggie Cassella. It was a short, fun, late night TV show, and the theme was about 'internet celebrities'. The other guest on the show was Danni Ashe, who has an entry in the Guinness book of World records, for having her pictures downloaded over a billion times! I did not take many pictures, but I'll share what I did get.

At the Four Seasons Hotel

It may seem silly to show pictures of a hotel room, but let me tell you, I sure was impressed at the treatment I received. From the limousine service to the hotel accommodations, they really treated me like a star! This room had two baths, a private bar, separate living and master bedrooms, and an unbelievable view of the city!

This is Maggie, the show host. The shot on the right is with one of the studio crew. She was loads of fun, and I knew the show would be as well.

~~~ Danni Ashe ~~~

Danni Ashe is a very pretty lady, and you can see why her picture has been downloaded so much. And super intelligent too. I'm glad to have met her because she's been doing internet web stuff for a lot longer than I, and in a much more high pressure business situation. I'm sure if my own site continues to gain such popularity, the time may come when I'll need some helpful advice! After all, with over 3 million hits on my home page, I'm sure my pictures have been downloaded 1 billion times too! . Anyway, it was a funny contrast, with her in a business suit, and me in such obvious Play wear!

~~~ At the show! ~~~
Well, without further ado, here are a whole bunch of screen shots taken from the actual video of the show. I've tried to keep these small and compressed.

Maggie Introduces Peter!
And the fun begins!
Oh so Shy
I made some jokes, but also spoke of how God loves
everyone, and wants us to stop judging each other.
The audience was very nice. Everyone made me feel welcome.
I told them that God loves everyone
Here's where Danni Ashe Joined us!
~~~~~~~ After a Commercial Break ~~~~~~~
Here, I came back on with the Little Lord Fauntlerouy Suit. Everyone loved it!
Everyone had questions
Including the audience!
But as a native New Yorker
Peter is NEVER at a loss for words!
Maggie wanted to touch my hair.
So much fun!
Some final encouraging words
And the show comes to a close
Nothing left but the credits.
And a new star is born! (Yeah right :-)
Here's another shot with me, Danni, and some of the show's
producer and crew, right after the taping was over.
And here are some shots sent to me by some fans,
that showed up to be part of the studio audience.
One more with Heather, one of the producers at Chum City TV
And finally, two more shots sent in by fans.
Wow... they even have a Peter Pan restaurant up there!
And the best part of all!

Besides the entertainment value, I did get an opportunity during the show to express the wonderful message, about God loving everyone, on a Major TV network show! And... as part of my agreement in exchange for being a guest, over $250 was donated by the Television studio to a local Children's hospital there in Toronto, where a one of Maggie's neighbor's kids was recently treated for cancer.

~~~ The End ~~~

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