Peter Pan and Ken Spivey, Live!


Come to this exciting and fun event at the Castle in Ybor city, Tampa. Here is the place that inspired Peter's song bearing the same name, where "vampire girls wear wings and lace, elves and fairies dance in space, while wizards conjure welcome... in this place!" In the spirit of our taste for generally silliness and laughs, please feel free to attend any and all of our performances with wings, capes, and all manner of cosplay, magical and Renaissance attire!

In 2008, Peter Pan and Ken Spivey formed this most sillius musical alliance, starting at the Bay Area Renaissance faire in Tampa, Florida. Since then, they have brought great music, merriment, and a high giggle factor to every performances, as they combine mixed themes of Celtic classics with original tunes from both Peter and Ken's recent CD releases. Add in some rocked out tunes from childhood (including works by such classic artists as Kermit the Frog), and you'll quickly see why these two never fail to amuse. Fantasy expression and costuming, from Renaissance garb to magical fairy costumes and wings, are always strongly encouraged and especially welcome.

Below is an edit of an older show, excerpted from our Saturday March 27th performance at The CASTLE.


~~~~ Some other recent performances~~~~

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