Mercy For Madness

I took a little time today,
Called the Job, told the boss I would be gone.
I took some time to dream today,
But I found some time, made some time,
time to be alone and
Have a little talk, with God.

I worked out my scheme today,
I poured out my complaint upon His head.
I took some time to scream today!
'Bout all the times, I called on Him,
and it seemed like he gave me a Rock,
when I'd asked for bread.

And where were you, anyway?
I called in desperation, you don't answer me!
All I wanted was a hug from you. HEY!!!.
I'm just a child, I need you Lord,
I've given up trying an I gotta' hear from you

And the Lord spoke to me and he said: "Child...
Let me wipe the tears away"
"Did you really think I'd leave you alone,
and let you go astray?
OH No! I love you my son. But listen"
"In the world you're gonna' see Tribulation!
and the time's getting' close at hand."
And the things that you learn in frustration,
Shall prepare your heart
For the journey through the land"

"So when you don't hear from me,
rest assured, I'm in control
It'll all work out."

"I won't betray your trust, you'll see,
but peace comes out of faith,
and so you can not doubt!"

"Now about that 'rock' that I gave you
at the time, I know you needed more
than bread alone"

"And by faith that rock, you saved it!
Crack it open now, and look inside,
You'll find a precious stone engraved...
With YOUR Name. Just for you. My son."