Full History of Donations for 2011

Recent format changes. In all financial history pages prior to 2009, I listed each individual donation involving **promotional materials (photos, T-shirts, etc.), in the spirit of full disclosure. In this age of identity theft and internet scams however, it has become ill advised to post people's names on public pages, and most of you would rather have your donations anonymous anyway. So now all such gifts for the current year are simply summarized as totals, except in cases where a business (whose theme is relevant to the website), has provided a donation and specifically was offered (or requested) a link. Other donations not involving any request for promotional items, are now listed separately as "miscellaneous", purely for bookkeeping purposes. Also in the spirit of anonymity ( also starting in 2009) all personal donations I add, whether the result of guest appearance or performance payments, or simply out of pocket gifts, are now simply included in the "miscellaneous" total. Contributions from CD sales, however, are listed separately. Finally, since individual donations are no longer listed, all paypal fees are now posted as a single line in the second table, along with other expenses.

Further Explanation of calculations:* Direct to Charity entries include an initial and unconditional 20% of each donation received, in which promotional materials such as T-shirts, photos, or similar items are returned as a 'thank you' gift to the donar. The rest, minus any transaction fees (such as PAYPAL deductions) is applied to total annual website expenses, which are listed separately in a subsequent table. Once site expenses for the year are met, any residual funds are then added to the charity total. If gift totals do not fully cover website expenses, the 20% committment remains unaffected, and the difference (or loss) becomes my sole responsibility. I've also personally committed to contributing a minimum of 20% of all CD sales minimum, and typically 100% of CD sales from Nov. 15th on till the end of the drive.

Note that in order to assure a timely gift to charity before Christmas, the cutoff date for donations applied to the current year is normally set to a date of my own choosing in Mid December. Any donations received after that point are applied to the following year.

Date Source Amount Rcvd. Direct
to Charity *
For Site
2011 Inclusive Promos** 90.00 18.00 72.00
2010 Inclusive Miscellaneous
all anonymous, combined
655.00 655.00 0
2011 Holliday Costumes 100.00 20.00 80.00
2011 Buy Seasons 200.00 40.00 160.00
2011 Fancy Dress 100.00 20.00 80.00
Sub Totals to date: $1145 $753.00 $192.00
Actual Expenses to date:
see 2nd table below
----------------- $200.47
Residual to Charity:
After site expenses
0.00 0.00
My Pers. Contribution from CD Sales: ----------------- $109.16
Total to Charity: ----------------- 862.16

Pixyland Site Expenses

* Includes both technical costs as well as costs of all promotional materials offered as gifts for donations.

Date Item/Expense Source/Vendor Quantity Total
tot. to date Web Site hosting Digital Space, Corp / Hostmonster.com 12 months 95.40
1 yr of 2
Paid in Aug. Annual Domain Registration Dotster.com per year 14.95
tot. to date Total Postage + PO Box Exp USPS tot. to date 72.22
tot to date T Shirts, Mouse Pad printing MCM SportsWear tot. to date 0.00
tot. to date Printing, Ink & paper supplies Various suppliers tot. to date 0.00
tot. to date Office (stationary, Mailers, Packing, etc.) Walmart/Office Depot tot. to date 0.00
tot. to date Paypal fees/td> PayPal all transactions 17.90
Total Expenses: ------------------------------------------------------- $200.47

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